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Sylvia Day winner Part 2.....

I did not get an email from the winner of Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day so it's time to draw again. The new winner is............

Martha Lawson!!!

Please email me at by 8/7/13 to claim your prize!

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A Perfect 10: Rumor Has It by Maureen Child

RUMOR HAS IT – Maureen Child
Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul, Book 1
A Perfect 10
Harlequin Desire #2240
ISBN: 978-0-373-73253-1
July 2013
Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Years ago, rumors swirled around Nathan Battle and his then pregnant girlfriend Amanda Altman and it led to their acrimonious breakup. Amanda lost the baby and left town, and now she's back in Royal to help her sister Pam run her diner. Nathan has heard all about Amanda being back in town, and knows he needs to face her, but to do so will only bring up ugly memories—and recall her betrayal. Yet, more rumors break out, wondering why he hasn't gone to see Amanda, so he finally does. Familiar desires heat up between them, and soon they're kissing. Will they pick up where they left off years ago?

Amanda had built a new life in Dallas, but at the urging of Pam, who is struggling to run the Royal Diner, she returns. She hears the whispers and knows that avoiding Nathan, as he's the small town's sheriff, would virtually be impossible. She's never forgiven him for thinking she'd lied to him, yet the moment they're alone she's in his arms kissing him. Can Nathan and Amanda get past the ugly gossip from before—and even now—to work on a future together? There's no denying the attraction burns as hot as before.

Gossip and innuendo can hurt and destroy relationships, and in RUMOR HAS IT, the whispers about Amanda's miscarriage certainly fed into her ugly breakup with Nathan years ago. He's now the sheriff, and the last thing he wants is to be talked about, but the moment Amanda arrives back in town, the town rumor mill is churning, mostly wondering if there are still feelings between the two. Both realize that they need to face the other, so when he shows up in the Royal Diner, they are cordial, especially with half the people in the diner watching them. Then, later, Nathan shows up on her doorstep to get a few things straight, but neither expects it to lead to some passionate kisses. Clearly things are not over between them…

Amanda hasn't forgotten Nathan, or his angry betrayal, so the last thing she wants is to fall for him again. Wait …she hasn't stopped loving him. Does she dare risk heartbreak again if he rejects her? As sheriff, Nathan doesn't want rumors to interfere with his job, but he's unable to stop the old feelings from rising again. Things between them are soon tenuous, with the sex being as good as it was before, yet rumors start up again. Can they ever get past the gossip and build a future together?

RUMOR HAS IT is book one of the Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul series. It is not until late in the book that the “missing mogul” is revealed, but in the meantime, readers get to enjoy a darn good “reunited lovers” tale from Maureen Child that richly deserves one of RRT's coveted Perfect 10's. Nathan and Amanda have to deal with the past and the people who spread rumors about them, yet once alone, it's all about them—and the feelings that never totally died. Will they be able to brush away the gossip and forge a path to a happily-ever-after? Find out for yourself in this captivating tale.

Patti Fischer

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Spotlight Review:

WEREWOLF IN ALASKA – Vicki Lewis Thompson
A Wild About You Novel , Book 5
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-41567-7
July 2013
Paranormal Romance

Present Day Polecat, Alaska

Talented and successful wood carver Rachel Miller lives in the isolated lake cabin left her by her grandfather. This former veterinary intern owes her decision to concentrate on her artistic career to a moment three years ago while grocery shopping in the nearby store where some of her work was on display. She silently observed the attractive man who lives across the lake—the man she would watch swimming nude each evening—buy the carving she did of the wolf she'd been lucky enough to photograph. Rachel and the man, wilderness guide Jake Hunter, were not to meet face-to-face again until her life was threatened.

Over time, Jake was not able to forget the woman who carved his father's likeness into the wood. His father? Yes. You see Jake is a werewolf, a descendant through his mother of the wealthy Wallace pack who made their fortunes in the Alaska gold rush before dispersing southward. Jake loves Alaska, though he's a member of his father's Hunter pack of Idaho, and moved to Polecat after his parents perished. Though something of a “lone wolf,” Jake keeps in contact with the packs in the lower forty-eight. In fact, he's founder of WARM, Werewolves Against Random Mating, an organization that strongly opposes the movement that wishes closer ties to ordinary humans lest the world learns that Weres exist everywhere and are amongst the world's financial and social leaders. This belief means that he must fight his strong attraction to Rachel, yet he hasn't come close to feeling like this for any Were female. But fate is against him…

