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A Perfect 10:

BAREFOOT IN THE SUN – Roxanne St. Claire
A Perfect 10
Barefoot Bay , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0825-9
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Barefoot Bay, Florida – Present Day

Zoe Tamarin's best friends, Lacey, Jocelyn, and Tessa, no doubt see her as fun loving and carefree, but they don't know that in reality she's scared and ready to run whenever the truth is about to be revealed. Zoe is poised to run again when a man from her past, Dr. Oliver Bradbury, shows up unexpectedly at a function she's attending. During the ensuing madness after he delivers Lacey's baby, who decides to make its appearance, Zoe and Oliver didn't talk. But now she's made her way to his medical practice, pushing away her fears, because she has something she needs from him. Her Great-Aunt Pasha has untreated cancer, and she wants Oliver to take Pasha on as a patient—without asking for personal identifying information.

Of course, Oliver has a ton of questions. He moved to Florida after his divorce to start over, though he didn't expect he'd have his son, Evan, living with him for the summer while the ex tromps off on an adventure with her new boyfriend. Oliver is stunned to come face to face with Zoe again, especially after her mysterious disappearance nine years ago, just as he was about to propose to her and she'd revealed that her real name wasn't Zoe and that Pasha had kidnapped her—willingly—and that they were on the run still, despite Zoe now being an adult. Now she's living in Barefoot Bay and needs his assistance. Pasha can't get regular medical assistance because the first thing they'd ask for is her identification; she has fake ID and if her DNA is tested, the authorities might be alerted. Oliver balks at first, but there's no denying he still has feelings for Zoe. Yet will the old hurts come back to haunt them both, or will they get the time to heal their wounds?

Zoe never forgot Oliver—he was the one man she's ever loved, but when she revealed the truth about her past, he couldn't promise Pasha's safety and anonymity. Zoe is grateful to Pasha for saving her from a hideous foster parent and protecting her as the two began a life on the run. Now it's Zoe's turn to save and protect Pasha, but is it too late? Oliver is part of a clinic that is using groundbreaking methods to fight cancer, but could he be breaking the law if he takes on a patient who refuses to reveal possibly incriminating identification? Yet Oliver finds he can't say no to Zoe, though he counteroffers her request by asking her to watch his son while he works. Evan is a cute, adorable boy with an IQ to rival Einstein, and just like his father, he's attracted to Zoe. But Oliver's attraction to Zoe is of the grownup variety, and there's no denying the chemistry between the two.

Zoe is torn between keeping Pasha safe and falling for Oliver again. She felt he once rejected her when she told him parts of her past, and she's now determined to keep things between them strictly businesslike. For Oliver, his son comes first, and getting stuck in the middle of Pasha and Zoe's murky pasts could hurt his son and his medical integrity. But as Zoe and Oliver are thrown together, neither can deny the sizzling passion that soon has them unable to resist each other. Zoe quickly realizes that she is going to have to tell Oliver and her best friends the whole truth, but will the revelation bring up more questions than answers, especially about Pasha's role in it all?

BAREFOOT IN THE SUN is a compelling tale that sucks in readers with its emotional conflict of Zoe's past, including that of her beloved Pasha, and the smoking hot chemistry between Oliver and Zoe. Secrets are never gone, only simmering below the surface, and this proves true in BAREFOOT IN THE SUN. It's a romance that readers will adore from the talented pen of Roxanne St. Claire and one I highly recommend. With the poignancy of Pasha's cancer to the rekindled romance of Oliver and Zoe, all wrapped around the secrets of the past, BAREFOOT IN THE SUN delivers a topnotch tale and deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today.

Patti Fischer

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Book Winner is....

The winner of DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HEELS is.......


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A Perfect 10:

SAFE HARBOR – Hope White
A Perfect 10
Love Inspired Suspense
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-44538-7
May 2013
Inspirational Series Suspense

Waverly Harbor, Pacific Northwest – Present Day

A 911 call from entrepreneur Edward Lange's cell phone brings Waverly Harbor Detective Alex Donovan to Lange's lakeside cabin, only to find Edward's dead body. No sign of the cell phone, but the sound of someone sobbing draws Alex to the closet. Inside he finds Nicole Harris, curled up and cowering behind a stack of boxes. Trembling and barely able to speak, Nicole refuses to answer the questions Alex poses. What could have frightened this woman so much? Assuming she witnessed Lange's murder, Alex takes her into custody. FBI agents are combing the cabin, and Alex is arguing with them, preventing them from taking Nicole into their own custody. The FBI's ongoing investigations into Edward Lange's activities make Nicole an important witness who needs protection, but Alex refuses to cooperate.

