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We'll be having a special chat Dec 31st (Monday night) starting at 10:00PM Eastern Time in the chat room at Romance Reviews Today. It's time to party and celebrate ringing in the NEW YEAR!!!

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Book Giveaway:



He’s the only man she’s ever loved…

For ages it seems advice columnist Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly, editor-owner of The London Weekly from a distance. Determined to finally attract her employer’s attention, she seeks advice from her loyal readers—who offer Annabelle myriad suggestions…from lower-cut bodices (success!) and sultry gazes (disaster!) to a surprise midnight rendezvous (wicked!).

She’s the only woman he’s never noticed…

Derek never really took note of his shy, wallflower lady writer. But suddenly she’s exquisite…and he can’t get Annabelle out of his mind! She must be pursuing someone, but who? For some inexplicable reason, the thought of her with another man makes Knightly insanely jealous.
Will Dear Annabelle find her happy ending?
But Knightly’s scandalous periodical has been targeted for destruction by a vengeful Lord Marsden, and the beleaguered editor now faces a devastating choice: either marry Marsden’s sister to save his beloved newspaper…or follow his heart and wed his Writing Girl.


Learn more by clicking here (takes you to the author's website).

Okay, here is the question for  you.... What books are you planning to buy for 2013?
Hey, at least for now. :)

Post your responses and be entered to win a copy of this book. One entry per person.

Spotlight Review:

FATED – Carly Phillips
Serendipity Series
Berkley – Digital Release Only
ASIN: B00938UJQU – Kindle Edition
December 2012
Contemporary Romance Novella

Serendipity, New York – Present Day

Kate Andrews has been asked out several times by Nick Mancini, but each time she’s turned him down because everyone in town knows that he’s not over Faith, her best friend. Kate has no intention of being Nick’s rebound woman, even though she has been in love with him for a long time. But Nick is persistent…

Nick was crushed when Faith spurned him, but he’s gotten over it. Since then, he can’t help but notice Kate, yet she continues to rebuff him. How can he convince Kate that he’s ready to move on…with her?

One initially can’t blame Kate for being leery of getting involved with Nick on the rebound. The months have come and gone, with Nick asking her out from time to time. To their friends it’s evident this couple has chemistry that is off the charts, but Kate has trust issues, and Nick wasn’t sure at first that he was up to getting involved with another woman. Yet the more he gets frustrated by Kate’s rejections, the more he is determined. With a little help from Faith, he finally hopes to get a chance to be alone with Kate and prove that she’s the one he wants. Will he succeed?

It’s a return to Serendipity for readers in FATED. Nick had famously been rejected by Faith for the man who is now her husband (SERENDIPITY released Sept 2011), and months later, he realizes it is Kate he’s now attracted to. While a short story, FATED still sizzles with the very much apparent chemistry between Nick and Kate. But how can he convince her to take him seriously when she won’t even be alone in the same room with him?

FATED leads into the next set of the Serendipity series from Carly Phillips, with PERFECT FIT out within the next month. FATED is a taste of what readers can expect, and it’s a delectable treat I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer

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A couple of WINNERS!

Jane wins from Samantha Hunter

and Martha Lawson wins from Kat Martin


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Guest Blog: It’s Game On in Rhapsody by Sharon Clare

I want to thank Romance Reviews for welcoming me to their blog once again, this time to talk about my newest release, Rhapsody, a paranormal romance. 

Rhapsody was a fun story to write. It will be the first in a series of novellas related to game playing since Finn, the immortal antagonist, loves to play games with humans. Rhapsody, the game of Finn’s choice, is a board game designed to bring the hero and heroine together. It’s not your average board game, but one with magical elements that take the players by surprise. 

The heroine Isabelle plans to escape the real world when she takes a tropical vacation. But escape becomes too real when Paradise Resort disappears. To win her freedom, she must break an oath and out-play her opponent in a game of seduction. Her self-control is resolute until her traitorous body decides this is a game she wants to play.

Jonathan’s needs are simple: break down Isabelle’s resistance, win the game, and get back to the real world where an emergency waits. Desire grows between them as each roll of the die reveals secrets, truths and skin, until Jonathan is forced to confront his worse fear or forfeit Isabelle to the dark mastermind of the game.

Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite scenes in the story, a scene where Isabelle begins to enjoy the game and finds her inner vixen with some role play. Since this is a step outside Isabelle’s norm, it was fun to get inside her head. 

This short excerpt is in Isabelle’s point of view:

No surprise Jonathan had great contours even in the shadows of a slivered moon. Isabelle stood behind him wishing for both disinterest and daylight. “I think it’s best I give you a thorough look-over to keep your mind off that teeth cleaning.”

“I’m beginning to suspect you may have a talent for dentistry.”

That gave her an idea. She’d once heard a radio show on how role play could enhance the sexual experience.

“Not dentistry, Mr. Raynor. We practice an innovative branch of health care here at my beach clinic.”

