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Here are the winners!

Laurie G wins the copy of MEANT TO BE by Terri Osburn.

Paula P wins the Lisa Renee Jones books.

Congrats ladies and email me at with your mailing info.

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Q & A with Kelly Ryan!

1. Tell us about your latest release.

"Alone No More" is a story about two lonely soles finding each other under extreme conditions. Mel is dashing and French, every woman's dream, but he feels he needs to make amends for his very existence. Ella is tough and use to having to fend for herself, as she is the only one she can rely on. When Mel saves Ella from something she never knew existed, a whole new world opens up for both of them, the only problem is that someone is still trying to kill Ella.

2. What inspired you to start writing as a career?

I have always loved to read since I was a kid. I started writing as a preteen and have written ever since. I guess I just like the old adage that if you can make a living doing something that you love, then you never have to work a day in your life. I am not quite to the point that I can quit my part-time day job, but I am a step closer every day.

3. When you
re not writing, what do you do for fun and relaxation?

I don't know if it is fun, but I like to exercise to relax and think. I think it helps in my creative process. I also love art. I paint and sketch and even have put out my own mini-comic for fun with more to come. I also recharge by going out and just hang out with friends, I am a social person so I have to take a break from writing from time to time and have a night out on the town.

4. What is a typical writing day like?

I write best at night. So I get up kind of late, usually 10 am. I exercise, run errands, take care of house work, spend time with my grandma and then after dinner start working. I do nonfiction writing on the side, so I spend an hour or so doing that. Then I get down to the fiction and fun writing. If I am in the groove I write until the early morning, which is why I sleep so late!

5. Do you have an interesting writing quirk or habit?

Dare I say that I don't outline and sometimes the ending is a surprise to even me? I just write and see what comes out. Then edit like crazy! It works for me and keeps writing exciting.

6. What
s coming up next for you?

I am currently finishing up a zombie story for Breathless Press that I hope gets picked up. I also have another story coming out in September on Secret Cravings Publishing, "Under a Ring of Fire". There are also a lot of other projects in the works.

7. How can readers connect with you online?

I use a pen name so my grandma who reads the same genre I write does not wonder if some of my stories are drawn from real life. LOL


The hot water felt good on Ella's aching body. As she stood under the flow of water, all the events of the evening began to replay through her mind. She scrubbed herself harder and harder, trying to make herself feel clean and safe. All that had happened became too much, and she started to sob uncontrollably. Ella slid down the side of the shower, wrapped her arms around her legs, and just cried and cried.

There was a knock on the door. Mel called out, "Ella, are you ok? Can you answer me? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Ella tried to answer, but all that came out was some sort of wounded yelp, more of a cry of pain than a coherent answer. Apparently that response caused concern, for Mel opened the door, rushed in, and had the shower open so quickly that Ella could not even think about modesty.

Mel, still clad in jeans and tank top, crawled into the shower to examine what was wrong. When he could find no physical cause for her state, he simply sat down and pulled Ella to him, holding her and comforting her for a long time.

Gradually, Ella began to calm down, to let go of the horror she felt and she became more aware of her present situation. Despite all that she had been though tonight, she felt her body respond to the closeness of Mel. His clothes were soaked and clung to every contour of his body. He held her on his lap and still stroked her back in a calming motion. She looked up into his chocolate eyes, which, realizing the change that was occurring in her mood, began to darken even more in reaction.

Not able to take her gaze off his eyes, Ella rubbed her hands down his chest, down his wet clothes, and mumbled, "Your clothes are soaked through. That must not be very comfortable, perhaps we should get you out of them."

About the author:


Kelly Ryan lives in New Mexico and grew up with a fascination for all things that "go bump in the night", so it is no wonder that she turned to writing paranormal romance.

In her spare time, she fancies herself a cryptozoologist and loves to paranormal related outings, searching for things that might not really exist.

Being an avid reader since an early age, Kelly has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. "Alone No More" is her first release with Breathless Press, though she hopes to have many more in the future.

Not being very computer savvy, you can keep up with all of Kelly's books and upcoming works on her friend's blog and website.

