Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Q & A and contest with Petie McCarty!

1.      Tell us about your newest release.
On April 1, Desert Breeze Publishing released my third novel No Going Back, which is the first of what I call my Rescue Angel romances -- wild and fun stories with a secret angel hidden in the plot. If I've done my job right, my readers won't figure out the angel’s identity until the finale. I intend to fool my readers every time. *grin*

In No Going Back, Kellen Brand’s inheritance turns out to be a whopper -- one dilapidated farm in West Virginia and one guardian angel. Since no sane woman would choose to live in Riverside, Kellen vows to sell her farm and quick. Her handsome neighbor Luke Kenyon must block the farm sale or risk exposure of his family's secrets. While Kellen has one potential buyer, she faces a town full of objectors. Someone is trying to frighten her off, and Luke is forced to step in and rescue her more than once. Unfortunately, Kellen has a penchant for finding trouble. She stumbles onto a clandestine hazardous-waste-dumping operation next to her farm, and she prays Luke has one more rescue up his sleeve. It's her only hope of staying alive.

Unless her mother really did leave her a guardian angel… 

2.      Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?
I can’t mention my most favorite scene as that would spoil my goosebumps finale – at least it always gives me goosebumps. Of my remaining favorite scenes, I suppose the best would be Kellen on the runaway mare. She has been given an Appaloosa to ride by her sexy neighbor, Luke Kenyon, who intends give her a tour of the countryside. During their ride, a gunshot sounds, and Kellen’s horse bolts, jerking the reins from her hands and leaving her to grab onto the saddle to remain astride. Kellen’s grip is loosened during the Appaloosa’s wild race through jumps and gulleys until she is left clinging precariously to the side of the saddle. A drop to the ground will get her trampled. She hears pounding hooves as Luke’s stallion races up alongside…

Whew! That one gets me every time.

3.      When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Oddly enough, I had never given a shred of a thought to being a writer until about ten years ago, so my new vocation came as a total shock to my husband, my family, and especially to me. At the time, I had considered looking for a new job, Instead, a movie popped in my head one day and refused to give me any peace until I put it on paper. That was the original Rescue Angel romance, which hopefully will find its way to publication one day.

4.      How long have you been writing?
Eleven years, 9-1/2 manuscripts. *smile*

5.      Do you have an interesting writing quirk or habit?
I’m not sure you’d call it a quirk. But I do a large part of each rough draft in Gregg shorthand. Yes, the same shorthand they used to teach in high school. *sigh* I find I can better keep up with the movie running continuously in my head if I use the shorthand. I’ve been doing it so much and for so long I can type from reading shorthand almost as fast as I can type printed or written words. And yes, the transcribing takes time, but it’s worth it not to lose those great scene nuances by being able to keep up with the movie. Type straight from my head onto the page and I often lose that great dialogue line or action description in the movie because I can’t keep up.

6.      What was one of the most surprising things you learned as a published author?
The greatest surprise was the amount of time required to market your newly published book. Review site requests, interview possibilities, blog appearances, book club meetings, bookplate signings, a professional web site, and social media, like Facebook and Twitter, take an incredible amount of time. These marketing options are vital yet the time necessary to devote to them is unfortunately deducted from an author’s available writing time. Multiply the marketing allotment of time by the number of books you publish and your writing time begins to dwindle. You hear about this often in author interviews, but to experience it is something else. I went four months last year without a day or evening off. Yikes!

7.      What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?
The fabulous James Patterson has been a huge influence on my writing as has Suzanne Brockmann. An author learns something from every book he or she reads. Even poorly written books can teach great lessons. Authors starting out should read as many books as they can, in a multitude of genres. This will provide a well-balanced curriculum of style, plotting, characterization, and pacing techniques. The learning never stops, which is why I’m still good for at least two books per week. I just don’t sleep much. *grin*

8.      What does your family think about your career as a published author?
My sweetheart husband has gone without dinner and my company more than he should have and has never complained. He cheers my successes and jeers my rejections, and I couldn’t accomplish what I do without him. I’m one of the lucky ones. I can’t imagine trying to succeed in this business without the support of family. It’s crucial to the final goal. If family members belittle your writing and dedication, you’ll have to ignore them and persevere if you want to reach your goal of being published. You may be able to change their attitude along the way. Once you have bought into the dream of becoming an author, writing is no longer a chosen vocation, it’s a way of life. Writing becomes a part of who you are and as important to you as the air you breathe.

9.      Besides writing, what other interests do you have?
When there’s time -- *sheepish smile* -- I like to play golf. And I love to run. I used to run with my English Springer spaniel, Lily, but then I had to run part of the mile or two carrying a bag of poop, which greatly detracts from the joy of that exercise. So now Lily waits at home and sighs at the door until I return. Though I do get much better plot ideas hoofing it around the neighborhood without the bag of poop.

10.  Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?
My next Desert Breeze release is scheduled for December 2013. This will be my second Rescue Angel romance, titled appropriately enough Angel to the Rescue.

In Angel to the Rescue, child psychologist Dr. Rachel Kelly isn't quite sure how to handle the situation with her newest client -- a six-year-old boy who says he can see angels and one is coming to help Rachel. She already has her hands full of trouble this Christmas season, and things quickly take a turn for the worse when a stalker takes her young clients hostage at Rachel's Christmas party. Their only chance of rescue lies with Rachel's estranged boyfriend, police negotiator Jake Dillon.

Unless, of course, her little angel-spying client is telling the truth…

11.  How can readers connect with you online?
Thank you for allowing me to spend time with Romance Reviews Today readers. If you find the time to read this spring, please give one of my books a try and come visit my web site -- http://www.petiemccarty.com. Leave me your address and I’ll mail you an autographed bookplate of your choice. 


Petie is graciously giving away a copy of No Going Back to one lucky reader. Note that this is an ebook.
Have a question for Petie or a comment on her interview? Post and you'll be entered in a chance to win a copy of No Going Back!

Kellen Brand'ol my readers every time. *grin*ances. Each story will have an angel hidden in  the plot, and the reader

Kellen Brand'ol my readers every time. *grin*ances. Each story will have an angel hidden in  the plot, and the reader


Pat L. said...

You got me hooked with the secret angel thing. Sounds like an excellent story and glad it is a series.

For my question: What book will you always remember reading with such joy?

annepatrick07 said...

No Going Back sounds like a great read. Love the premise of your series. Best of luck with it!

Kathleen O said...

Now this sounds like a book that must be on my tbr shelf..

Who is your fav author to read?

bn100 said...

That's great you have a supportive family.

Do you ride horses?

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Petie McCarty said...

Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie

Petie McCarty said...

Thanks bunches!

Petie McCarty said...

Can I have two? One historical and one contemporary? Historical would be Monica McCarty and contemporary would be Suzanne Brockmann, hands down.

Petie McCarty said...

Used to ride a lot in college, now only infrequently with my little sister who owns two.

Martha Lawson said...

Hi! You are a new to me author which I love finding. Your book sounds really great, I love reading about angels.. Thanks for the chance.