And, as the argument ensues between Alex and the FBI agent, Nicole manages to slip away into the night, running into the nearby forest. Nicole spent a lifetime with her father's threats to find her, maybe end her worthless life (in his words). And now, a killer is after her as well. The police won't help; she knows that by experience. All those years living under her father's abuse while said police and the justice system failed to help her and her siblings. As Nicole looks for a place to hide, a man appears in the shadows of the forest; he reaches for her, and she runs straight for the lake, falls over a tree root, and plunges into the freezing waters.

Is Waverly Harbor really a SAFE HARBOR for Nicole after a lifetime of running? Already, her life has been threatened several times in the last twenty-four hours since Edward Lange was found dead. She knows that Alex will help her; he's the only person she trusts to protect her, but how can they hide? Where can they hide? The killer finds them with each hideout and each step of the way; it's almost as if someone were giving out their location over and over again. Alex is determined to protect Nicole no matter what, even if he has to lose his job to do it. He lost one woman he loved when he failed to protect her, and he refuses to let it happen again. This time he plans to take Nicole somewhere safe and protected.

SAFE HARBOR is just a dream for Nicole. She has nobody to lean on. Alex has his God to turn to, but Nicole has never had a lot of faith in God. He never thought to answer any of Nicole's prayers, so she's not going to depend upon Him to help out. Until it is Alex who is the one in danger, then Nicole decides to turn one last time to God and prayer, even though He has never helped her, he has to help Alex!

Fast paced and perfectly orchestrated, SAFE HARBOR does not miss a beat! The action is taut and the characters dynamic. You will not put the book down until you finish; that is a guarantee! This is just the kind of story I love to read, and SAFE HARBOR is absolutely the best suspense novel I have read this year! You can't get much better than that, so I am giving it A PERFECT 10!

Diana Risso

Chat Wed night with Gayle Callen!

Historical Romance author Gayle Callen joins us to discuss her book, SURRENDER TO THE EARL. 
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Book Giveaway:



From brunch in Bel Air to homeless in Hollywood…

Former actress Meg Barnes used to have it all: tony Beverly Hills address, Amex Black card, Manolos for every day of the month. Not to mention a career as a popular TV detective that made her glittering life possible. But her lifestyle of the rich and famous has turned into a reality show for d-listed starlets. Lost in her Louboutins, she has one man to thank: her con man of a husband.

Handsome FBI agent Jack Mitchell knows a suspect when he sees one—even if she’s as beautiful and gutsy as Meg. Meg’s ex “made off” with half of Hollywood’s wealth in an epic real estate scam. And Jack thinks Meg may have been involved.

Determined to prove her innocence Meg teams up with her quirky, movie-mad best friend to track down her fugitive husband and exact justice. But getting her life, and her career, back on track is harder than auditioning for Spielberg. Especially when her life is threatened. Meg has to trust Jack, the man who may want her behind bars…or as his leading lady for life.

An interesting tidbit about the author.... She acted in the original Dark Shadows television series.
Learn more about the author:

Today, May 27th, is Memorial Day. For those of you off work, I hope you have a nice day off to relax.
 Question for you to post and be entered to win a copy of this book.
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Guest post from Ann Mayburn

Excerpt from ‘Still’

