Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10
Harlequin Desire
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73228-9
March 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

In and around Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Jennifer Dunning has never needed to work, but she can't abide just sitting around doing nothing. The only child of wealthy parents, she has enough money in her trust fund to never want for anything; however, working fires her imagination and her creativity. She is happy living in her apartment inside her parents' home until the day she walks into an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Jen cannot bear to stay in the same house with her parents now that she knows their secrets. Desperate to get out of Dallas and as far away from home as she can, she accepts a job working on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, for millionaire Marshal Grainger.

Marshall Grainger manages his successful businesses far away from the city lights, preferring a reclusive life on his ranch. He tried marriage once, but his new wife refused to live in the country. When Marshall informed her he wanted lots of babies, she ran out of his life for good. Now, his latest assistant has left, and Marshall is desperate for help. When he interviews Jennifer Dunning, she takes his breath away. She's not only beautiful, she's also smart and not afraid of hard work. He hires her to run his office, but, in a moment of weakness and dire need, he asks her if she would cook for him too? Never at home in the kitchen, Marshall's go-to dinner is a can of soup and a hastily thrown together sandwich. Jen is a culinary wizard, and to his surprise, she accepts the extra work. And she goes one step further. Marshall told Jen he would hire a housekeeper, but when he wasn't looking, Jen cleaned the house from top to bottom, and while doing so, she burrowed her way right into his heart. Marshal's greatest desire is to have a family. Perhaps a marriage of convenience with Jen is the answer?

Jennifer is immediately BEGUILING THE BOSS when she walks into his country mansion. This millionaire is captivated by her looks, her integrity, and her cooking. Jen isn't looking for love; she just wants to keep busy. She never expects to fall in love with Marshall. Jennifer knows she can never tell him about her feelings; it will never lead anywhere. Marsh Grainger is the talk of Dallas for his notorious womanizing. While Jen is trying to hide her feelings from him, Marshall asks her to marry him. He says they don't need love. They can share a life, have fun in the bedroom, raise their children, and ignore all the sappy hearts and flowers of romance. Who needs all that trouble?

BEGUILING THE BOSS is a Perfect 10 book! This new story is fresh and exciting, and I guarantee you will not be able to put the book down. Marshall and Jennifer are perfect for each other; they are both stubborn and picky, but they melt into each other whenever they are in close proximity. Watching them work out their differences is all part of the fun. There are some special secondary characters who liven up the story, adding lots of spice and fun, but the best part is watching Jen and Marshall trying to keep their hands off each other!

Ms. Hohl is a wonderful story teller, and BEGUILING THE BOSS is not only one of her best, it is one of the best Perfect 10's for the New Year!

Diana Risso

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