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Spotlight Review:

WYOMING BRIDE - Joan Johnston
Bitter Creek Series #10, Mail Order Brides #2
ISBN: 978-0-345-52746-2
January 2013
Historical Western Romance

Wyoming Territory - 1875

Chicago, 1874: Six Wentworth children escaped the Great Chicago Fire only to be banished to an orphanage by their uncle. Eager to escape the severe beatings from the headmistress, Mrs. Birch, eighteen-year-old Miranda Wentworth answered a newspaper ad and left in the dark of the night, her younger brothers in tow, to become a mail order bride in Texas. She left her three sisters behind: twins, Hannah and Henrietta, and the youngest sister, Josie. Miranda promised she would soon send for them, (TEXAS BRIDE, April 2012).

Months later, there has been no word from Miranda. Hannah and her sisters can no longer endure the evil Mrs. Birch, so this time, Hannah, the eldest twin by just a few minutes, is the chosen one.

It isn't long before Hannah has agreed to marry an Irish immigrant and travel west on the condition that he allows her younger sisters to accompany them. Hannah swallows her pride, goes through with the marriage and beds Mr. McMurtry, her new husband, before climbing into a Conestoga and joining a wagon train bound for the Oregon Trail. Now, far from the wealth and privilege of their Chicago home, the Wentworth sisters are once again in trouble when Fate steps in to change their plans. They're cast out of the wagon train after an altercation caused by Henrietta; Mr. McMurtry contracts cholera and dies, and their wagon is attacked by Indians. Days after the attack, Hannah is lying on the prairie, sick and dehydrated, when Flint Creed rides by. Flint nurses her back to consciousness and immediately asks her to marry him!

Flint Creed has always taken care of his brother Ransom. Returning to Texas after the civil war, he and Ransom learned there was nothing left for them at the family ranch, so they settled in Wyoming Territory, started a cattle ranch, and built a large multi-family house where they and their wives will live while they build their empire. Now, Flint is angry and upset that the woman he loves, Emaline Simmons, has accepted Ransom's proposal. How can he live in the same house with Emaline as his brother's wife? The only sensible solution is to find his own bride, but while riding on the prairie, he comes upon a bedraggled Hannah, only inches from death.

Hannah will become Flint's WYOMING BRIDE in a fun, romantic, and emotional story of love and loss. When Flint finds Hannah, she is dehydrated and near death, and cannot remember anything about how or why she came to be in the middle of the wilderness and alone. When she does recall, she can only remember that her sister Henrietta was near death and Josie was taken by the Indians. She has to find them! But first, she and Flint have to come to an agreement about their impending marriage. Meanwhile, Flint is dealing with cattle rustlers, and Ransom and Emaline are trying to make their own tough choices about their upcoming wedding. Hannah and Fling both have secrets. Hannah decides not to tell Flint that she carries McMurtry's child in her womb, and Flint is unlikely to share the fact that he and Hannah will be living in the same house as his brother and the woman Flint really loves.

WYOMING BRIDE is the second book in the Mail Order Bride mini-series about the Wentworth children; and it is also the tenth novel inside the Bitter Creek series. The order of the books is a tad confusing, but this novel is another perfect package from the pen of Ms. Johnston. MONTANA BRIDE (Henrietta's story) does not have a release date yet, but I am hoping to see it hit the stores soon! After which will be BLACKTHORNE'S BRIDE (Josie's story), and hopefully, we'll see stories for Nick and Harry, the young Wentworth brothers.

WYOMING BRIDE is a great novel with lots of pages, but I guarantee you will not put it down until the exciting end!

Diana Risso

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Harlequin and Samhain author Sarah M Anderson joins us to discuss her latest releases, MYSTIC COWBOY, and A REAL COWBOY. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of MYSTIC COWBOY and another lucky winner will receive a signed copy of A REAL COWBOY! 

Moderated by CrazyMo.

When?  Tomorrow (Wed) night at 9:00PM Eastern time

Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu.

Hope to see you there for a REAL MYSTIC good time! Either in or out of chaps! hee hee


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Update: More January Reviews posted!

January 2013 Reviews
Contemporary RomanceBIG SKY RIVER - Linda Lael Miller - Big Sky Series, Book 3 - 12/2012 - Diana - New! BY PRIVATE INVITATION - Stephanie Julian - 1/2013 - Holly - Erotic - New! CHANCE OF A LIFETIME - Jodi Thomas - 1/2013 -Jani - New! FALL INTO YOU - Roni Loren - A Loving Edge Novel - 1/2013 - Jennifer -Erotic - New! GIVE INTO ME - Lacey Alexander - A H.O.T. Cops Novel - 1/2013 - Jennifer - Erotic - New! A HOMETOWN BOY- Janice Kay Johnson - 1/2013 - Marilyn -
PERFECT FIT - Carly Phillips - Serendipity's Finest, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - 1/2013- Patti
SEA GLASS WINTER - JoAnn Ross - A Shelter Bay Novel, Book 5 - 1/2013 - Jane
THE OTHER SIDE OF US - Sarah Mayberry -1/2013 - Marilyn - HSR #1824
TRUE LOVE AT SILVER CREEK RANCH - Emma Cane - A Valentine Valley Novel - 1/2013 - Patti
THE TRUTH ABOUT COMFORT LOVE - Tara Taylor Quinn - Comfort Cove Trilogy, Book 3 - 1/2013 - Diana - New!
Fantasy Romance
DREAMSPINNER - Lynn Kurland - A Novel of the Nine Kingdom - A Perfect 10 - 1/2013 - Jani - New! LAST KISS GOODNIGHT - Gena Showalter - Otherwold Assassins, Book 1 - Jennifer