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Guest Blogger Misty Evans on....Five Ways to Love a Princess

When I started writing my new sexy spy thriller, THE BLOOD CODE, I had a princess, a spy, and a nuclear missile launch key. I wasn’t sure about the princess angle, since in this day and age, we don’t hear a lot about royalty outside of Britain, but as I delved into history and real-life stories about royal families, Anya and her imperial Russian bloodline seemed the perfect fit for my novel.

But how does a CIA operative cozy up to a princess? Especially one who’s lived in hiding for fifteen years and believes her blood is curse, rather than something special?

First, he has to make her acquaintance, and in THE BLOOD CODE, Anya’s arrival at a secret CIA outpost puts Ryan to the test…

Ryan shut the door and released the woman's hand, telling himself his reluctance to do so was only because he was afraid she’d fall. “Do you speak English?”
She nodded, but the action made her sway. Was she drunk? High?
He grabbed her forearm, and she locked her knees and gave him another pleading look. “I need…help. Please.”
Although strained, her voice was rich and strong. Her Russian accent was light as a feather, almost nonexistent. In fact, she sounded more American than Russian. Nothing clouded her eyes. They were crystal clear and bright with adrenaline.
Not drunk or high.
Didn’t matter. What mattered was why she was running from the cops, and if he was seriously going to go through with hiding her from them.
Cuz, shit, he could work a miracle every now and then, but this…this was shaping up to need more than your everyday miracle.

Second, Ryan has to share his clothes with her after removing her dress while she was unconscious…

Propelling her into the bedroom, Ryan closed the door behind them. He released her hand and cocked his chin at the bed. “The best I could do. They’ll be big on you.”
Clothes. Thermal underwear bottoms, a pair of gray sweatpants. Socks.
Ryan’s clothes.
Anya wasn’t a hugger—who would she hug besides her grandmother?—but her arms went around his neck of their own volition and she pressed herself against him. He was calm and solid and so handsome, she almost kissed him. Out of gratitude, she told herself. Not because she wanted to touch all that heat and strength and solidness. “Thank you,” she murmured against his neck. “For everything.”
He stiffened at first, then relaxed, one hand coming to rest on her back. “They’re just clothes. Nothing fancy, but they’re clean.”
Just clothes. The irony struck her and she smiled into his shoulder. If only he knew what a few items of clothing had cost her in the past few days.

Third, he has to be inventive at meeting with her once they’re inside Kremlin Palace and trying not to be found out…

The deadbolt on the door was in place. To keep Anya locked inside.
Thunk, thunk, thunk. The heavy fall of footsteps echoed down an adjacent hallway. The hidden passageways were nothing more than tunnels that twisted and turned in many directions, making sound travel in odd patterns. The footsteps could be literally around the corner or fifty yards away. There was no way to tell.
Because of that, Ryan couldn’t risk knocking. Flipping the deadbolt back with one hand, he watched over his shoulder as he slid open the door with the other, and hoped against hope he’d picked the right bedroom.
He stepped into the room without looking and ran into something hard.
An antique dresser. Anya had moved the dresser in front of the door. Apparently she hadn’t gotten his message. At least he knew he had the right room.
The bedchamber was bathed in soft white light, barely visible from a nightstand on the far side of the four-poster bed. Sheer white material hung from the posts to shield the bed, but he could just make out a form lying on it.
Thunk, thunk, thunk. The footstep echoes grew louder. Whoever those footsteps belonged to was definitely coming this way. Moving the dresser would be noisy and take too much time. Ryan hoisted himself onto the top, and slid the door closed as quickly as he could without making a sound.
Placing one ear against the door, he listened to the footsteps’ approach. They paused right outside. Ryan held his breath while reaching into another pocket, concealed inside his jacket, for a knife he’d stolen from the kitchen. He didn’t pull it out, but waited, every nerve screaming with tension.
Behind him came the rustle of bedclothes. “Ryan? Is that you?”
In a heartbeat, he slid off the dresser, and dove for the bed where Anya was drawing herself up into a sitting position. Her eyes went wide, and she started to speak again, until he clamped a hand over her mouth and pulled her body to his. “Shhh.”

