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A Perfect 10: DARE TO BE DIRTY by Savanna Fox

DARE TO BE DIRTY – Savanna Fox
A Dirty Girls Book Club Novel A Perfect 10
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0425-26297-9
July 2013
Contemporary Romance

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Present Day

Kim Chang has enjoyed the past couple years living in Vancouver attending art school and being away from her controlling parents. But in a matter of weeks, she will have to return to Hong Kong—and more pressure from her parents to marry a “good” man. Meanwhile, Kim has joined a book club, and they're currently reading a cowboy erotic romance and, at the insistence of fellow club member Marielle, the group attends a rodeo, where Kim is intrigued by rodeo cowboy Ty Ronan as he competes. Afterwards, pure chance leads to Kim meeting Ty in a bar where sparks fly between them. Maybe it's the drinks Kim has had, or maybe the sizzling attraction she feels for him, but they're soon doing the dirty tango up against his truck, then head to his motel room for the night. The next morning, Kim is mortified by what she's done—had a one night stand with a man she barely knows—and runs out on Ty before he awakens. But he's determined to find her…

Ty's a hardworking cowboy and ranch owner who was raised by his father and stepmother after his own mother ran off because she couldn't take ranch life. After his family lost their ranch, Ty made enough money in the rodeo to buy another ranch east of Vancouver. Intrigued by Kim, he tracks her down, much to her consternation, and convinces her that a fling with no strings attached will work. Much like the butterflies on the shirts that she creates and wears, Kim seems poised to take flight whenever there's a risk. Kim's exotic and waiflike beauty captures Ty's attention, and their sexual chemistry pops whenever they're together. While they do spend time getting to know each other, they invariably end up having mind-blowing sex. Kim introduces Ty to her life in Vancouver, but the highlight for her is when she visits him on his ranch. Who would have ever thought a city girl would enjoy ranch life as much as Kim?

As Kim reads the cowboy erotic romance for the book club, she soon begins to see parallels between the characters and herself and Ty, as the heroine is only on the cowboy's ranch temporarily. In DARE TO BE DIRTY, Kim is dreading the weeks until she has to return to her hometown of Hong Kong. She enjoys Vancouver, but her home is in Hong Kong, where she is expected to join her parents' lucrative business and marry a man they approve of. Getting involved with a cowboy would no doubt displease them, especially if they learn she's sleeping with him. Kim would rather stay in Vancouver, but feels she has no choice because she must respect her parents. Kim's life is about honor, respect, and doing the right thing, even as her heart wishes she could stay in Vancouver to build her dream business—and be with Ty.

Kim makes it clear to Ty that she will be leaving in a few weeks, so they agree to make the most of their limited time together. Of course, this means lots of hot sex when they can, but he also helps her build a business plan for an umbrella line—her dream goal. She voices her disappointment in having to return to Hong Kong, yet dismisses to Ty any ideas of staying. Ty is thinking of finally settling down, and being with Kim feels right; she makes him happy and contented. Yet, she will be leaving…something he doesn't want to think about.

A tale of opposites attracting, DARE TO BE DIRTY is passionate and sexy, even as Kim and Ty invent new ways to have sex. Ty and Kim see how the other lives through each other's eyes, and find that while they thought they'd be like fish out of water, they actually enjoy both lifestyles. Kim is prepared to say goodbye to Ty, but deep down she knows she'll miss him. Their angst over the knowledge that soon they may never see each other provides taut emotional intensity to DARE TO BE DIRTY. Savanna Fox has penned a great addition to her Dirty Girls Book Club series, and I highly recommend this wonderful contemporary romance that steams the pages. In fact, I loved DARE TO BE DIRTY so much, I had to give it one of RRT's most coveted awards—A Perfect 10.

Be prepared to savor DARE TO BE DIRTY and enjoy the sizzling romance between the sexy cowboy and the modern woman who wins his love.

Patti Fischer

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