Historical Fiction

THE GARDEN INTRIGUE - Lauren Willg - The Pink Carnation Series, Book 9 - 1/2013- Jani

Historical RomanceTHE HUSBAND LIST - Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly - 1/2013 - Jani
THE LADY MOST WILLING - Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie Brockway - 1/2013 - Jane
NEVER LOVE A LORD - Heather Grotheus - Foxe Sisters, Book 3 - 1/2013 - Marilyn
SIMPLY SCANDALOUS - Kate Pearce - Simply series, Book 9 - 1/2013 - Holly - Erotic - New! TOO DANGEROUS TO DESIRE - Cara Elliot - Lords of MIdnight, Book 3 - 11/2012 - Amanda
WYOMING BRIDE - Joan Johnston - Bitter Creek Series #10, Mail Order Brides #2 -1/2013 - Diana - New!
Inspirational Fiction
AN AMISH GIFT - Cynthia Keller - 11/2012 - Diana
MysteryMERCILESS - Lori Armstrong - Mercy Gunderson Mysteries, Book 3 - A Perfect -10 - 1/2013 - Robin

Non-FictionTHE WOMEN OF THE COUSINS' WAR - Phillippa Gregory, David Baldwin, Michael Jones - 1/2013 - Jani - Historical
Paranormal RomanceDEMON'S CURSE - Alexa Egan - The Imnada Brotherhood, Book 1 - 1/2013 - Jane - Historical
DREAM EYES - Jayne Ann Krentz - A Dark Legacy Novel, Book 2 - 1/2013 - Jennifer
DRIVE ME WILD - Christine Warren - The Others, Book 14 - 12/2012 -Amanda
A LOVE UNTAMED - Pamela Palmer - A Ferrel Warriors Novel, Book 7 - 1/2013 - CeCe - New! A SOUL SO WICKED - Sharie Kohler - The Moon Chasers series, Book 7 - 1/2013- Carolyn

Regency RomanceMISS WHITTIER MAKES A LIST - Carla Kelly -1/2013 - Jane
THE SCOUNDREL TAKES A BRIDE - Stefanie Sloane - A Regency Rebels Novel - 1/2013 - Jane

Romantic ComedyTHE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY - Rachel Gibson - 1/2013- Patti

Romantic SuspenseAFTERSHOCK - Jill Sorenson - A Perfect 10 - 1/2013- Marilyn
DEADLY SIGHT - Cindy Dees - Code X - 1/2013- Marilyn
LIVE AND LET LOVE - Gina Robinson - An Agent Ex Novel, Book 3 - 1/2013 - Patti
SHADES OF GRAY - Maya Banks - A KGI Novel, Book 6 - 1/2013 - Jennifer - New! SHADOW WOMAN - Linda Howard - 1/2013 - Jane

Series RomanceALL GROWN UP - Janice Maynard - The Men of Wolff Mountain, Book 5 - 1/2013 - Patti - HD#2206
ALL OR NOTHING - Catherine Mann - The Alpha Brotherhood, Book 2 - 1/2013 - Patti - HD #2203
A CONFLICT OF INTEREST - Barbara Dunlop - Daughters of Power: The Capital, Book 1 - 1/2013 - Patti- HD#2204
IN HIS BROTHER'S PLACE - Elizabeth Lane - 1/2013 - Jennifer HD #2208- New! LYING IN BED - Jo Leigh - The Wrong Bed Series - 1/2013 - Patti - HB #730 - New! ONE MORE KISS - Katherine Garbera - 1/2013 -Patti- HB #732 - New!
SUNSET SURRENDER - Charlene Sands - Slades of Sunset Ranch, Book 1 - 1/2013 - Diana - New! TOMAS: COWBOY HOMECOMING - Linda Warren - Harts of the Rodeo, Book 6 - 12/2012 - Diana - HAR #1429
UNDENIABLE DEMANDS - Andrea Laurence - Secrets of Eden, Book 1 - 1/2013- Patti - HD #2207

SuspenseHOME BY DARK - Marta Perry - A Deer Run Suspense, Book 1 - 12/2012 - Diana - Amish - New! SLEEP NO MORE - Iris Johanson - 10/2012 - Diana

Romance Reviews Today

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New Book Giveaway

Decided to give away something different this week.....