Fourth, he has to learn to trust her after finding out her grandmother was a double agent during the Cold War. He does, eventually, even though he has no reason to.

Fifth, he has to save the princess…oh, and stop hundreds of nuclear missiles from launching. Piece of cake for a savvy spy, right? But what happens when he finds out Anya is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction? Find out in THE BLOOD CODE…

Fifteen years ago, Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses. When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she joins forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.

Undercover at the nuclear summit, Ryan recruits Anya to find proof Ivanov is resurrecting the Cold War, but he suspects his new asset is a double agent. Anya is determined to rescue her grandmother with or without his help, however, and Ryan finds himself falling for the beautiful princess before he even trusts her.

Trapped inside the Kremlin with a cunning and ruthless opponent, the two must risk their lives and their hearts to save Anya’s grandmother as well as millions of innocent people.

Best-selling author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter. Read more about her stories at

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THE BLOOD CODE Blog Tour is full of interviews, guest posts, spy quizzes and giveaways! One lucky reader will receive a princess-cut tennis bracelet and twelve will win tiara keychains (limited to US and Canada). But that's not all, three international winners will be selected to receive a free ebook copy of THE BLOOD CODE, and an ebook copy from any of Misty’s super agent backlist books.
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Spotlight Review:

A Nemesis Unlimited Novel , Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-01559-4
June 2013
Historical Romance

London 1886

Jack Dalton's escape from Dunmoor Prison in Yorkshire is a dangerous feat. He makes the effort because he has learned that the man who killed his sister, the reason Jack is in prison, is staying at a local inn. After five years in prison, he doesn't care if he dies if he can kill Lord Rockley first.

Inside the room where Jack expects to find Rockley stands a beautiful woman with a revolver pointed at him. Rockley isn't in Yorkshire. It's been a ruse to make him attempt the escape. The woman and her fellow Nemesis agents convince him to go with them to London and help make Rockley pay for ruining another woman, their client Miss Jones. Reluctantly Jack agrees. He will get his vengeance no matter what these Nemesis people think or want.

To say Jack is a gritty hero is an understatement. His mother was a whore; he doesn't know who is father was, and he grew up by surviving the worst slums of London. He made a living boxing and became known as ‘Diamond Jack' before Lord Rockley hired him as a bodyguard. His speech is crude and his education limited. Years of pounding rocks in prison has made his tall frame bulky with muscle and his appearance intimidating. Nemesis chose him because as Rockley's former guard, he might know something about the lord's illegal activities.

Eva Warrick looks and sounds like a lady. She is the daughter of missionaries. Her calling, though, is justice for those who can't get it anywhere else. Nemesis, an agency working outside the confines of legal agencies, has trained her to be efficient, and deadly when needed. Eva is fearless except when it comes to relationships. She was against involving Jack in this case. He seems too dangerous. From their first meeting, a connection and attraction draws them together. It is impossible; she won't leave Nemesis, and as an escaped prisoner, Jack's future is uncertain.

This is certainly a different take on a romance, but Victorian era romances tend to be focused less on the noble class of lord and lady. Still, readers will need to adjust to Jack, yet author Zoë Archer slowly leads the reader to do just that—accept Jack as not only a worthy man, but also a hero. Dramatic situations plus interesting and unusual characters make SWEET REVENGE a compelling read.

Robin Lee

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I have two great contests going on.... check them out below. I will be announcing the winners on Sunday.

Chat Wednesday night with.... DEE DAVIS!

Mega talented Romantic Suspense author Dee Davis joins us to discuss her book, DIRE DISTRACTION. 
Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of DARK DECEPTIONS - Book 1 in the A-Tac series! 
Moderated by sandi.
When? Tonight (Wed) night at 9:00PM Eastern time
Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu.
Note: You may get a window opening asking you to let a program run. 
That is the addonchat program. Just accept it and then you can enter the chat room ;)
Hope to see you there!
Author website:

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Spolight Review and Giveaway of BEING ME by Lisa Renee Jones!

