A Perfect 10:

LORD OF DARKNESS – Elizabeth Hoyt
Maiden Lane Series, Book 5
A Perfect 10
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0830-3
March 2013|
Historical Romance

London, 1740

The meanest streets in London are found in the St. Giles district. It is here that the love of Lady Margaret St. John's life was murdered. Lady Margaret—known to friends and family as Megs—directs her coachman there out of foolish sentiment, thus putting herself, her sister-in-law Sarah St. John, and the servants in danger. They put too much temptation in front of the locals, and are attacked by six footpads. The intrepid Megs is no match for them, even with her guns handy. But, lo! A masked stranger clothed like a harlequin appears and saves them. Instead of thanking the man, Megs tries to shoot him! She recognizes him as the notorious Ghost of St. Giles who she believes murdered her beloved Roger. She's right about the Ghost part, but wrong about his being a murderer. In fact, he is her husband, the man her brother arranged for her to marry two years ago when she carried Roger's posthumous baby. Megs left for the country right after the wedding, but she soon miscarried the poor infant. Now, however, she's over the worst but longs for another chance at motherhood…hence her surprise arrival in London.

Godric St. John suffered his own loss years ago; the only thing now that gives his life meaning is his work saving the innocents of London. On the very night he is shot at by his wife, he saves two little girls from the lassie snatchers, then hurries home to get into the house before them.

And—apart from a bit of background—this is only the first chapter. St. John's frozen heart—and his badly rundown house—has no room for the wife he didn't want, but he's in for a fight if he thinks she will go away. Is he the immovable object in the face of her irresistible force?

LORD OF DARKNESS will take readers on a wondrous ride to the last page. Megs and St. John are just two of the wondrous characters who people its pages. Look for scintillating dialogue, meaningful relationships, mysteries to solve, and villains to route, all amid humor, suspense, and some very sensuous passages.

As the fifth book in the series, many of the friends and relatives from previous books appear here, and we get to know more of the origins of the Ghost of St. Giles, a true knight…or knights. By the end of LORD OF DARKNESS, we'll know the identity of two of the trio, but there will be a book six…and I can't wait.

I have enjoyed every one of the earlier books in the series: WICKED INTENTIONS, NOTORIOUS PLEASURES, SCANDALOUS DESIRES, and THIEF OF SHADOWS, but this is the one I'm awarding a rare Perfect 10. Why this one? It just hit every spot, pulled all my heartstrings, and tickled my funny bone. It's just perfection

Jane Bowers


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