If  you haven't lived under a rock, then I'm sure you've seen the promos for an upcoming movie called Safe Haven. It is scheduled to be released in theaters 2/14/13. The movie is based upon a book by Nicholas Sparks.

I'm giving away a copy of the book.

Blurb for Safe Haven:

When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet self-effacing, Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships: one with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his family.

But even as Katie begins to fall in love, she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her . . . a past that set her on a fearful, shattering journey across the country, to the sheltered oasis of Southport. With Jo's empathic and stubborn support, Katie eventually realizes that she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of riskier rewards . . . and that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.
Interested? How about other books becoming a movie? Tell us what book or book series should become a movie?
Post your answers and be entered in a chance to win a copy of Safe Haven.

Catherine Mann book winner.....

First off, my apologies if you emailed me and I didn't respond promptly. I've been really busy and this past week seems like it all hit the fan.... Anyway, if I haven't responded to you, please email me again.

Now, for the winner....

CherylC wins the Catherine Mann book! Cheryl, please email me at with your mailing info.

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Welcome to Day 5 of the To Trust a Thief treasure hunt!

Guest author Michelle McLean is here to share her new Entangled Scandalous release with us! TO TRUST A THIEF just came out, and it's like a Victorian Romancing the stone--which means treasure! Michelle is here spreading the treasure hunt far and wide. You can buy TO TRUST A THIEF here for your Nook or here for your Kindle for only $2.99. ---- First of all, I want to thank the Romance Reviews Today for hosting me today. I am thrilled to be here! To Trust a Thief is a tale in which a young woman in Victorian England must trust a master thief she intends to betray in order to find a legendary necklace that could save her fiancé and family. But in searching for the necklace, she may lose her heart. Since the story centers on the hunt for a treasure, I thought it would be fun to celebrate its release with a treasure hunt of my own :) The clue for Day 5 of the hunt focuses on Courtland Manor, the ancestral home of the Courtlands. It’s a grand old manor that, due to the reduced circumstances of the Courtland fortune, has been turned into a finishing school by my main character Min’s aunt, Lady Laura Courtland.  

Here’s the rundown – from Jan 21st to Feb 1st, you can join me in a treasure hunt for five fabulous prizes. I’ll be making the rounds on five wonderful blogs and will leave a clue at each one. The clue will give you a hint both as to what the prize is, and where you need to go on our To Trust a Thief treasure map to enter the giveaway for that day. You’ll also get a few snippets of the book and a chance for extra entries if you solve a special riddle. Follow these instructions and see if you can find the treasure! Step 1 – Here is your clue for Day 5: If you’ve enjoyed our hunt, you’ll love the book. And now you can read it on your very own Nook! Just go to the place where a Courtland might live, and enter to win the prize I will give!

Step 2 – CLICK HERE to go to the treasure map. Step 3 – Once there, click on the location on the map that matches the clue. Step 4 – Fill in the form to enter to win the prize and read a little snippet of the book just for fun! Step 5 – Be sure to visit the other blogs on our Treasure Hunt Tour for more chances to win other awesome prizes, especially the huge grand prize on day 5!! Each giveaway will run for a week, so you can go back and enter any that you missed.  

Here are the Treasure Hunt blog stops: Day 1 - Monday Jan 21st – My Blog Day 2 - Tuesday, January 22 -- Romance Junkies  Day 3 - Wednesday, January 23 -- Cocktails and Books Day 4 - Thursday, January 24 -- Romance Book Junkies Day 5 - Friday, January 25 -- Romance Reviews Today  Extra Entries Clue = There will be an opportunity for extra entries if you can figure out the riddle of the villainous Lord Rellik's name. The clue will be listed on the entry form, but I'll list it here as well to give you a little more thinking time. There is something sinister about Rellik’s name; figure it out, get extra points for the game. Here is a hint, if you are in doubt; try reading it backwards, it might help you out. Have fun hunting!! And good luck finding your treasures :)

About Michelle: Michelle McLean is the author of historical and paranormal novels, including TO TRUST A THIEF (Entangled Scandalous Jan 2013), a historical trilogy, BLOOD BLADE SISTERS (Entangled Scandalous 2013), and a zombie fairy tale retelling WISH UPON A STAR (Entangled Ever After Oct 2013). She is also the author of the educational non-fiction book HOMEWORK HELPERS: ESSAYS AND TERM PAPERS. Michelle has a B.S. in History, a M.A. in English, and tends to be a bit of an overly organized mess with an insatiable love of books and more weird quirks than you can shake a stick at. She is also a contributor on The Naked Hero, and the Operation Awesome, Scene 13, and Scandalous book blogs as well as maintaining her personal blog. If she's not editing, reading or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. Michelle resides in PA with her husband and two young children, an insanely hyper dog, and two very spoiled cats.

