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Spotlight Review:

EDGE OF DAWN – Lara Adrian
A Midnight Breed Novel , Book 11
Delacorte Press
ISBN: 978-0-345-53260-2
March 2013
Paranormal Romance

Various Locations in the United States

It's hard to accept that even after twenty years since the existence of vampires in the human world was revealed there are still some humans who view us as monsters. When I say us, it is in the most general sense; you see I am not actually a vampire. What I am is a breed mate, a human genetically capable of becoming the mate to one of the Breed. Who are the Breed you ask? They are the elite, the warriors, the last defense the humans have against the rogue vampires. Had things gone differently I might have sided with the Human Rebels, but because of them I lost my mate, the one Vampire I was destined for. So, now I am a warrior, a fighter, the leader of an elite force of the breed. My name is Mira...and I am dedicated to enforcing the rule of the Order. But sometimes my hatred for the Human Rebels overcomes my loyalty to the Order and the Breed warriors I lead. But who can blame me—they destroyed the other part of me—the Breed Warrior named Kellan.
On patrol one night Mira sees a human she knows was involved in the destruction of Kellan, and though it goes against all the new laws and rules she follows him and attacks him. This indiscriminate act puts her on leave and she is given the “punishment” of escorting a human scientist, Jeremy Ackmeyer, to the Peace Summit, where the Breed and the human government will establish what they hope will be lasting peace between human and breed.

When the “punishment” mission goes horribly wrong, Mira finds herself a captive of the human rebels she loathes. She is determined to rescue Ackmeyer and destroy her captors, until she realizes, the game has changed, and her captor is someone she never thought to see again.

Bowman, a leader of human rebels, is determined to stop the brilliant scientist Ackmeyer. He has developed technology that could destroy all vampires; what he had not counted on was dragging the one woman he has ever loved into his dangerous and certainly deadly plot.

Okay, I could say more, but I won't. I could “channel” Mira more, but I won't. What I will do is tell you that EDGE OF DAWN is what paranormal romantic suspense should always strive to be. We have a heroine dedicated to her “race”, but torn in her loyalties. We have a “hero” who is not necessarily always right. We have a cast of characters who have grown out of the very first book, KISS OF MIDNIGHT, and continue to be high impact in each book. EDGE OF DAWN is the perfect “bridge” book for what was and what will be. It's exciting, heartbreaking, and heartwarming and ultimately….it makes you crave MORE!

Lara Adrian is a talented author. She's a master at creating a world in which the unbelievable is normal, and the impossible is possible and where love, honor and duty are all. I have to admit, I am several books behind in the series; real life often interferes with our druthers , but even though I am at least three books behind in my reading, I cannot recommend EDGE OF DAWN highly enough. If you have never read the Midnight Breeds series (why not?), then I highly suggest you pick them ALL UP. That being said, I can honestly say that even if you have not read the previous books, EDGE OF DAWN will be a fabulous place to start. Of course, once you read EDGE OF DAWN you are going to HAVE to get the previous books.

EDGE OF DAWN is without a doubt an example of the best in paranormal romance and will whet your appetite for more from this very talented and imaginative author.

Terrie Figueroa

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