Jake can't keep himself from watching Rachel, and one day sees a mama grizzly bear and cub near her cabin. He sees Rachel inadvertently get between mama and baby. His best chance at rescue is to shift into his wolf form. Weres are able to communicate telepathically with each other and other animals, but mama is too frantic to listen to Jake; he must stop her physically. He eventually gets through to her that Rachel is harmless, but not until she claws him badly. Now, Rachel has a big heart and it goes out to the wounded wolf who saved her life. She coaxes him into her cabin to treat his wounds. What can Jake do? Though shifting would release Were healing powers, he can't shift in front of Rachel, and he's too weak to escape her…

This is the bare beginning of the tale between a sweet and generous ordinary human woman and a strongly conservative traditionalist Were during unsettling times in the Were community. (Two of his acquaintances have actually mated with and married humans. See earlier books in the series.) Eventually Rachel catches on to why Jake is so cool to her when their mutual attraction is so obvious. Life becomes extremely complicated. (You can imagine the reaction if more and more humans become aware of Weres living among them. And I must add that little of the folklore about werewolves is true. They are no danger to humans and a bite will not change a person into a wolf.) More events throw the two together and the relationship grows. While Rachel is able to throw her whole heart into it, Jake can't bring himself to envision a happy ending. They must eventually part for good though he hates that Rachel will be hurt. Jake just becomes more lovable as time goes on.

WEREWOLF IN ALASKA is just as fascinating a story as the first four: WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN, WEREWOLF IN THE NORTH WOODS, WEREWOLF IN SEATTLE, and WEREWOLF IN DENVER, where the first international conference of Weres took place last year. You can search for their reviews from RRT's home page.

There are few other characters in WEREWOLF IN ALASKA: Rachel's well-meaning young helper Lionel is one, and Ted, the storekeeper friend of both, is another. But Rachel and Jake have no trouble carrying the bulk of the plot with their affecting interactions and dialogues and they're very sensuous love scenes. Humor is allowed to lighten what could be a sad story that comes to a rather stunning conclusion.

WEREWOLF IN ALASKA can stand alone, but every book in the series is equally rewarding and reading them all can only enrich the whole experience

Jane Bowers

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Gift Card Giveaway!

Summer is just flying along here in the United States. I don't know about you, but the heat makes me read more because it's just too darn hot outside.

In honor of summer reading, I'm giving away a $10 Amazon or BN gift card to one lucky winner.

How many books do you read each week? Post your answer and be entered to win this contest!

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A Perfect 10: IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Shalvis

IT HAD TO BE YOU – Jill Shalvis
A Perfect 10
A Lucky Harbor Novel
Grand Central
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2112-8
June 2013
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington – Present Day

Ali Winters is having one crapastic day! First her boyfriend, Teddy, breaks up with her via a text message, then she discovers him in his office having sex with a blonde bimbo. She storms home to their shared rental beach house after she learns Teddy didn't renew the lease and is surprised by the homeowner, Luke Hanover. But the biggest topper to her bad day is being arrested for stealing fifty thousand dollars from a fundraiser. One good thing is that she has Luke, a San Francisco police detective, on her side. Of course, she wouldn't mind having Mr. Hottie Cop on any of her sides...

After a high profile case turned sour, Luke decided to take a long vacation at his late grandmother's beach house that he inherited ten years ago. He figures the place would be empty since the lease expired, but instead he finds a nearly naked Ali trotting around and mumbling to herself. Then the cops show up to take her in for questioning about some missing money, and Luke suddenly finds his quiet, peaceful vacation turning into a working one. Of course, he could decide to not get involved, but there's something about Ali that has his pulse racing—and him wanting to help her.

After being released by the police while the investigation continues, Ali has no place to go, so Luke lets her stay with him. Oh boy! Being in close quarters ignites their sizzling chemistry. They could keep their fling a secret if it weren't for the fact that Lucky Harbor is a small town with a bunch of nosy folks who know everything that goes on, especially since elderly Lucille posts it on the town Facebook page. With the craziness in his life right now, Luke doesn't need the distraction of Ali. But, then again...maybe he does. Ali feels her life is spiraling out of control, especially since she thought Teddy was the one . Turns out he is a big jerk, though he's still the town's golden boy. Can anyone besides Luke see that she's innocent of the allegations?