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A Perfect 10:

PERFECT FIT – Carly Phillips
A Perfect 10
Serendipity's Finest , Book 1
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-25971-9
January 2013
Contemporary Romance

Serendipity, New York – Present Day

Cop Michael Marsden left town years ago feeling like the odd man out in his own family. But with his adopted father's cancer scare and ongoing recovery, Mike's back as the temporary chief of police in Serendipity. Cara Hartley is one of the police officers at the station, and the two recently had a one night stand, but both are careful not to even bring it up because it was a momentary lapse that neither expects to happen again. Yet the more they're around each other, the harder it is to not think about the other. When an investigation into the source of marked money from years ago found in the police storage room brings more questions than answers, it is Mike and Cara who work together to resolve the case.

Cara understands Mike's reluctance to get involved with a woman, especially considering her own personal family drama. She's thrown herself into helping a safe house for abused women and considers that more important than anything except her job. As one of Serendipity's finest, she's proud of her status and is willing to work alongside Mike on a case despite the fact that her desire for him still lingers. But the closeness invites not only shared confidences, but a shared bed…

In Carly Phillips's PERFECT FIT, once again readers are brought back to the fictional small town of Serendipity where just about everyone knows everybody. Mike left town as soon as he reached adulthood, a man seemingly afraid to look back for fear he'd see the father who didn't want him. This despite the fact that he was raised in a loving home by his mother and his adoptive father. But family duty ended up coming first and he's returned, at least for now. The one night he had with Cara only barely satisfies the lust he has for her, yet to get involved with her could lead to a potential relationship and one he's spent most of his adult life avoiding. The case of the mysterious money that Mike and Cara are working on has serious ramifications—for the town, and personally for Mike. If the truth comes out, will it bring back into Mike's life the man who abandoned him…and hurt the only family he's ever known?

Sometimes Cara's doggedness in her job gets her in trouble, but she only wants to help the ones who need it and doesn't care that her life might be in danger. Cara rarely pays a visit to the wild side, but all that went out the door the night she spent with Mike. The chemistry between them sizzles and can't be contained. Against each other's better judgment, Mike and Cara are soon drifting into an affair—with the agreement that it's only temporary. But she is soon learning about Mike's inner secrets, even as he gets more insight into hers. Everyone in town knows that Cara is estranged from her parents and why, yet the depth of hurt isn't readily apparent.

Readers might remember Cara from KARMA, and now she gets her own story in PERFECT FIT. We also get caught up on the folks in Serendipity and a hint of who will star in their own books in the new Serendipity's Finest series. I can't wait! While PERFECT FIT can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend all the prior books in Ms. Phillips's Serendipity series. Go to to find the complete list.

What a fantastic read to start out 2013 and one that deserves RRT's Perfect 10 award. PERFECT FIT is a perfect mix of tension and romance that will have readers eagerly turning the page to see what happens next. With their rich history, Mike and Cara are admirable separately, but together they are irresistible. Before PERFECT FIT opens, the one night stand was in their past, yet Mike and Cara can't get the perfection of that night out of their heads. Mike makes it clear to Cara he isn't sticking around, but by the end of this tale, she's hoping he changes his mind. Will he?

For a perfect read that I highly recommend, grab a copy of PERFECT FIT to see why it rates as one of the best contemporary reads for January.

Patti Fischer

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Giveaway: ALL OR NOTHING by Catherine Mann

I recently reviewed this book and loved it, so bought an extra copy to giveaway!
Read my review:

ALL OR NOTHING – Catherine Mann
The Alpha Brotherhood , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2203
ISBN: 978-0-373-73216-6
January 2013
Series Romance

Monte Carlo, Monaco and West Africa – Present Day

It's been three years since Jayne Hughes walked away from her billionaire husband, Conrad Hughes, and she figures it's time they divorce. However, Conrad has been refusing to sign the divorce papers, so Jayne knows the only way to get his attention is to show up at his casino in Monte Carlo. She's barely plunked down her expensive engagement ring on the blackjack table when Conrad appears at her side and whisks her to his apartment. He makes it clear that he doesn't want a divorce, yet he won't tell Jayne the truth about why he was so secretive while they were together. In her book, nothing has changed between them.

Conrad can't tell Jayne the truth, that he works undercover for Interpol from time to time. By not revealing this to her, he is protecting her, especially as there are people out there who want to eliminate Conrad. Yet he can't just let Jayne walk away because he still cares for her and feels he can protect her by having her under his roof. But his secrets still create a wall between them. When his boss shows up just as Conrad and Jayne are about to make love (yeah, bad timing), she learns the truth—and that she has apparently now been targeted by the bad guys because she is Conrad's Achilles heel. There is only one thing for Conrad to do and that is to whisk Jayne off to his isolated African home, where they are safe from the outside world and very much alone…

The best way to describe Conrad Hughes is to imagine if James Bond was married and kept his secret life from his bride. As savvy as Conrad is in nabbing the bad guys, he has failed miserably in keeping Jayne happy. She wants answers, and he can't give them to her for risk of exposing his cover as the billionaire casino owner in Monte Carlo. As a teenager, Conrad was sent away to a military school where he connected with the principal who later recruited him and some of the other students for covert Interpol assignments. Conrad gets a thrill out of the activities, yet doesn't want to expose Jayne to any possible harm, something that could happen if he lets her know the truth. But that all comes apart when his own boss spills the beans. Now Conrad will do anything to protect her.

