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Q & A with Poppy Dennison!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

My newest release is Body Magic, book two in the Triad Series. In continues the story of Gray Townsend, alpha werewolf, and his new mate Simon Osborne, an apprentice mage. What happens when Mind Magic and Body Magic combine, breaking years of tradition? Gray and Simon must face the Were Council to find out! Gray’s best friend Cade gets into the action as well. He’s not happy that Gray brought in outside help to improve their security. Something about the expert rubs him the wrong way. Just what is Rocky’s secret and how will it change them all?

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

LOL. Well, to tell you about my favorite scene would give away a huge spoiler! How about I tell you about my favorite character? Garon is the alpha’s ten year old son, and he’s such a fun character to write. I love thinking of how a young boy would view the changes going on in the world around him. In this book, one of the most fun things I wrote was Garon asking his Dad and Simon about having sex. Garon thinks his dad must have sex because he’s an alpha—and that’s what alpha’s do. It was a fun way for me to tease the typical role of alphas in paranormal stories while adding a significant moment in the development of Simon and Gray’s relationship.

3. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?

In researching different types of magic, I came across this old tradition called Cromniomancy. Never heard of it? Neither had I! Basically, it’s fortune telling based on onions. It was too funny not to include in the story. I love coming across random things like that in my research and finding a way to incorporate them into the book.

4. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Too many to name. The biggest influence in my writing has been my family. I come from a family of readers. In fact, as I sit here typing this, my grandma, aunt, and cousin are sitting around me with their heads in a book!

As for authors, there are so many. I’ll stick with other paranormal authors to keep it simple. In the M/M genre, Mary Calmes “Change of Heart” series has been a huge inspiration as well as Jourdan Lane’s “Soul Mates”. I’m also a big fan of the early Laurell K. Hamilton books, Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampires, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

5. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My family is incredibly proud of me.  They honestly thought I should have done this years ago… and one of my cousins (also one of my best friends) likes to remind me of that! (And yes, she’s sitting next to me right now, so I had to give her credit.) But all kidding aside, I’m really blessed to have such a supportive family. One of the first people to read my first book was my 87 year old grandmother. I have friends who don’t tell anyone what they write, and it breaks my heart for them. Not too long ago, my mother was getting her hair done, and bragged on me to her stylist. Next thing I know, I’m down at the beauty shop dropping off autographs!

6. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I love being crafty—at the moment, I’m into sewing but as the weather turns cooler I’ll switch to crochet or something else that will keep me warm. As you can tell from my author list above, I love reading. Research books are what you’ll normally find me reading these days. It’s how I find those quirky types of magic that inspire my characters.

7. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

Next up is the third book in the Triad series, “Soul Magic”. It’ll wrap up the story of Simon and Gray and finally tell the story of Cormac, which I’m told by readers I must do or else. Then I’ll have two paranormal novellas out next year and I’m working on a new Urban Fantasy series that I’m really looking forward to delving into.

8. How can readers connect with you online?

A pack is only as strong as its weakest member. 

Rocky Harris knows how the system works. He’s been on the bottom rung his whole life. But when his alpha consigns him to the High Moon Pack to help them improve security, he finds his beliefs not just challenged but outright assaulted.

Cade Montgomery’s confidence took a hit when the pack’s cubs were kidnapped on his watch. He’s prepared to do anything to protect his family, even if it means working with Rocky. Maybe Cade doesn’t trust Rocky, but with the turmoil surrounding pack Alpha Gray’s unpopular decision to break tradition and mate with a mage named Simon, Cade knows more threats are coming.

Then someone declares war on shifters and puts the entire pack in danger. Cade and Rocky will need each other’s strengths to survive the impending battle—and the power of their growing attraction.
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About the author

A sassy southern lady, Poppy Dennison developed an obsession with things that go bump in the night in her early years after a barn door flew off its hinges and nearly squashed her. Convinced it was a ghost trying to get her attention, she started looking for other strange and mysterious happenings around her. Not satisfied with what she found, Poppy has traveled to Greece, Malaysia and England to find inspiration for the burly bears and silver foxes that melt her butter. Her love of paranormal continues to flourish nearly thirty years later, and she writes steamy love stories about the very things that used to keep her up all night. If her childhood ghost is lucky, maybe one day she’ll give him his own happily ever after.

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