Present Day

   Michelle Sapphire closed her eyes and counted to ten, straining with every ounce of her formidable self-control not to launch herself at the asshole secured in the restraint chair in front of her.
   Grinning at her.
   “Yes, Officer, I know this man.”
   Oh, she knew this man all right. Wyatt Maverick Callahan. Also known as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Callahan, “Gunny” to the men and women in his unit, and darling boy to his doting mother. A decorated war hero with six tours of the Middle East under his belt. During the last tour, he'd been part of the security detachment assigned to her regiment. She'd been sitting next to him in the M-ATV when the mortar ripped through his troop transport and inflicted the wound that sent him home, essentially ending his military career and winning him another Purple Heart.
   Now, here he sat wearing a vintage Pink Floyd tee shirt probably older than he was, faded, grass-stained blue jeans that fit like they'd been painted on, and scuffed boots desperately in need of a polish. He had a good two to three days growth of beard that accentuated his knife-sharp cheekbones. And he still, somehow, managed to look hotter than fucking sin.
   “Ms. Sapphire,” the older policeman standing next to Callahan started to say before Wyatt lunged forward as much as he could while strapped down to the chair.
   “That’s Doctor Sapphire to you,” Callahan snarled and Michelle’s right fist ached with the need to beat his ass.
   Ignoring the female officer trying to block her, Michelle got right up in Callahan's face, nose to nose. She didn’t care if she was in her Hello Kitty pajama pants and a faded pink tank top, or that her hair was hanging loose around her shoulders in a blonde frizz. This motherfucker's phone call woke her up to come bail his sorry, drunk ass out of some tworoom jail south of Austin after she'd worked a twelve-hour night shift at the clinic. And she hadn’t had any coffee before leaving the house.
   He was a dead man.
   “Hi, Callahan,” she said in a sugary sweet voice.
   Up this close she could see the flecks of green and gold in his now bloodshot hazel eyes. He had long, thick dark lashes, the kind women would kill for, and a full, sensual mouth. His dark hair was longer than she’d ever seen it, but then again they’d both gotten out of the military about a year ago. Sorrow flashed through his gaze and, for a split second, she got a glimpse of the suffering man behind the wise-ass persona.
   He smiled that panty-dropping smile that had every female within a fifty foot radius fluttering their lashes.      
  “Hi, Doc. You said, if I ever needed you, I could call you.”
  “I did.” Nailing him with her gaze, she enjoyed how he fidgeted. “Well let me inform you of something, Callahan. Right now, I really regret saying that if your idea of help is me bailing you out of the drunk tank.”
Wyatt glared at her, his perfect upper lip curling in a manner that made her want to bite it. Sweet Mary, mother of God, put her in his presence for more than five minutes and her whole body ached for his touch. She’d hoped that their time apart would have lessened the impact his presence had on her but, if anything, it had grown stronger. Electricity, sharp and biting, arched between their bodies as their gazes locked. He was so very, very angry beneath all that sorrow, a storm of emotion battering him from the inside out.
   He needed her.
   “Ma’am.” One of the deputies touched her shoulder.
   Not breaking eye contact with Callahan, she said, “It's all right, officer. I’ve got this. Callahan isn’t going to do anything to piss me off any more than I already am because he knows that he doesn’t want to see me really angry. Right, Callahan?”
   His lips twitched the slightest bit and his angry gaze softened into that familiar devilish gleam. “Ma'am, yes, Ma’am.” Michelle was sure if he'd been able to stand up, he would have saluted just to be a smart ass. The all too pleasant image of Callahan doing mountain climbers while nude flashed through her mind. Forcing her libido to calm down, she made herself focus on this moment, on him, and gave him one hundred percent of her attention. Because, God knows, Callahan could be a right stubborn bastard when he was in the mood.
She leaned forward the slightest bit, the scent of the crushed grass on his jeans mixing with his alcohol-saturated sweat. “Now, you will behave. You will do everything they ask in a polite and respectful manner. You will not disgrace me by acting like a fool in public. Do you understand?”
   The rest of the anger slowly drained from his gaze and something deep inside her tightened when he was the first to look away, to acknowledge her dominance. That gesture was as old as time and always implied the same thing, submission. When he met her gaze again, he'd rebuilt some of his mental walls, but she'd already seen what she needed.
   She knew what was inside his heart.
   He swallowed hard. “Roger that, ma'am.”
   She gave him the smile that he’d always seen right before she laid the smack-down on him. His pupils constricted and his muscles tightened, an unconscious reaction to her emotions. She longed to soothe him, to tell him everything would be okay, but that only worked in fairy tales. In the real world, she had to take charge and make things right.
   Fortunately, she rather enjoyed being a cold bitch in the right situations.
   “Now then, can you please tell me the nature of his charges?”
   The older officer motioned her away from Callahan to speak to her privately. Behind her she heard the officers talking to Wyatt, and he was as well-behaved as could be. While she still didn’t know what she was going to do with him, she did know she would do everything she could to get him out of jail and someplace to heal. Preferably at her home.
   “Well, Dr. Sapphire, we got a complaint about a drunk and disorderly, but it wasn’t what we were used to.”
   “ What do you mean?”
   He leaned closer, near enough so she could smell the faint scents of coffee on his breath and the dry cleaning solution clinging to his uniform. “He was in a local cemetery. Scared the crap out of the caretaker.    The old man was doing his last rounds through the property, getting ready to lock the gates, when he saw Wyatt sitting on a grave with a nearly empty bottle of whiskey.”
   He had her undivided attention now. “Was it Mt. Zion?”
   “Yeah. I-uh I guess you know whose grave it was.”
   She knew, but she needed confirmation. “Aaron Winters?”
   She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, torn between the need to choke Callahan for being so reckless or hold him. “Was he armed?”
   “Yes ma’am, but only with a big Damascus knife he uses for whittling.” He looked uncomfortable and his mustache twitched. “See, Callahan's a local boy. His dad used to be a detective next county over before he retired and opened his carpentry business. We know Wyatt, and we know his family.”
   Empathy filled her but she kept her expression carefully neutral. “Why did he call me instead of his family?”
   Now his cheeks turned a deep red that made his blonde mustache stand out in an almost comical manner. “Well…I’m married to his sister and if I called their parents about him being drunk I’d be spending the next two months sleeping on the couch. Besides, nothing we’ve done seems to help and we’ve tried everything we can think of to get through to him.” He pursed his lips, his mustache pushing forward like a walrus looking for a kiss. “See, he’s talked about you before, usually when he’s drunk.”
   She arched her brow.
   “Nothin’ bad, just how much he admires you and I figured you bein’ a doctor and all, well maybe you can reach him.”
   She blew out a harsh breath. “Are you going to release him to my custody?”
   “If you feel comfortable taking him. He really isn’t that drunk.”      
The officer leaned forward and lowered his voice. “Between you and me he’s lucky if he gets four hours of sleep a night. The man is exhausted, but he can’t outrun his nightmares.”
   A headache began to form behind her eyes as her heart ached for Callahan. “Okay, I’ll take him, but, Officer,” she looked down at his badge. “Phelps, since you're family, you should know, I’ve got a couple of conditions of my own.”
   He gave her a solemn nod. “Call me Gary.”
   “Gary,” she said with the sweet smile that had always made her troops flinch, “I'm going to want Callahan to sign a contract to stay with me for a month. Think of it as a personal rehab.”
   “Uh, Doc, I don’t think I can do that. It’s not legal.”
   “I’m not asking you to force him and I won’t approach him with it until he’s sobered up. If he doesn’t sign I take him home for one night to sleep it off, then he goes on his merry way. If he does sign…” she smiled in a way that made Officer Phelps swallow hard, “I guarantee in one month’s time you will have a changed man. But I’ll need you to keep the rest of his family away. He needs to decide for himself that he wants to live, not for his mother, not for his sister, but for himself.”
   Tilting his head to the side, Officer Phelps studied her. “You were a Marine, too, weren’t you?”
“No, I was a Navy doc. We were the ones who got to patch the Marines up.”
   They were interrupted by the female officer escorting Callahan. As Michelle looked closer at him she saw the telltale physical signs of exhaustion. He looked much older than his thirty-six years, and there was a darkness in his gaze, something worn and guarded that hadn’t been there before. She remembered him as being brash, larger than life, her rock, someone she could always rely on. Now, he just seemed so…lost.
   “Ready, Callahan?”
   “Sure thing, Doc.”
   After his cuffs were removed she motioned to him, “Let’s go.”
   He looked at his brother-in-law and rubbed his face. “Man, I’m really sorry.”
   Phelps shook his head. “Wyatt, just get some help.”
   Callahan glanced over at Michelle. “I’m trying to.”