Jayne is a nurse and first met Conrad after he broke his ankle. A whirlwind courtship and elopement seemed like a fairytale for her, but soon she began to realize that Conrad wasn't telling her everything. Her own father cheated on her mother, so this was the first thing that came to mind when Conrad started hiding his activities. Jayne walked away and has built a new life as a hospice nurse. While she's not currently involved with anyone else, she wants to put Conrad behind so that she can finally move on. When she learns of the truth behind his secrets, she's both angry at his keeping the secret and scared that his life is constantly in danger. Their sudden trip to Africa reveals a new side of Conrad to Jayne, and it soon becomes impossible for her to ignore the passion that's still there between them. But can a rekindled love life help them get past the lack of trust?

A passionate read that will have readers eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next, ALL OR NOTHING is another exciting tale penned by the talented Catherine Mann. If you love sexy handsome superspies, then look no further than Conrad Hughes in ALL OR NOTHING. The question isn't whether Jayne will fall back in love with her husband, but whether they can make things work out. Find out for yourself.

Patti Fischer

Since Conrad in ALL OR NOTHING is much like James Bond, I got to thinking...what fictional character would you like to be paired with in your fantasy? It can be from a movie, book or television show...whatever, as long as your hero is fictional. 

Post your answers and be entered to win a copy of ALL OR NOTHING.

Spotlight Review:

A Regency Rogues Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-53115-5
January 2013
Regency Romance

England – 1813

Lady Sophia Afton had a happy childhood growing up in a loving family, having the company of young friends to share life with. And knowing that since birth she has been more or less betrothed to Langdon, eldest son of the Earl of Stonecliffe, Sophia felt safe and much loved. Until the day her beloved mother was murdered in their home during a party at their country estate. From then on Sophia has centered her life on discovering who the murderer was by studying criminal issues and allying herself with the Bow Street Runners.

Being born a second son and knowing that your older brother is going to someday wed the woman you love, Nicholas Bourne has chosen to be a rogue of the realm. Langdon, now the earl, still believes he'll marry Sophia, their lifelong friend, and Nicholas can only react with silent frustration by being everything his brother isn't. That is, until he discovers that Sophia is endangering her life by pursuing the killer of her mother. He knows that Langdon is completely unaware of Sophia's plans.

Much to Sophia's surprise, she is allied with Nicholas, the scoundrel, to find the mysterious Bishop who either was the murderer or knew the murderer. Sophia is also well aware that her feelings for Nicholas are, and always have been, much stronger than those she feels for Langdon. She's long avoided the topic of marriage with the earl, but knows that sooner or later she will have to make a decision. Working this closely with Nicholas has churned up her emotions in more ways than one. Determined to find her mother's killer, she's equally determined not to succumb to Nicholas's roguish charm.

Danger and mystery are around every corner as Sophia and Nicholas team up—he more to protect Sophia than anything else. Several secondary characters are vital parts of this search, including young Mouse, a street urchin rescued by Nicholas, and Singh, Nicholas's self-proclaimed assistant. Just who is the deadly man known as the Bishop? And why kill an innocent woman in her own home? Can Sophia be next on the list?

THE SCOUNDREL TAKES A BRIDE is non-stop adventure and romance as Sophia and Nicholas learn much more about each other, and about the sometimes dangerous world around them.

Jani Brooks

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winner is....

Poster #1 -- JANE -- wins the copy of The Trouble with Valentine's Day!

Congrats! Please email me at to claim your book.

A Perfect 10:

AFTERSHOCK – Jill Sorenson
A Perfect 10
Harlequin's HQN
ISBN: 978-0373777327
January 2013
Romantic Suspense

San Diego, California – Present Day

Lauren, an EMT nurse, is riding in an ambulance with her friend Joe when an earthquake hits San Diego. Everything begins to shake, the road crumbles, concrete falls, and cars are falling over the overpass to the underpass below. Just when she and Joe begin to feel safe, an aftershock occurs, and more concrete falls on the ambulance instantly killing Joe. Lauren is stunned, but she makes her way out of the ambulance, grabbing some medical supplies intent on helping others. A man, Garrett, an Iraq veteran, makes his way to her to also help the wounded. They rescue a pregnant teenager and find a man and his granddaughter in a mobile home. They try to gather the wounded, and Lauren helps as well as she can. They are unable to get out of the cavern created on the underpass by the crushed cars and fallen cement. Their cell phones don't work so cannot call for help.

Lauren and Garrett come across three men—one is wounded, and the other two are drinking beer with no concern for the dead or injured. One of the men leers at Lauren and later is intent on attacking her—she is glad to have the protection of Garrett. Garrett comes across a prison van and knows the men have escaped captivity. The men gather some weapons to protect the women.

Lauren and Garrett are attracted to each other, but first and foremost focus on helping all of the victims of this terrifying and electrifying tale. Garrett is hiding some secrets from his past and tries to keep his distance from Lauren, but their attraction is too strong. Although Owen, one of the prisoners, joins Lauren and Garrett, the other two prisoners are violent wanting to steal food and trying to harm the others.