She kneaded his bum cheeks while she talked. His firm male flesh warmed under the boxers. From the warmth building between her thighs, it appeared they were both generating heat. “I should tell you all good patients receive a reward. So let’s get started with your treatment, shall we. Lie face down on the blanket there, please.”

He glanced over his shoulder, skepticism glinted in the tilt of his eyes. “Do you have the proper credentials, Dr. Isabelle? I don’t recall seeing a diploma in your office.”

“You should have looked closer. It hangs right beside the rave testimonials from my many satisfied patients.”

“Ah, that I don’t doubt.”

She returned his smile. “Now, if you expect to get your free therapeutic massage oil, you’ll lie down like a good patient, so I can examine your sexy butt and explain the merits of our unique oral care program.”

If you’d like to read more Rhapsody, you can find details here:

Thank you for reading today. Since Rhapsody takes place during a tropical vacation, I’d love to offer one commenter a small travel gift. Please leave your email address and share a vacation destination you’d love to visit!

Sharon Clare 

Author bio:

Sharon Clare lives in Ontario with her husband and three wonderful grown-up kids who come and go from the nest. She fell in love with writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a science degree in psychology and professional writing. She writes paranormal romance and has published short stories, art reviews, newsletter and magazine articles. Her favourite place to write is outside under the maple trees beside the lily pond.


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Chat Wednesday night with.... Cathy Maxwell!!

New York Times Bestselling Author of Historical Romance, Cathy Maxwell joins us to discuss her new book, THE SCOTTISH WITCH. 
Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of THE SCOTTISH WITCH! 
Moderated by Sandi.
When? Wed night at 9:00 PM Eastern time
Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu.
Hope to see you there!

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What were Your Best Reads of 2012?

Christmas by Thomas Kinkade

It's that time of the year when we think about what we've read in the past twelve months. No doubt you have read some good and bad books, as well as wallbangers, but how about the best that you've read?

Tell us about what you read in 2012 that stood out for you.

To help you along, I'm throwing in a $25 egiftcard to either Amazon or Barnes&Noble. You can post as often as you want, but you only get entered once.

I'm also giving you a few days to think about it because the winner won't be drawn until January 1st. Gives you time to read more great books. :)

Good luck and start telling us your best!


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Guest Blogger: Kat Martin on...Two Peas in a Pod (or finding the right match)

Note: Kat is giving away an autographed copy of Against the Odds. Please post a comment to be entered. 

When I come up with a story idea, one of the most import things to do and sometimes the hardest is to find the right romantic match for the hero or heroine.  It was easier in AGAINST THE ODDS because I got to meet Alex and Sabrina in Against the Sun, where they showed up as friends of Jake Cantrell and Sage Dumont.  

I liked both characters right away, but it wasn’t until SUN was well underway that I realized Sabrina and Alex just had to have their own story.  They were both larger than life people and their attraction to each other sizzled through the pages.

As AGAINST THE ODDS begins, Sabrina receives an inheritance from her uncle--an abandoned silver mine in the West Texas desert.  Running out of money, Rina is determined to find the mine and make it productive, even if it means putting up with the cocky jet jockey she is determined to dislike but finds ridiculously attractive. 

G.Q. handsome and obscenely wealthy, Alex is a private investigator and an ex-Navy pilot.  Alex is just the man Rina needs to fly her safely into the desert in search of her late uncle’s property.  I knew the characters, but I struggled with the story.  Even half way through, I was still finding my way, trying to figure out who the real bad guy was.

The best part was the story gave me a chance to get to know Ben Slocum (Ben’s the hero in Against the Edge), another character I fell in love with as I was writing Against the Sun.

I hope you’ll watch for Alex and Sabrina in AGAINST THE ODDS.  It’s a sexy tale of survival, murder, betrayal, and intrigue that kept me writing far longer than I should have been.  The book is out December 18th, just in time for Christmas shopping.  

So how did you find your perfect match and are the two of you still together? 

Have a wonderful holiday, Kat

There's silver out there: Sabrina Eckhart is sure of it. And when she finds the hidden mine on that big piece of West Texas desert, all of her financial problems are solved. That is, if she can find it. The man with the skills she needs is private investigator Alex Justice─a former navy fighter pilot and a current pain in the neck.
When mysterious "accidents" start to plague their search, it seems Rina's multi-acre inheritance might be more of a curse than a blessing. And yet, there's still something sensual about the heat...his arrogance...her stubbornness...being thrust into each other's arms by danger...But the vultures are circling, and if they don't watch their backs, the relentless desert sun could be the last thing they ever see.
Paragraph from author about the book:
The book was interesting to write, a different kind of story that deals with survival in the harsh, inhospitable desert, family betrayal, and long-buried secrets. The characters had to overcome stereotypes and learn to trust and love.Alex and Rina are two of my favorite characters, so different on the surface, yet oddly suited. Though it takes a life-and-death struggle before they begin to see the truth.