It's a return for readers to Lucky Harbor, and we're in for a treat. While we do catch an occasional glimpse of characters from the previous books, IT HAD TO BE YOU can be read as a standalone. Lucille is still up to her sneaky senior citizen antics, and anything juicy ends up on Facebook. Luke has to face his grandfather and the demons that drove him away from Lucky Harbor in the first place. Ali is trying to hang onto her beloved job as her boss is ready to ditch the town and chase after his ex-boyfriend to Vegas. Wherever Ali goes, she is the “one who stole the money” even as her friends proclaim that she is innocent and that Luke will exonerate her. The steam rises off the pages in IT HAD TO BE YOU as Ali and Luke go toe to toe and can't resist a few heated kisses. Their chemistry is smoking hot, and they seem to spend a lot of time on top of the table…though not to eat, most of the time, because all Ali can cook are omelets. The omelets must be an aphrodisiac.

Luke came to Lucky Harbor to lick his wounds after the nasty case in San Francisco that has the media after him to nail an interview. Ali ended up in this small town on the Washington coast for a fresh start after being raised in the poor section of Seattle. Luke is looking for a new start on his life after the stress of the past few months, and instead they end up finding each other.

Once again, Jill Shalvis knocks it out of the park as her characters will make you smile, laugh and shake your head at the predicaments they get themselves into. IT HAD TO BE YOU is no exception as Ali and Luke make you feel as if you know them right from the first page. With snappy dialogue and quirky characters, IT HAD TO BE YOU is a fast-paced romantic comedy that is pure enjoyment and deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. Grab your copy of IT HAD TO BE YOU and immerse yourself in this perfect read.

Patti Fischer

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Book winner is.....

The winner of THE BEACH CLUB is.... bn100!!

Congrats and email me at with your address.

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Q&A with Z. Allora!

1.  Tell us about your newest release.

Thanks so much for having me.  My new release is Made in China: The Great Wall. It's a hot rocker romance set in Suzhou, China. Made in China begins before they even form a band.  It explores what it's like to grow up gay in a place which literally denies the existence of homosexuality. Gay is considered by most living in China is a Western concept so it's incredibly difficult for my characters. Styx wants to be a drummer and to love his best friend Jin Lan but he's been conditioned to be a good son, get married and have a child. Parental desires are never questioned and individual happiness is never a consideration.

2.  Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

I love the scene where the band is at Suzhou's only gay club. I was at this club and the scene brings me back to the smoky little hole in the wall. I remember it was the only place in Suzhou I went that I wasn't stared at. No one gawked at my white skin or blond hair like they did all over China outside of Shanghai, I was just allowed to be. The scene is almost a graduation of sorts for each of the characters in different ways...

3.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Always. I grew up with a terrible stutter which was incredibly frustrating. I would sit in class and I would know the answer but I'd never raise my hand because I wouldn't be able to get it out of my mouth. Writing provided me with a venue to get my point across.

4. What is a typical writing day like?

Exercise (Up to 55 minutes on the elliptical… )
Chauffeur/Errands/Clean the House (I might be a tad OCD) /Life
Sit down on my couch with an ice bag on my neck (for a pinched nerve) and go through my e-mails & Facebook a bit
WRITE or do writer-ery things (fight with my blog / try to update my website / take notes for characters that won't HUSH & wait their turn)

5. Do you have an interesting writing quirk or habit?

Every few minutes I stop and glance at Facebook. I like knowing my Pretties are there and seeing what everyone's doing. I guess it's from living overseas. I was always very isolated so to have a community to touch base with an absolute miracle for me.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned as a published author?

How much more there is to do than just write! You should blog, be a beta or critique partner, update your websites, you should read outside your genre so you don't become stale, and you should always try improving your skills.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

SJ Frost was a real sweetie and suggested I submit my manuscript to MLR Press. Eden Winters & Thursday Euclid help tutor me on the English language…  I've spent the last 15 years or so, traveling and living overseas speaking to  people whose first language was not English. I've needed to work on relearning to communicate as an American. But I think most of my Pretties (aka my Facebook friends) all give me ideas with their posts or literally paste man candy on my wall to feed the writing part of my brain.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Depends on who you ask. Some are fascinated and think it's great. I've had conversations some interesting conversations like explaining how face  to face anal sex would work, why equality is important and how I could possibly know these things. Other relatives & friends… let's just say don't think it's so great. But my husband's very supportive and very happy I've found such a wonderful and supportive community.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

Travel, travel and travel. I gave up my career so we could follow my husband's career path overseas. We've lived in Singapore, Israel, and most recently Suzhou China. I've traveled to twenty-nine countries and find each one fascinating. Travel is one of the best educations in the world. It gives a unique perspectives as well as international plot bunnies.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

Club Zombie: Zombies Suck will be coming out with Stiff Rain shortly. The first book in my new BSDM series completed: Entwined: Lock & Key. The Ladyboy Chronicles: Illusions & Dreams which takes place in Thailand is ready to be critiqued. I've been getting flashes from Viking Haven, a sci-fi space opera… and of course I have one very sweet character trying to drag me by the hair to write Made in China 2: The Heavenly Temple. I'm very excited about each of my upcoming books…. and I'm really not thinking of Club Zombie 3, or Entwined 2 even though those characters are tapping their feet (truthfully they flash me sex scenes that unhinge my focus…)

11. How can readers connect with you online?

Ohhhhhh, I LOVE hearing from readers!!!! They can find me at:
Facebook:   ZAllora Allora   (>>>> this extra Allora is because China froze and locked me out of ZAllora when China took away access to Facebook) (my website… where you can see why I'm not a web designer)   

Author Bio:
Z. believes in soul mates, love at first sight, and overcoming all odds to find happily ever afters. Born in Upstate NY, Z. Allora and partner have spent the last fifteen years together traveling across the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These travels provide the inspiration behind many of the detailed settings and characters throughout Z.'s work. Z. received a Master degree in Psychology and Bachelor degrees in both English and Philosophy. (though Z's editors would probably question the English degree). Z. is both a writer and a huge fan of M/M romance as well as Yaoi. It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. Z. thinks all writers and publishers of M/M are promoting equality, since everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Jun "Styx" Wong's heart and mind battle to determine his destiny. His mind tells him to be a good Chinese son and marry the girl his parents chose, but his heart longs for his best friend, Jin, and life with their new band. "Jun" means honesty, but he's not even honest with himself. A quest to eradicate his feelings for Jin nearly ends his life.
Styx's near death serves as a wake-up call for Jin, whose blond hair--legacy of his German father--marks him as different. Jin harbors secrets of his own. His experiences prepare him to take the drastic measures needed to help Jun overcome the walls surrounding them.


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A Perfect 10: FORGED IN STEELE by Maya Banks

FORGED IN STEELE - Maya Banks A KGI Novel , Book 7
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-425-26338-9
July 2013
Romantic Suspense

Costa Rica and Tennessee - Present Day

While on a rescue mission, Steele, one of his men, and the person they rescued, suffer minor injuries that necessitate a visit to Dr. Maren Scofield in Costa Rica. Something about the pretty doctor gets under Steele's skin and he wants to get in and out as quickly as possible, but two things happen to change his plans. First, their plane is grounded, meaning they can't leave Costa Rica until morning, and second, Maren notices that he's attracted to her. Since he can't stop thinking about her, Steele decides that maybe he can get her out of his system, and he and Maren end up sharing a wild and very satisfying night. As for getting her out of his system though….

Maren's been attracted to Steele since he and his team rescued her in Africa a few years earlier, but in all the time she's patched up the KGI teams, Steele has spoken very little to her. His proposition surprises her, but she's not about to pass up the chance to have him in her bed. After he leaves, Maren figures it would be a while before she saw him again, so she's very surprised when he shows up a couple of weeks later, alone and uninjured. The thought that he wanted to be with her during his down time is a rush, and things go a bit deeper than just sex. Unfortunately, a mission comes up forcing Steele to leave suddenly, and then Maren's life takes a nightmare turn.

A powerful, local man has his sights set on Maren, and he isn't going to take no for an answer. Held hostage by this man, Maren has faith that KGI and Steele will rescue her, even as she worries that she may not be able to hold off her captor for long. With Maren missing, Steele realizes that his feelings for her are stronger than he'd ever imagined, and he will do whatever it takes to get her back.