AFTERSHOCK is exciting, filled with suspense, and action packed. Lauren and Garrett are wonderful characters perfect for each other; both are strong and resourceful. Readers can expect a fast moving sizzling romance, thrilling and violent, along with the frightening shaking and falling concrete. A secondary romance is also enjoyable. All the secondary characters add to AFTERSHOCK, both good guys and bad guys. It is a well-paced story that will keep readers quickly turning the pages. You can expect a riveting tale that you won't want to put down, deserving of a Perfect 10. Look for Ms. Sorenson's next book, FREEFALL, in June.

Marilyn Heyman

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Perfect 10:

MERCILESS - Lori Armstrong
A Perfect 10
Mercy Gunderson Mysteries, Book 3
Simon & Schuster's Touchstone
ISBN-13: 978-1-4516-2536-3
January 2013

South Dakota - The Present

Fresh from training at Quantico, Mercy Gunderson is teamed with FBI Special Agent Shay Turnbull. He is her guide and mentor while she fits into ICSCU, Indian Country Special Crimes Unit. At thirty-nine, Mercy is over the entry limits for FBI agents, but as a retired twenty-year vet, her military experience and Indian heritage secured her the job. So far she has been stuck doing paperwork at the Rapid City office, but she is currently with the other agents sitting, bored, through a long lecture on rioting given by their boss. She hasn't seen any action yet, but that is about to change. There has been a murder on the Eagle River Reservation.

Mercy has an hour's drive to and from work to the ranch her dad left her. Her younger sister, Hope, and her husband, Jake, the ranch foreman, live in a trailer on the property. Mercy shares the ranch house and her bedroom with Sheriff Mason Dawson. She soon learns Dawson wants his son, Lex, to come live with them.

When two more murders take place, and to people Mercy knows, the finger is pointed at someone Mercy believes innocent. Both the reservation police and the FBI seem to give up on the case. Mercy continues her investigation and learns she might be searching for a serial killer, and discovers she might be the next target.

Mercy is a hard character to understand, and it took about three chapters before I warmed up to her, but after that she became captivating, almost charismatic, with her dual personality of tough lady and vulnerable woman. The presence of two heroes subtly, but aptly shows this. They are not the novel's focus, but their different styles are obvious and appeal to each of her different sides. Both are law enforcers and strong-minded men. Mercy has a feminine side shown only to a trusted few, and she loves her guns only a little less than she loves Dawson. What she keeps caged is her dark inner core, which when combined with her deadly skills, makes her capable of being as hard as stone and doing whatever it takes to survive. Her often antagonistic job relationship with Shay adds an interesting awareness, but Mercy's gut and attitude always lead her down her own path.

The mystery is intricate and unwinds with many divergent threads and suspects and ends in a satisfyingly horrific fashion. The secondary characters are rich in personality quirks, and the depiction of the South Dakota setting is vivid and an unusual location for a mystery novel. All of these add up to make MERCILESS a Perfect 10.

Robin Lee

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Giveaway:

How about a fun, older contemporary?

Here it is:


A few years ago I reviewed it and raved about the book.  Now's it been re-released and I have a copy of it. Here is my review of the original book:

ISBN: 978-0-06-000926-8 – Reprint
ISBN: 978-0-06-220564-3 – eBook
January 2013
Romantic Comedy

Gospel, Idaho ~ Present Day

What's New Pussycat?...

Valentine's Day. A day for romance, intimate dinners, and a box of chocolates given to the one you currently fancy. What if you don't have a guy or gal in your life? Why not pick up a stranger in a bar? You show him yours and he'll show you his, with a hot night of passion the reward. What if you are turned down flat? Ouch! Now you're alone and that's the trouble with Valentine's Day.

Green, Green Grass of Home...

Kate Hamilton has returned to Gospel to help out her widower grandfather, Stanley Caldwell, at his grocery store. She's been a private investigator in Las Vegas, but after a client turned out to be a murderer, she's taking a leave of absence. Okay, the social scene is not as hot in Idaho as Vegas, but she tries to rectify that by picking up a handsome stranger in a local bar, only to have him humiliate her by rejecting her advances. Kate hopes to forget it by going about her daily business in this eccentric small town and being surrounded by her late Grandmother's Tom Jones memorabilia. Her grandfather needs to put away the Tom Jones lamp, and he needs to play something other than Tom Jones music in the store. Kate will work on that, and forget her past woes. Then, one day, in walks the man from the bar...

It's Not Unusual...

It's not that former hockey player turned sporting goods shop owner Rob Sutter wasn't interested in Kate that night, but he had a bad experience with a one night stand a couple of years ago, and it scarred him. Rob figures he'll never see her again, but lo and behold, there she is, standing in Stanley's grocery store, glaring at him. Okay, Kate hates him and he intends to steer clear of her, but why can't he forget her anyway? It doesn't help that they keep running into each other in the small town and that their businesses are close to one another, nor that their families keep pushing them together.

