Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Q & A with C.D. Hersh

1. Tell us about your newest release.

The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) is the first book of a shape shifting, paranormal romance series. The shape shifters in our world are not your typical shape shifters. They have extra abilities that will surprise readers. The Turning Stone Society of shape shifters is a society caught in a battle between rogue and good who are vying for control over the world in an attempt to bring peace, each side after its own fashion.

2. What made you decide to write together?

We’ve been writing together for a little over 16 years, starting out with skits and plays for our church. We found we liked team writing. It always gave us something new to discuss. We moved on to romance books because of one Catherine suggested Donald read. While reading he said the male characters did not act or sound like men, and he thought we could write them better.

3. How long have each of you been writing?

We’ve each been writing since we were teens. Neither one of us would show you any of our first works because in Donald’s case they are all gone, and Catherine doesn’t think that hers are good enough. Catherine has over 500 non-fiction articles to her name as a freelance journalist and Donald penned a lot of instruction manuals when he was working for the government. So we both have been writing most of our lives. Now we get to do it for fun and hopefully the enjoyment of our readers.

4. You write as a team. How do you manage to coordinate who writes what?

This varies depending on what we are writing. We have written line-by-line with each of us saying yea or nay. We have also written by reworking each other’s first drafts. For our current series we are plotters. Together we lay out each character’s story arc and what happens in each scene. One of the things Donald always looks for is having two plot lines, one major the other minor, but woven together. Once the plotting is accomplished, Catherine sits down and fleshes out the story. Then Donald critiques each line after Catherine has it on paper. Then, before showing to anyone, we do line-by-line edits together adding the sensory details, visceral emotions, setting, etc where needed.

5. Do you have conflicts?

Throughout this process we have an agreement that anything we are talking about is not about each other’s creative or writing ability, since the discussion of what a character would do can get a little heated. We’ve managed to recognize it’s just the passion about the story and that stays in the office. Once while on a vacation with friends our discussion got heated and Catherine’s friend Barb stopped what she was doing because she heard us arguing. She’d never heard us argue before. J Then she realized we were discussing the book and stopped worrying that something was wrong. Ultimately, Catherine has final say on the female POV and Donald on the male POV.

6. What surprising things have you learned while writing?

Other than I-can’t-believe-I-missed-that editing moments, the amount of time after the author has to spend in promo was a shock.

7. What authors or friends have influenced you in helping you become a writer?

At Donald’s uncle’s 90th birthday party we were talking with him about writing when Donald retired. He said we should just go for it now. We took his advice and the rest is history.

8. Can you tell us about what is coming next for you?

We’re working on book two of The Turning Stone Chronicles and have contracts for the second and third books with Soul Mate Publishing. No release dates yet, but they will probably be out next year.

9. How can readers find more about you and how to reach you online?

Buy our book at Amazon:

Learn more about us at:
Soul Mate Publishing: http://smpauthors.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @AuthorCDHersh


C.D. Hersh–Two hearts creating everlasting love stories.

Putting words and stories on paper is second nature to co-authors C.D. Hersh. They’ve written separately since they were teenagers and discovered their unique, collaborative abilities in the mid-90s. As high school sweethearts and husband and wife, Catherine and Donald believe in true love and happily ever after.

Together they have co-authored a number of dramas, six which have been produced in Ohio, where they live. Their interactive Christmas production had five seasonal runs in their hometown and has been sold in Virginia, California, and Ohio. Their most recent collaborative writing efforts have been focused on romance. The first book of their paranormal romance series entitled The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) has been released by Soul Mate Publishing.

When they aren’t collaborating on a book, they enjoy reading; singing; theatre and drama; traveling; remodeling houses (Donald has remodeled something in every home they’ve owned); and antiquing. Catherine, who loves gardening, has recently drawn Donald into her world as a day laborer. Catherine is an award-winning gardener — you can see some of her garden on their website.

They are looking forward to many years of co-authoring and book sales, and a lifetime of happily-ever-after endings on the page and in real life.

Blurb for—The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles)
In the wrong hands, the Turning Stone ring is a powerful weapon for evil. So, when homicide detective Alexi Jordan discovers her secret society mentor has been murdered and his magic ring stolen, she is forced to use her shape-shifting powers to catch the killer. By doing so, she risks the two most important things in her life—her badge and the man she loves.
Rhys Temple always knew his fiery cop partner and would-be-girlfriend, Alexi Jordan, had a few secrets. He considers that part of her charm. But when she changes into a man, he doesn’t find that as charming. He’ll keep her secret to keep her safe, but he’s not certain he can keep up a relationship—professional or personal.
Danny Shaw needs cash for the elaborate wedding his fiancée has planned, so he goes on a mugging spree. But when he kills a member of the secret society of Turning Stones, and steals a magic ring that gives him the power to shape shift, Shaw gets more than he bargained for.

Excerpt: The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles):
In spite of putting Rhys off, all Alexi could think about was the comforting circle of his arms. But how could she tell him Baron was a shape shifter?
He’d freak. And God only knew what he’d do when he found out the rest of the secret.
No. She could never tell him.
Alexi threw her keys on the hall table and put her gun and badge in the drawer. She needed to make plans, and she didn’t need him distracting her.
For a moment she stood in the entry and waited, ears straining for any sound but her own breathing.
There was none.


C.D.Hersh said...

Thanks for hosting us. We are looking forward to being here today.

Anonymous said...

So glad Donald's uncle gave you the push you needed! Sounds like you have a great writing partnership.

C.D.Hersh said...

Lauren we certainly agree with you on both accounts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Collette Cameron said...

I'm so amazed at the two of you! Loved the interview.

C.D.Hersh said...

Collette we loved doing the interview. Going through some old files we just found a play for church styled as a radio program we'd written together when we were first married. We had completely forgotten about that one from 40 years ago. LOL! Glad you dropped by.

Joanne Guidoccio said...

I'm halfway through the book and enjoying every minute of it. The male and female voices of the main characters are very well done. Great interview!

C.D.Hersh said...

Joanne thanks so much on both counts. We're working right now on the voices in the second book due to editor at the end of the month. Appreciate you taking the time to come by. :-)