Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotlight Review:

DAMN HIM TO HELL – Jamie Quaid
The Saturn's Daughter Series
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-5637-4
July 2013
Urban Fantasy

The Zone – near Baltimore, Maryland – In The Future

Mary Justine Clancy, or Tina to her friends, has just finished law school and passed the Maryland bar, and a celebration ensues at Chesty's bar. Unfortunately, just as she was letting the appletinis take over, a mysterious pink and green cloud envelops the Zone, making people act strangely and keel over. Her boss, or rather former boss and owner of Chesty's, Andre Legrande, takes charge and orders everyone underground for safety. But people are falling like flies, and Tina heads to her apartment to warn her landlady and retrieve her cat. A glance at the chemical plant tells Tina that something is definitely wrong.

Tina is not your usual lawyer. In fact, she's not your usual young lady. She is, she discovered, one of Saturn's daughters, and she has the power to dispense vigilante justice—just by thinking about it. In fact, to her horror, she damned her boyfriend, Max, to hell, and that's just what happened to him. Although now Max is not exactly dead any longer, but he's not exactly alive either. He has become the soul of his cousin Dane Vanderventer, a United States Senator. Dane is the one who is in hell now. At least that's what Tina thinks.

Tina lives near the Zone, a toxic area bordering the Acme Chemical Plant owned by the Vanderventers and the MacNeills (boyfriend Max was/is a MacNeill). Strange things are happening to those who have been engulfed by the colorful cloud, and people from Acme have taken some of them back to the plant, except for those Andre and Tina managed to hide in Andre's underground network. Andre and Tina, along with a few friends, are determined to find out what exactly Acme is doing with these people, and plan to remove them from the plant. But it's not so easy a task.

Book two in the Saturn's Daughter series, starts off with a bang, and rarely slows down after that. Tina is one tough cookie, and she narrates the story with panache and insight. Discovering her powers hasn't been easy on her, or her boyfriend, for that matter. But Tina is learning to control her emotions, think like a lawyer, and look to the future. Does her future include Dane/Max? Or is the attraction she feels for Andre going to win out? And what of other Saturn's daughters? How many are there out there? Independent, intelligent, and amazingly brave, Tina is one heck of a heroine.

DAMN HIM TO HELL is nonstop excitement, with touches of romance, and plenty of mysterious people. I highly recommend reading the first book in the series, BOYFRIEND FROM HELL, as it will explain about Max, Dane, and other characters. Just don't miss this thrilling new series! I am looking forward to Tina's next adventure.

Jani Brooks

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