Monday, September 03, 2012


Just a heads up on a couple of things.....

Wednesday I will be announcing book winners. There are are three active ones going on in this blog. If you haven't entered, now is the time!

Finally, do not miss our Wednesday chat with Nalini Singh. She'll be a guest in RRT's Mo's Book Bluzz starting at 9:00 PM EST in Mo's Book Buzz chat room.

Direct link:

When you enter the chat room, choose Mo's Book Buzz in the drop down box. No registration or password needed.  In other words, just put in the name you'd to use and click enter.

Nalini will only be chatting for an hour, so it is your chance to "meet" her and chat with her in our chat room. It is a java enabled chat room, so be sure to get your java updated prior to chat.

Chat should be a lot of fun!

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