Thursday, May 23, 2013

Q&A with Paula Altenburg!!

1.       I noticed that your previous books have been “demon westerns”. What inspired you to shift genres and write Desire by Design?

A.      I needed a mental break from killing people. That’s still fun for me, mind you.  A friend, who’s a United Church minister, once told me that plotting deaths is therapeutic. Carrying them out is what crosses the line. But I seriously love a short, sweet, funny romance, and it’s really not so much of a stretch for me. I have a quirky sense of humor. My demon westerns are quirky too, but in a different way. I explore the darker parts of human nature in those.

2.       Both lead characters have careers in the field of architecture. What type of research did you do to make sure all the jargon was accurate? 

A.      I grew up around construction sites. My father and sister are actively involved in the industry. In fact, professionally, Eve is based on my sister. The difference is that my sister is the nicest person I know. Personality-wise, she’s more like Matt. Eve, on the other hand, is impulsive and a lot less sensitive. Although true story – my sister totally marked up the guys’ calendar in the Port-a-Potty. You have to know her to appreciate how funny that really is.

3.       I loved that Matt’s character grappled with his nice guy persona, sometimes wishing he didn’t fit the label. Do you prefer writing about “bad boys” or would you rather have the good guy getting the girl?

A.      I think people are far too complex to label and I try to get that across in my characters. I don’t think of my heroes as good guys or bad guys, but decent human beings. My hero has to have a moral compass, and the heroine has to bring that out in him. She can forgive a lot, but how can she love a guy who isn’t decent at heart? Or at least have some moral ethics he operates by? So the hero gets the girl he deserves. She’s just not always the one he expects.

4.       Is Desire by Design going to be standalone or will it be part of a series? 

A.      A series is definitely a possibility. Eve has three very hot brothers. But my editor and I have left it open for now in case we choose to go in a different direction. 

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