About the Author

Ann is Queen of the Castle to her wonderful husband and three sons in the mountains of   West Virginia. In her past lives she's been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist,   a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan   Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she   will deny to her children that it ever happened.

   From a young age she's been fascinated by myths and fairytales, and the romance that   often  was the center of the story. As Ann grew older and her hormones kicked in, she   discovered trashy romance novels. Great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless   stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she's never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her 'sexy space' and has learned to type one handed while soothing a cranky baby.


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Q&A with Paula Altenburg!!

1.       I noticed that your previous books have been “demon westerns”. What inspired you to shift genres and write Desire by Design?

A.      I needed a mental break from killing people. That’s still fun for me, mind you.  A friend, who’s a United Church minister, once told me that plotting deaths is therapeutic. Carrying them out is what crosses the line. But I seriously love a short, sweet, funny romance, and it’s really not so much of a stretch for me. I have a quirky sense of humor. My demon westerns are quirky too, but in a different way. I explore the darker parts of human nature in those.

2.       Both lead characters have careers in the field of architecture. What type of research did you do to make sure all the jargon was accurate? 

A.      I grew up around construction sites. My father and sister are actively involved in the industry. In fact, professionally, Eve is based on my sister. The difference is that my sister is the nicest person I know. Personality-wise, she’s more like Matt. Eve, on the other hand, is impulsive and a lot less sensitive. Although true story – my sister totally marked up the guys’ calendar in the Port-a-Potty. You have to know her to appreciate how funny that really is.

3.       I loved that Matt’s character grappled with his nice guy persona, sometimes wishing he didn’t fit the label. Do you prefer writing about “bad boys” or would you rather have the good guy getting the girl?

A.      I think people are far too complex to label and I try to get that across in my characters. I don’t think of my heroes as good guys or bad guys, but decent human beings. My hero has to have a moral compass, and the heroine has to bring that out in him. She can forgive a lot, but how can she love a guy who isn’t decent at heart? Or at least have some moral ethics he operates by? So the hero gets the girl he deserves. She’s just not always the one he expects.

4.       Is Desire by Design going to be standalone or will it be part of a series? 

A.      A series is definitely a possibility. Eve has three very hot brothers. But my editor and I have left it open for now in case we choose to go in a different direction. 

Learn more about Paula by visiting her website: