A Perfect 10:

WINTERBLAZE – Kristen Callihan
Darkest London Series
A Perfect 10
March 2013
Paranormal Romance

England – 1883

Poppy Lane has a lot on her plate. As a leader in the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals (SOS), she has tried to keep her personal life separate from her secondary life. But when her husband, Winston, is attacked and horribly wounded by a werewolf, her secrets come out to the detriment of her marriage. Win doesn't trust her any more for fourteen years of lies. Poppy's hidden ability to freeze the world around her, literally, and her family's involvement in other supernatural facets have also put her in the crosshairs of another violent supernatural—one who is threatening something even more important to Poppy than she can even imagine.

After the brutal attack, Winston Lane vows to face the future without Poppy as he struggles to recover from his wounds and deal with the scars both on his face and in his heart. But his deep love for his wife, and the dark secret he, too, has kept from Poppy all these years, make the separation from her impossible. The two find they must team up in order to stop Isley, the most evil Demon.

Poppy and Win must enlist help from several SOS members as well as friends. These include Mary Chase, a GIM (Ghosts in the Machines) for her incredible tracking abilities, and Jack Talent, a shapeshifter. But none of them are prepared for the lengths Isley will go or the horrible secret he keeps.

Page turner is an understatement in describing WINTERBLAZE. Readers will be hard pressed to put this book down once the opening scene unfolds. Poppy and Win struggle to deal with the wall their secrets have built between them, but are forced to put their heads and hearts together in order to defeat Isley, who Poppy believes is immortal. Secondary characters are vital in this exciting sequel to FIRELIGHT and MOONGLOW, especially Mary and Jack. Pay attention to little details too!

Another Perfect 10 by Ms. Callihan, and I very highly recommend reading this entire series.

Jani Brooks


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