Guest Blog: It’s Game On in Rhapsody by Sharon Clare

I want to thank Romance Reviews for welcoming me to their blog once again, this time to talk about my newest release, Rhapsody, a paranormal romance. 

Rhapsody was a fun story to write. It will be the first in a series of novellas related to game playing since Finn, the immortal antagonist, loves to play games with humans. Rhapsody, the game of Finn’s choice, is a board game designed to bring the hero and heroine together. It’s not your average board game, but one with magical elements that take the players by surprise. 

The heroine Isabelle plans to escape the real world when she takes a tropical vacation. But escape becomes too real when Paradise Resort disappears. To win her freedom, she must break an oath and out-play her opponent in a game of seduction. Her self-control is resolute until her traitorous body decides this is a game she wants to play.

Jonathan’s needs are simple: break down Isabelle’s resistance, win the game, and get back to the real world where an emergency waits. Desire grows between them as each roll of the die reveals secrets, truths and skin, until Jonathan is forced to confront his worse fear or forfeit Isabelle to the dark mastermind of the game.

Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite scenes in the story, a scene where Isabelle begins to enjoy the game and finds her inner vixen with some role play. Since this is a step outside Isabelle’s norm, it was fun to get inside her head. 

This short excerpt is in Isabelle’s point of view:

No surprise Jonathan had great contours even in the shadows of a slivered moon. Isabelle stood behind him wishing for both disinterest and daylight. “I think it’s best I give you a thorough look-over to keep your mind off that teeth cleaning.”

“I’m beginning to suspect you may have a talent for dentistry.”

That gave her an idea. She’d once heard a radio show on how role play could enhance the sexual experience.

“Not dentistry, Mr. Raynor. We practice an innovative branch of health care here at my beach clinic.”

She kneaded his bum cheeks while she talked. His firm male flesh warmed under the boxers. From the warmth building between her thighs, it appeared they were both generating heat. “I should tell you all good patients receive a reward. So let’s get started with your treatment, shall we. Lie face down on the blanket there, please.”

He glanced over his shoulder, skepticism glinted in the tilt of his eyes. “Do you have the proper credentials, Dr. Isabelle? I don’t recall seeing a diploma in your office.”

“You should have looked closer. It hangs right beside the rave testimonials from my many satisfied patients.”

“Ah, that I don’t doubt.”

She returned his smile. “Now, if you expect to get your free therapeutic massage oil, you’ll lie down like a good patient, so I can examine your sexy butt and explain the merits of our unique oral care program.”

If you’d like to read more Rhapsody, you can find details here:

Thank you for reading today. Since Rhapsody takes place during a tropical vacation, I’d love to offer one commenter a small travel gift. Please leave your email address and share a vacation destination you’d love to visit!

Sharon Clare 

Author bio:

Sharon Clare lives in Ontario with her husband and three wonderful grown-up kids who come and go from the nest. She fell in love with writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a science degree in psychology and professional writing. She writes paranormal romance and has published short stories, art reviews, newsletter and magazine articles. Her favourite place to write is outside under the maple trees beside the lily pond.


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Gloria Richard said…
When I read your bio, Sharon, a thought popped into my noggin. You say you fell in love with writing.

My thought? Writing fell in love with you, too. I am so ANXIOUS to get my laptop fixed so I can download RHAPSODY. LOVE OF HER LIVES gave me Sharon Clare fever.

Ah! Vacation destinations. Mine won't like toast your marshmallows given your current winter situation, but...

I want to vacation again in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania (aka The Tap Root of my Wonky Tree), then take a jaunt to Toronto to see you and Sherry.

Spring? Hope you're ready for me, because I am SO ready for you. I have the traveling bug again.
Sharon Clare said…
Yay! So excited to hear you'll be coming this way, Gloria. I would love to spend more time with you.

There's something about rolling hills that speak to my soul. Pennsylvania is such a pretty place. I'm glad you have your Wonky Tree to revisit!
Sherry Isaac said…
A tasty morsel, Sharon. So glad I have Rhapsody on my Kindle already (yes, I pre-ordered! Woot!). I can satisfy the hunger for more post haste.
Sharon Clare said…
You're so sweet, Sherry! Thanks for pre-ordering. I'm going to get my Kobo out any minute now and snuggle under a blanket by the window where major snow has fallen.
Hi, Sharon! Just popped by to wish you the best of luck on your latest release. Such an intriguing idea! Enjoyed your excerpt.

Travel- we're currently planning a trip to Florida to visit with my husband's father and his wife. The beach houses look so inviting, I can hardly wait!

But if I could go anywhere, I'd love to return to Ireland and explore there. Such beautiful scenery, and the people are warm and wonderful!
Unknown said…
I ordered Rhapsody on my Kindle the other day, Sharon! Can't wait to read it!
LSUReader said…
Thanks for the post, Sharon. Hubby and I would like to travel to several destinations: Ireland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hawaii, and an Alaskan cruise.
bn100 said…
Fun excerpt. I'd like to visit Australia.

Sharon Clare said…
Thanks for visiting, M.J.! Many Canadians escape winter in Florida. I've been a few times and love the sunsets on the beach. I've never been to Ireland, but it's on my dream vacation list. Oh, those hills and the lush countryside, not to mention castles. Would be a fabulous place for a writing retreat!
Sharon Clare said…
Thanks so kindly, Deb! Wouldn't it be nice to read a few books on the beach!
Sharon Clare said…
Thanks kindly for visiting LSUReader. I've been to Germany and Hawaii, but would love to visit your other vacation choices too. My daughter visited Italy last spring and her pictures and stories made me itch to visit!
Sharon Clare said…
Thanks for stopping by, bn100. I'd love to visit Australia as well and see New Zealand while I was so far from from. Fingers crossed. One day!
Jane said…
Congrats on the new release, Sharon. I would love to visit Egypt and its archaeological sites someday.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com
Sharon Clare said…
Oh, me too, Jane. That's another place steeped in history I'd love to see. Some day!
Liv Rancourt said…
Oral care program? Hmm...that's beyond intriguing...
Best of luck with the release.
Sharon Clare said…
Thanks, Liv. It is fun to play with words!
Sharon Clare said…
I'm happy to announce that M.J. Schiller won the travel gift. Thank you for commenting, M.J.!
Maureen said…
I would love to go to Hawaii.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com
Sharon Clare said…
Thanks for stopping by, Maureen. I visited Oahu with my parents when I was 13. I'd love to see more of undeveloped Hawaii!

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