FORGED IN STEELE is the latest exciting novel in Maya Banks's KGI series. Fans will recognize Steele as one of the team leaders, the ice man, who shows no emotion, yet is fiercely loyal to his team and KGI. He has struggled with his attraction to Maren because he's lost loved ones in the past and isn't interested in reliving that kind of pain. He can't stop thinking about her, and his hopes that being with her will stop that from happening are futile. Maren has always been drawn to the hard-as-nails warrior and is a bit shocked that he's apparently attracted to her also. While the first time they are together is amazing, when he returns—not because he was in the area, but with the sole purpose of being with her—it moves beyond sex and fun into the beginnings of relationship territory. Her abduction, as well as a few other factors, has both Steele and Maren examining their feelings for one another, and thinking about whether a future together could be possible.

Other characters from the series are also a part of this novel, notably Steele's team: P.J., Cole, Baker, Renshaw, and Dolphin, who have recently been through hell together (SHADES OF GRAY). Of course the Kelly family is present, and fans will get to meet a couple of new additions to the family, and we get a chance to check in with some of the members of the other teams. KGI is more than a group of military men (and a few women) who take on missions the government can't; they are family and they've been through a lot together. I highly recommend reading all of the series in order, even though each of the stories stands pretty well on its own.

The relationship between Steele and Maren is unexpected and intense and provides readers with a chance to see a whole new side of Steele. Moments of humor surprise both his team and fans, as his growing feelings for Maren change him. Steele becomes a person totally unlike what we've seen until now. Maren is a perfect match for him; strong, dedicated to her work, and yet she brings out his softer, more human side. FORGED IN STEELE is a thrilling story that had me wanting to go back and reread it right away, which is why I'm awarding it a Perfect 10.

Jennifer Bishop

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Chat Wed night with Adrienne Basso!

Historical Romance author, Adrienne Basso, joins us to discuss her latest book, HOW TO BE A SCOTTISH MISTRESS. 
Door prize: Two lucky winners will each win a signed copy of HOW TO BE A SCOTTISH MISTRESS! 
Moderated by sandi.
When? This Wednesday night at 9:00 PM Eastern time
Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. \Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu ;)
Hope to see you there!
Author's website:

Book Giveaway:

THE BEACH CLUB by Elin Hilderbrand

This is an older novel by this author, but sounds good.

The blurb:

Mack Petersen, manager of the hotel, has been working at The Beach Club for 12 summers. Only this summer is different. His boss, the owner of the hotel, Bill Elliot, shows up in the spring with a new set of demands. His girlfriend Maribel is pressing Mack to get married and Vance, the African-American bellman, who has hated Mack since the day Mack stole his job 12 years ago, threatens him in a deadly scene. Mack knows something's got to give.

Love O'Donnell, the new front desk person straight from the slopes of Aspen, is desperately searching for a stranger to father her child. The bellman, Jem Crandall, who posed as Mr. November in his college calendar, is on his way to LA to break into agenting, until he falls in love with Maribel. Emotions are at a peak when a hurricane threatens to wash away The Beach Club and all it stands for.

An engrossing, sexy novel that will sweep you away to the beach any time of the year.

If you're interested in winning THE BEACH CLUB, post a comment.

US mailing addresses only.

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Guest Blogger: Adriana Kraft on STEPPING OFF A CLIFF

Have you ever stepped off a cliff? Literally, I mean.

I never have. My mother did – I have photos of her rappelling Outlook Rock in Carderock, Maryland, before she met and married my father. Truthfully, most likely she was ascending, rather than having stepped off…but she faced the challenge of the cliff, nonetheless – repeatedly, it turns out.

But figuratively? Countless times. Both my husband and I (who co-author erotic romance under our pen name, Adriana Kraft), feel a strong affinity for the Fool card in the Tarot Deck. He would probably say just marrying him was stepping off a cliff – taking on three stepsons, including a teenager, and embarking on our hopelessly romantic journey to co-author fiction. Most recently, we’ve sold our house, sold or given away nearly all our belongings (our now-grown kids got the important family pieces), packed our remaining possessions into our motorhome, and embarked on a full time journey of traveling, writing, marketing, and editing. A big leap, indeed – and so far, very satisfying. 

It’s no wonder that we ask our characters to jump off cliffs, too. Most characters in our genre have to, when you think about it. There’s always some fear they have to face, some terrible consequence they have to either endure or discover doesn’t occur, in order to claim the happy ending we so long for.