She's A Lady...

Kate and Rob get off to a rocky start and spend the first part of THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY circling each other like Indians surrounding a wagon train. Rob soon discovers that Kate doesn't normally try to pick up strange men in bars, and her independent streak intrigues him. But she hasn't forgiven him for the kiss-off he gave her and thinks he's just a brainless former jock. The sexual sparks between the two are obvious, and readers know that soon they'll be kissing and doing a lot more. Their lively banter and sexual innuendo, interwoven with the quirkiness surrounding them in Gospel, make THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY a must read.

Without Love (There is Nothing)...

The townsfolk of Gospel are unique and funny. From poem readings at the Grange to their resistance to Kate's changes at the grocery store, the people of Gospel will have you smiling. There is also Kate's grandfather, Stanley, who's still grieving for his late wife, Melba, a Tom Jones fanatic. He can't bear to put away the Tom Jones memorabilia, but after a few extra looks at Rob's mother, Grace, he's rethinking his future. Their romance is an enjoyable secondary story in THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY.

Love Me Tonight...

Rachel Gibson is noted for her creatively funny stories, and THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY is no exception. Ms. Gibson combines a character from her previous book, SEE JANE SCORE, which featured hockey players with a return to Gospel, a favorite off-beat town located in the center of Idaho. I loved Kate and Rob. They have their reasons for being in Gospel and aren't looking for love, but they soon find it in aisle five of the grocery store. (Okay, so that is where the condoms are, but that is one of the nice things of doing it in a store.) Will this be true love, and will Rob and Kate soon be hanging up their coats on the same rack?


I laughed out loud at the antics of Kate and Rob and everyone in Gospel. I was sorry to see THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY end, and hope Ms. Gibson brings us another captivating tale set in Gospel. THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY is charming, sexy, and loads of fun to read. From the rocky beginning on Valentine's Day, to Easter and beyond, the love blooming between Kate and Rob will capture your attention, and you won't want to put down THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY. Don't miss this highly entertaining tale that I guarantee will be another bestseller for talented Rachel Gibson! (Editor's note: The original edition of this title was given one of RRT's rare Perfect 10s, though these aren't awarded to reprints...but it's the same good book.)

Patti Fischer

So, if you're interested in this book..........I'll pick one winner next week. However, to enter you must tell us what your plans are for Valentine's Day..... :)

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January Reviews posted!

Happy New Year!

We have a slew of new reviews for your reading enjoyment. 

Check out the January Contest and send your entry in by January 31 for a chance to win!

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Check out the Chat Schedule and see who Mo has lined up for chats this month.

Perfect 10's in this issue: Perfect Fit by Carly Phillips, Merciless by Lori Armstrong and Aftershock by Jill Sorenson!

          January 2013 Reviews

Contemporary Romance
A HOMETOWN BOY- Janice Kay Johnson - 1/2013 - Marilyn
PERFECT FIT - Carly Phillips - Serendipity's Finest, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - 1/2013- Patti
SEA GLASS WINTER - JoAnn Ross - A Shelter Bay Novel, Book 5 - 1/2013 - Jane
THE OTHER SIDE OF US - Sarah Mayberry -1/2013 - Marilyn - HSR #1824
TRUE LOVE AT SILVER CREEK RANCH - Emma Cane - A Valentine Valley Novel - 1/2013 - Patti

Fantasy Romance
LAST KISS GOODNIGHT - Gena Showalter - Otherwold Assassins, Book 1 - Jennifer

Historical Fiction
THE GARDEN INTRIGUE - Lauren Willg - The Pink Carnation Series, Book 9 - 1/2013- Jani

Historical Romance
THE HUSBAND LIST - Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly - 1/2013 - Jani
THE LADY MOST WILLING - Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie Brockway - 1/2013 - Jane
NEVER LOVE A LORD - Heather Grotheus - Foxe Sisters, Book 3 - 1/2013 - Marilyn
TOO DANGEROUS TO DESIRE - Cara Elliot - Lords of MIdnight, Book 3 - 11/2012 - Amanda

Inspirational Fiction
AN AMISH GIFT - Cynthia Keller - 11/2012 - Diana
MERCILESS - Lori Armstrong - Mercy Gunderson Mysteries, Book 3 - A Perfect -10 - 1/2013 - Robin

THE WOMEN OF THE COUSINS' WAR - Phillippa Gregory, David Baldwin, Michael Jones - 1/2013 - Jani - Historical
Paranormal Romance
A SOUL SO WICKED - Sharie Kohler - The Moon Chasers series, Book 7 - 1/2013- Carolyn
DEMON'S CURSE - Alexa Egan - The Imnada Brotherhood, Book 1 - 1/2013 - Jane - Historical
DREAM EYES - Jayne Ann Krentz - A Dark Legacy Novel, Book 2 - 1/2013 - Jennifer
DRIVE ME WILD - Christine Warren - The Others, Book 14 - 12/2012 -Amanda

