Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest Blogger Misty Evans on....Five Ways to Love a Princess

When I started writing my new sexy spy thriller, THE BLOOD CODE, I had a princess, a spy, and a nuclear missile launch key. I wasn’t sure about the princess angle, since in this day and age, we don’t hear a lot about royalty outside of Britain, but as I delved into history and real-life stories about royal families, Anya and her imperial Russian bloodline seemed the perfect fit for my novel.

But how does a CIA operative cozy up to a princess? Especially one who’s lived in hiding for fifteen years and believes her blood is curse, rather than something special?

First, he has to make her acquaintance, and in THE BLOOD CODE, Anya’s arrival at a secret CIA outpost puts Ryan to the test…

Ryan shut the door and released the woman's hand, telling himself his reluctance to do so was only because he was afraid she’d fall. “Do you speak English?”
She nodded, but the action made her sway. Was she drunk? High?
He grabbed her forearm, and she locked her knees and gave him another pleading look. “I need…help. Please.”
Although strained, her voice was rich and strong. Her Russian accent was light as a feather, almost nonexistent. In fact, she sounded more American than Russian. Nothing clouded her eyes. They were crystal clear and bright with adrenaline.
Not drunk or high.
Didn’t matter. What mattered was why she was running from the cops, and if he was seriously going to go through with hiding her from them.
Cuz, shit, he could work a miracle every now and then, but this…this was shaping up to need more than your everyday miracle.

Second, Ryan has to share his clothes with her after removing her dress while she was unconscious…

Propelling her into the bedroom, Ryan closed the door behind them. He released her hand and cocked his chin at the bed. “The best I could do. They’ll be big on you.”
Clothes. Thermal underwear bottoms, a pair of gray sweatpants. Socks.
Ryan’s clothes.
Anya wasn’t a hugger—who would she hug besides her grandmother?—but her arms went around his neck of their own volition and she pressed herself against him. He was calm and solid and so handsome, she almost kissed him. Out of gratitude, she told herself. Not because she wanted to touch all that heat and strength and solidness. “Thank you,” she murmured against his neck. “For everything.”
He stiffened at first, then relaxed, one hand coming to rest on her back. “They’re just clothes. Nothing fancy, but they’re clean.”
Just clothes. The irony struck her and she smiled into his shoulder. If only he knew what a few items of clothing had cost her in the past few days.

Third, he has to be inventive at meeting with her once they’re inside Kremlin Palace and trying not to be found out…

The deadbolt on the door was in place. To keep Anya locked inside.
Thunk, thunk, thunk. The heavy fall of footsteps echoed down an adjacent hallway. The hidden passageways were nothing more than tunnels that twisted and turned in many directions, making sound travel in odd patterns. The footsteps could be literally around the corner or fifty yards away. There was no way to tell.
Because of that, Ryan couldn’t risk knocking. Flipping the deadbolt back with one hand, he watched over his shoulder as he slid open the door with the other, and hoped against hope he’d picked the right bedroom.
He stepped into the room without looking and ran into something hard.
An antique dresser. Anya had moved the dresser in front of the door. Apparently she hadn’t gotten his message. At least he knew he had the right room.
The bedchamber was bathed in soft white light, barely visible from a nightstand on the far side of the four-poster bed. Sheer white material hung from the posts to shield the bed, but he could just make out a form lying on it.
Thunk, thunk, thunk. The footstep echoes grew louder. Whoever those footsteps belonged to was definitely coming this way. Moving the dresser would be noisy and take too much time. Ryan hoisted himself onto the top, and slid the door closed as quickly as he could without making a sound.
Placing one ear against the door, he listened to the footsteps’ approach. They paused right outside. Ryan held his breath while reaching into another pocket, concealed inside his jacket, for a knife he’d stolen from the kitchen. He didn’t pull it out, but waited, every nerve screaming with tension.
Behind him came the rustle of bedclothes. “Ryan? Is that you?”
In a heartbeat, he slid off the dresser, and dove for the bed where Anya was drawing herself up into a sitting position. Her eyes went wide, and she started to speak again, until he clamped a hand over her mouth and pulled her body to his. “Shhh.”

Fourth, he has to learn to trust her after finding out her grandmother was a double agent during the Cold War. He does, eventually, even though he has no reason to.

Fifth, he has to save the princess…oh, and stop hundreds of nuclear missiles from launching. Piece of cake for a savvy spy, right? But what happens when he finds out Anya is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction? Find out in THE BLOOD CODE…

Fifteen years ago, Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses. When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she joins forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.

Undercover at the nuclear summit, Ryan recruits Anya to find proof Ivanov is resurrecting the Cold War, but he suspects his new asset is a double agent. Anya is determined to rescue her grandmother with or without his help, however, and Ryan finds himself falling for the beautiful princess before he even trusts her.

Trapped inside the Kremlin with a cunning and ruthless opponent, the two must risk their lives and their hearts to save Anya’s grandmother as well as millions of innocent people.

Best-selling author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter. Read more about her stories at

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