BEING ME - Lisa Renee Jones
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-476-72721-9
June 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

San Francisco and Los Angeles, California - Present Day

After visiting the BDSM club owned by her new boss, Mark, Sara McMillan is more determined than ever to find Rebecca. Sara found Rebecca's journals in a storage locker, and in spite of having never met the other woman, Sara became intrigued as she read about Rebecca's life, her introduction into BDSM, and her relationship with her Master. The final entries in the journal lead Sara to believe that Rebecca may be in trouble, so she tries, unsuccessfully, to find her. Sara's quest led her to a job that she loves, working in an art gallery where she meets Chris Merit, a well-known artist. After dating for a short time, Sara insists that Chris take her to the club that Mark owns, but now she's not sure if she can handle it. Having grown up with a controlling father, Sara guards her independence fiercely—being submissive is not something she's comfortable with.

When a visit to the storage locker spooks Sara, she calls Chris and is surprised to learn that he's returned to San Francisco to talk with her. The chemistry between them is too hot to ignore, but both have issues with their pasts that make a relationship challenging. As they look into Rebecca's disappearance, Chris and Sara try to find a way to make things work between them. It's no longer just lust that they feel, but with the secrets they still keep from one another, will love be enough?

The second book in the Inside Out Trilogy , BEING ME picks up where IF I WERE YOU left off, with Sara beginning to learn some of Chris's secrets, and knowing she'll have to face her past. If you haven't read the first book, this one may be a bit difficult at the beginning, as it is more of a continuation than a sequel. Sara's need for independence, especially from wealthy, powerful men, is a direct contrast to the need she has for Chris to take control in the bedroom. She's surprised by what she learns about him in the club, but the fact that he left behind his charity work and a dying boy to insure that she is okay eases her mind a bit.

In addition to the rocky romance between her and Chris, Sara is also trying to find out what happened to Rebecca while, in some ways, immersing herself in the other woman's life. On summer break from her teaching job, Sara joins Allure Galleries to fill in for the missing Rebecca, and is fairly sure that Rebecca's illusive, unnamed Master is her boss, Mark. Some of the journal entries talk about her Master sharing her, and Sara is trying to figure out who the other man in Rebecca's life might have been. Mark has shown a sexual interest in Sara, and the enmity between Chris and Mark leaves Sara feeling as if she's the rope in a tug of war. Sara also gets to meet two men that Rebecca worked with, one of whom may be the one she wrote of in her journal. The manipulations and the power plays only make things more uncomfortable for Sara, but at the same time, she's living the life she never allowed herself to dream of.

Told from the first person point of view, we only learn what Sara is thinking and feeling, with occasional glimpses into how Chris feels. While some of Sara's questions are answered, she still has more, and she knows that she has yet to learn all of Chris's secrets. The third book, to be released in September, will reveal all, including whether or not two such damaged people can have a happily ever after. While I'd definitely recommend reading the books in order, BEING ME is a sexy, enjoyable book.

Jennifer Bishop

Here's the giveaway:

One lucky reader will win the copies of BEING ME and IF I WERE YOU!

Post away....and I will pick a winner in a few days.
USA mailing addresses only. 

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Book Giveaway:

Meant to Be by Terri Osburn

Lifelong people-pleaser Beth Chandler will do anything to make a good impression on her future in-laws, including defy her fear of boats to make the ferry crossing required to meet them. Lucky for her, a lovable mutt and his tall, sexy, blue-eyed owner provide enough distraction to subdue her paralyzing panic attack. But Beth’s human tranquilizer turns out to be her future brother-in-law, Joe Dempsey, and their instant attraction is both unwelcome and undeniable.

Joe expects his brother’s fiancé to follow the materialistic, blonde-bimbo stereotype that is Lucas’ usual fare. Wild-haired, sweet-natured Beth doesn’t fit the part, but she does fit Joe and his island better than any woman he’s ever met. Though the men haven’t been close for years, Joe would never put the moves on his brother’s fiancé. That means Beth is off limits, no matter how much he wants her.

