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A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10
The FBI/US Attorney Series, Book 4
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25119-5
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

In order to nail a crooked politician, Assistant U. S. Attorney Cade Morgan enlists the aid of a restaurant company's general counsel, Brooke Parker, to allow the use of surveillance equipment in one of the company's restaurants. Brooke is tough and doesn't want to jeopardize her company's reputation, so Cade is going to have to be very convincing. He turns on the charm, but Brooke isn't buying it, though she finally agrees to help Cade get his man, yet soon it is Brooke who wants his help. The two normally spar when in each other's company, but familiarity—and a truce—soon have them locking lips. Can Cade charm the no nonsense Brooke right into his bed?

Brooke feels loyalty to her company as she was given the plum job of general counsel at a young age. It means she works long hours with little thanks for a good job since she can be called upon at any given moment to solve a legal matter. Cade Morgan seems like another pretty face U.S. attorney who's made a name for himself for being hardnosed even as he works his charms on anyone in his vicinity. Brooke thought she could resist Cade, but that soon proves futile. A one night stand turns into more nights…and Brooke quickly finds herself falling for Cade. But he makes it clear he isn't looking for love or a wife.

Cade might be familiar to readers of Julie James's the FBI/US Attorney series as the one who prosecuted the “twitter terrorist” aka the hero in ABOUT THAT NIGHT. Cade is a former college football star who famously was injured and has instead parlayed a nice career into one as a top prosecutor in Chicago. Raised by a single mother, Cade is stunned when a teenage boy shows up and reveals that he's Cade's half-brother. The two slowly build a relationship, but Cade is determined to avoid any possibility of reconciliation with their father, who abandoned his mother when he found out he was going to be a daddy. Meanwhile, Cade has his views of Brooke as a cutthroat attorney thrown out the window when her toughness also reveals a softer side. She's worked hard to get where she's at today, but it leaves little time for a personal life, as witnessed by her latest boyfriend dumping her because she didn't make time for him. Cade can relate, because women he date say he's never into a relationship. Can a couple who doesn't have the time or the heart for a relationship find love together in LOVE IRRESISTIBLY?

Cade and Brooke quickly learn they have some things in common, like their love of Chicago Cubs baseball, wanting the bad guys to be brought to justice, and loving their careers as attorneys. Yet, they each have emotional scars that make it hard to get to the next level of a relationship and figure a fling is all that they can offer to the other. Of course, readers know that in LOVE IRRESISTIBLY those flings become a constant thing as neither can resist the other. The sexy banter between Cade and Brooke is charmingly funny and highlight this highly entertaining tale. Once I picked up LOVE IRRESISTIBLY, I fell in love with both Cade and Brooke and knew they were perfect for each other. The twists and turns in their relationship make LOVE IRRESISTIBLY a page-turner and one that well deserves A Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today.

An exciting, fun read that I highly recommend, LOVE IRRESISTIBLY is the perfect read that will surely make your day brighter.

Patti Fischer

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