Regency Romance
MISS WHITTIER MAKES A LIST - Carla Kelly -1/2013 - Jane
THE SCOUNDREL TAKES A BRIDE - Stefanie Sloane - A Regency Rebels Novel - 1/2013 - Jane

Romantic Comedy
THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY - Rachel Gibson - 1/2013- Patti

Romantic Suspense
AFTERSHOCK - Jill Sorenson - A Perfect 10 - 1/2013- Marilyn
DEADLY SIGHT - Cindy Dees - Code X - 1/2013- Marilyn
LIVE AND LET LOVE - Gina Robinson - An Agent Ex Novel, Book 3 - 1/2013 - Patti
SHADOW WOMAN - Linda Howard - 1/2013 - Jane

Series Romance
ALL GROWN UP - Janice Maynard - The Men of Wolff Mountain, Book 5 - 1/2013 - Patti - HD#2206
ALL OR NOTHING - Catherine Mann - The Alpha Brotherhood, Book 2 - 1/2013 - Patti - HD #2203
A CONFLICT OF INTEREST - Barbara Dunlop - Daughters of Power: The Capital, Book 1 - 1/2013 - Patti- HD#2204
TOMAS: COWBOY HOMECOMING - Linda Warren - Harts of the Rodeo, Book 6 - 12/2012 - Diana - HAR #1429
UNDENIABLE DEMANDS - Andrea Laurence - Secrets of Eden, Book 1 - 1/2013- Patti - HD #2207

SLEEP NO MORE - Iris Johanson - 10/2012 - Diana

Happy Reading!
Romance Reviews Today

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Chat Wed night with.... J. Kenner!

Author J. Kenner joins Mo and the gang to chat about her latest book RELEASE ME.

Visit the author's website to learn more:

Chat will Wednesday January 16th starting at 9:00PM Eastern Time in Mo's Book Buzz chat room at RRT.

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No registration required or password.

Door prize is $20 gift cards to two winner! Choice of Amazon, BN or iTunes.

Be sure to join us for a fun chat!

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Q & A with Donna Cummings!

1.  Tell us about your newest release.

I Do. . .or Die is a sexy romantic comedy/mystery, about Shelby, a commitment-phobe bridesmaid, who's had colds last longer than her relationships. She manages to find the love of her life after things go wrong at the latest wedding she's in.

2.  Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story? 

This question took me the longest to answer! I kept changing my mind. (Plus I didn't want the other scenes to get jealous.) One of my favorites is when the hero and heroine are in an elevator, giving into the feelings they just said they weren't going to give into. They tried to resist. Boy did they try. But it was just too much for them, and I was happy to help them give up their resolve.  
3.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I've always been fascinated by books and stories, and when I was a kid we made up our own tales and put them on as plays for the neighborhood. We even sold tickets, and then bought candy to sell during the play. Clearly the entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age! So I've always thought of myself as a writer. I just had to start writing down all of those stories swirling through my brain.

 Click link:

4. How long have you been writing?

I started writing 20 years ago, but then took a 10-year hiatus, to pursue other creative endeavors. But I started back up about five years ago and haven't stopped since.

5. Do you have an interesting writing quirk or habit?

Interesting? Hmm. I have a cantankerous muse, named Endora. She's addicted to coffee like I am. Only I'm much nicer and easier to get along with. (She isn't standing behind me right now, is she?)

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned as a published author?

How fun it is to hear from readers. I mean, I'd always thought about how great it would be, but it's definitely one time where reality beats fantasy! I love when I can make people laugh out loud through my characters, and I'm thrilled that readers have taken a chance on a new-to-them author. It's really great to get emails from readers, and see their comments on Goodreads and other sites.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I think everyone has influenced me -- other writers I've read and admired, as well as writers who have shared their knowledge and expertise so generously. There is such an amazing online support system amongst writers, especially romance writers, and it's fun to be part of it.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My mother would have loved it. She was a big reader, and we were always going to the library, which was my definition of heaven. My other family members aren't big readers, but they're happy that I'm happy. Plus now they understand why I'm always staring out the window -- I'm plotting!

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I spend so much of my time writing or thinking about writing, there doesn't seem to be much room for anything else. It's easier to list what I'm not interested in (i.e., cooking, cleaning, being a responsible adult). I do enjoy rubber stamping, and I create a lot of handmade cards, although not very many of them get sent out lately. I'm hoping to be better about that this year.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

It's a fun project, a series from Samhain called Strangers on a Train, and it includes novellas from five authors: Ruthie Knox, Meg Maguire, Samantha Hunter, Serena Bell, and me. Each story is set on a different train, with a different couple falling in love. It started when someone posted a picture on Twitter of a hot guy on a train, and we started chatting about it, and next thing you know, we had a series. My story, Back on Track, is a romantic comedy set on the Napa Wine Train, with a baseball pitcher trying to stay incognito, and a determined heroine trying to get him to pose for her celebrity beefcake calendar.  The books will be out on April 2nd.

11. How can readers connect with you online?