Kitty Paige is no exception. Always rebellious, she got pregnant at seventeen, but was deserted by the high school quarterback who’d fathered her daughter. Her conservative preacher father turned his back on her as well, and she’s been independent – and successful – for over two decades. She builds her life, including her very active and satisfying sex life, around the premise that emotional entanglement with a man will only lead to disaster and abandonment.

We think readers will love what happens when Jared Jacobs – father of the best man at her daughter’s wedding – walks into her life. They both have to jump off a cliff to have the relationship, and the extreme measures they take to avoid the inevitable lead to some raw, steamy sex scenes that definitely turn up the heat!

Here’s a glimpse into Kiitty’s reverie just after her first electric but abrasive encounter with Jared:

 Lifting a leg above the steamy, sudsy water, Kitty washed it carefully. She paid it the same sort of attention she’d devoted to her other leg, her arms, her breasts and her loins. There wasn’t much she enjoyed more than a thorough soak and scrubbing. Like lovemaking, she believed a bath should seldom be rushed.

She’d realized long ago that for her, bathing was an act of self-love. She had no qualms about that. There was a long period in her life when she hadn’t had the time for such pleasure.
Kitty tucked her leg back under the hot water and rested her head on the lip of the tub. This was a luxury she’d earned. Never again would she work for a boss—male or female. She thoroughly enjoyed being her own boss. Any mistakes she made were hers. The same could be said for her successes.

She closed her eyes, replaying her trip to Seattle. Although never pleased with redeye flights, she felt like a soothsayer having booked that return trip. Events swirled too rapidly in the Pacific Northwest, even for her.

She sighed and yawned. No matter what people said about traveling first class, the seating space was still too confined to get a good rest. Though she had to admit that was better than traveling in coach with the other sardines. 

She hoped Susan would be as happy in the future as she looked back on her wedding day. Some of Kitty’s divorced friends rued the day of their marriages. Everything apparently went downhill from there.

Kitty scrunched her shoulders together. She peered through eyelashes at her breasts breaking the surface of the water. Her nipples immediately pebbled under the cooler air temperature, causing her to smile. She wouldn’t know about weddings. She’d never had one. And that was fine with her. 

She’d never had to worry whether a husband remained faithful to her. And—she searched and found the bar of soap under the water—she didn’t have to wonder if she could be faithful. 

Remaining single meant she could pretty much find a cock whenever she needed one without all the domestic expectations and inevitable grief. 

She had no need to depend upon a man, and more importantly, no need to trust one. She only had to rely on her good sense and judgment. 

Readers can find me at the following links:
Adriana’s Author Pages at and All Romance Ebooks


We are offering two contests in connection with our Tour:
BUY ONE – GET TWO: Purchase a copy of The Best Man any time before August 1 and email us a copy of your receipt to receive a free download of any novel on our backlist.

SILK SCARF: Did you notice the yellow scarf that’s just dropped to the floor between Jared and Kitty on their cover? It has some very special scenes of its own in the bookand you have a chance to win it (U.S. delivery only)! One lucky reader will win a hand-finished yellow scarf made of genuine Thai Dupioni silk, just like Kitty's. Leave a comment here and on any of our Tour Stops to enter. No purchase necessary. Contest runs through July 31 

Bad boy meets bad girl – is that all there is?


Passionate, hard working and every inch a business woman, Chicago realtor Kitty Paige likes her sex raw and edgy, and sees no reason to limit herself to just one man. Never married and not quite forty, the striking blonde has successfully raised her daughter, Susan, and is already pushing her new-found freedom to the limits.

Wealthy commodities middle-man and race horse owner Jared Jacobs is father of the best man at Susan’s wedding. He is smitten by the vision in yellow who exudes sex as she escorts her daughter down the aisle. Also single, the handsome mustached California ranch owner with mischievous eyes views his sex life as a series of splendid love affairs, and sets out to make Kitty next on the list.

Together and apart, their chemistry is explosive, and their sparkling repartee and steamy sex catch both partners by surprise. Jared is first to recognize he’s fallen in love. When Kitty panics, can Jared finesse his every move and reel her in?

The Best Man just received a top pick at The Romance Reviews

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About the Author:
Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a husband/wife team writing Erotic Romance for Two, Three or More. The award-winning pair has published over thirty erotic romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. Long and Short Reviews: “scorching hot…refreshing...something to read when you want straight up hotness.” Romance Junkies: “filled with warmth, blazing hot sex, well-developed characters…not for the faint of heart.”  Romantic pairings include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.