Purchase Links:

Other Links:
Reader to Reader Review


LONG EXCERPT (1536 words)

Rina’s adrenaline was pumping.  The thrill of being so high in an open-air helicopter was a rush unlike anything she had ever felt before.  Add to that, flying with Alex Justice, watching his long-fingered hands work the controls, seeing the capable way he handled the machine, made her heart rate soar even higher.  There was something about a man taking charge, a man who was good at what he did, that turned her on.
Not that she would ever admit it.

Alex wasn’t her type and she wasn’t his and both of them knew it.  Still, she wasn’t dead and Alex was definitely eye candy and more.

She forced herself to concentrate on the search they were making.  They’d been flying for more than an hour, had located the property but not the mine itself--assuming there was one.  There’d been nothing in the will to indicate its location or anything about it.  Just the legal description of the land itself, three-thousand acres, five-square miles, of what appeared to be dirt, rocks, and cactus.

Her gaze followed the contours of the property.  Ravines scarred the landscape, and ridges of granite rose out of the sloping desert floor.  Chaparral, mesquite, and scrub brush dotted endless stretches of rocks and sand.  

“Not much out there,” Alex said above the whip, whip, whip of the rotors.

“We haven’t covered that much area yet.  Maybe we’ll find something that marks the mine.”

“If there is one,” Alex said, reminding her there might not be anything more than exactly what they were seeing--miles and miles of vast, empty desert.

The hours began to blur together.  Once they had reached the property location, Alex had begun searching in a grid pattern to cover as much of the area as possible.  The temperature was rising, the heat building inside the chopper, the afternoon slipping away.  Rina yawned and rubbed her eyes, which felt gritty from the wind and heat.

An odd noise caught her attention.  The whop, whop, whop had been so regular she’d been trying not to fall asleep.  This sound was different, a kind of grinding that had her gaze shooting to Alex, who features suddenly looked grim.

Sabrina’s heart stalled and a few seconds later, so did the engine.

“Alex, what’s happening?” 

Alex heard the fear in Sabrina’s voice.  There wasn’t time to answer.  Instead, his years of training and experience kicked in and he did what he had been trained to do--slamming the collective down to neutral, taking the pitch out of the blade.  The chopper fell like a stone. 

“Oh, my God!”  Sabrina’s voice rose even higher as she realized they were in trouble.

The blades were flat now, the wind whistling up between them, making them spin even faster than the engine, which had gone deadly silent. 

“Just hold on!” he shouted.  “We’ll auto-rotate down!  We’ll be fine!”  He’d done it dozens of times, knew without thinking exactly how to make it happen.  As the inertia built, he began to search the ground for a place to land, but something didn’t feel right, something was altering their approach while they were still too high to make a safe landing.

It was the blades, he realized.  Instead of moving at the speed they should have, they were sticking and slowing, jerking instead of spinning smoothly.  They were going to hit the ground hard.  Way too hard.
At the last minute, he flared the chopper, hoping to slow it as much as possible, hit a little softer, keep the helo in one piece, but the chopper was coming in too fast and the ground rushed up.

Sabrina screamed as the windshield shattered and he leaned over her, tried to cover her as much as he could with his body.  The rotor blades tore free and spun away, shattering into jagged pieces that flew like deadly knives into the desert.  

The chopper shook and continued to disintegrate.  After what seemed like minutes but was only seconds, the machine finally started to settle.  Alex popped his seatbelt and reached for Sabrina, eased her back in the seat and saw blood trickling down her forehead.  She was moaning, conscious, but barely.  From the corner of his eye, he spotted the lick of orange flames behind them, rushing up from what was left of the engine. 
The fuel tank was going to blow.  They had to get out and fast.  Reaching behind his seat, he grabbed his emergency gear bag, slung the strap over his shoulder, then reached for Sabrina, popped her belt and started to pull her out of the chopper from the pilot’s side.  

The effort had him hissing in pain, his body telling him he had injured a couple of ribs, but there wasn’t time to worry about that now.  Ignoring the sharp stab in his side, he pulled Sabrina free of the wreckage, half dragged, half carried her over to an outcropping of rock, settled her behind it.  

There was just enough time to throw himself over her, protecting her as much as he could, before the helo exploded into a ball of thick black smoke and searing flames.  The blazing inferno shot into the sky, and a barrage of shrapnel sliced through the air around them.  

Alex felt a sharp sting as a jagged piece of metal cut through his shirt and sliced into his back.  A second explosion ripped through the air, then the only sound he heard was the crackle of flames.

He took a quick look over the rock to make sure it was safe, then turned his attention to the woman on the ground.  Her face was as pale as the sand under her head, and a thin line of blood trickled from her forehead to her left temple.  

She moved her head a little and groaned.  Then her pretty blue eyes cracked open and she looked up at him.  “Alex...?”