When a demanding case pulls Lucas back to the city, Beth realizes her fiancé is already married – to his work. Are solitary nights and mind-numbing dinner parties really what she wants? Torn between loyalty to Lucas and her growing feelings for Joe, Beth rethinks her choices and contemplates a future different from the one laid out before her. One that includes an island, a dog, and a man she can never have

Learn more at 

Sounds interesting....

Have you ever decided to do something only to realize that you need to change your plans? Tell us about it and be entered in a chance to win a copy of this.

Note:  This is a print version and only going to be open to USA mailing addresses. I found out mailing to Canada is pretty steep cost-wise.  However, if you enter and are from Canada and your name is drawn, I will send a copy to your Kindle.

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Spotlight Review:

A Destiny Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-202462-6
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Destiny, Ohio – Present Day

Several months ago, Anna Romo discovered she'd been kidnapped as a child by a woman now deceased. Anna found her real family and was immediately enveloped into a loving family, even though she barely remembers them. While she remains in her family's hometown of Destiny, she has kept herself aloof and shut off, buying a house far from town, intending to remodel it into a bed and breakfast. One day, she is out walking near her home when she stumbles across a bearded, disheveled man. To her surprise, not only is he her brother Lucky's best friend, Duke Dawson, but he's living in a rundown shack on her property. She could ask him to get off her land, but instead, she lets him stay. In exchange, he helps her with the repairs to her house so that she can get it ready to open for business. Having Duke around brings them closer as the days pass, and it soon turns into an intense sexual attraction neither expected—or wants. Meanwhile, Anna finds an old diary of a sixteen year old girl who lived in the house before her—and one who fell in love with a man living in the nearby shack. Is history repeating itself?

Duke is hiding after a horrific accident left him emotionally and physically scarred. The pain has him hiding away, subsisting on the food of the land (and water) to survive. After Anna discovers him, he's brusque and makes it clear that he wants to be left alone, but when he spots her trying to fix up her house on her own, the do-gooder in him wants to help. Working on Anna's house draws him out of his shell, and soon he's opening up to her. Closeness turns to more than a friendship, but Duke can only promise her a fling, because he's not ready for any kind of commitment.

Toni Blake returns readers to Destiny with HALF MOON HILL, where the long ago disappearance of Anna Romo had left scars on the Romo family. Her sudden reappearance should be a time filled with joy, but Anna keeps to herself, slowly trying to build a relationship with her brothers, Mike and Lucky, as well as her parents. Her two sisters-in-laws, Rachel and Tessa, as well as their friends, Amy and Jenny, have opened their arms to her and forged a friendship, but even then Anna doesn't open up to them about the strangeness she feels to suddenly rediscover her family. Duke's need for isolation mirrors Anna's, and the two quickly form a shaky bond as he works on her house. Anna is intrigued by Duke, wondering about what drove him to withdraw from society, including not contacting Lucky. He rebuffs her questions at first, but trust soon develops, which also allows her to voice her thoughts about her tentative relationship with her family. Anna and Duke are truly kindred spirits, and finding each other is as though it's meant to be. But can they trust one another enough to take the next step…to love?

The small town of Destiny and the people who reside there are a close-knit bunch and everyone knows what is going on. But in HALF MOON HILL, no one realizes that Anna and Duke have these scars that force them to withdraw from revealing their innermost feelings. Their kindred friendship quickly develops into sexual attraction—and lovemaking—but once the bed and breakfast is ready to open, Duke will move on. A feel good tale with fiery passion between Anna and Duke, HALF MOON HILL is an enticing read that is hard to put down once you start. Readers will ache for Anna and Duke while cheering them on to find a happily-ever-after that seems to have recently eluded them. Part of the Destiny series, readers catch up on all the couples from the prior books, plus a couple of added surprises about them. While you can enjoy HALF MOON HILL without having read the earlier books, I highly recommend that you grab the other books in the series to get a sense of what Destiny is all about. If you love a passionate romance that combines small-town feel with sensuality, then HALF MOON HILL is just the book for you.

Patti Fischer