Spotlight Review:

Harlequin Desire #2167
ISBN: 978-0-373-73180-0
July 2012
Contemporary Series Romance

Bonne Terre, Louisiana - Present Day

Zach Torr's life changed forever when his Uncle Zachary died. Then, shortly after the funeral, came a call from an old friend, Nick Landry. Nick's call brought Zach back to the one place he never expected to be again, Bonne Terre, Louisiana. The town almost destroyed Zach when he was young.  Everyone hated him then; they tried to charge him with statutory rape, but his uncle swept in and rescued him and rushed Zach far away from the bayou. Thanks to his uncle's mentoring and guidance, Zach is now a very rich man. His visit with Nick in Bonne Terre brings with it memories, both bad and good. And Zach decides to help the town by building a casino and creating jobs.

Summer Wallace is a successful and famous Broadway actress. She's also the girl who almost ruined Zach's life when her step-father accused him of raping her. Back then, Zach thought they were in love, yet Summer just left town after that fateful night and never looked back, while he was left to face trumped-up rape charges. Zach gave up on Summer long ago, but now he wants revenge. His chance comes when Summer's troubled younger brother is caught breaking and entering. Zach devises a plan to make Summer pay for the hurt she caused him.

Summer never forgot Zach Torr; she might even be in love with him still to this day, but she won't admit it. There are too many strings to untangle between them, and one major secret about a child who died. Summer just wants to stay in New York and never see Zach again. But instead, she has to return to Bonne Terre to save her brother, and she'll do anything to keep Tuck out of jail, even spend time in Zach's bed. Now, all she has to worry about besides her brother is protecting her heart.

A SCANDAL SO SWEET pairs Summer and Zach together again after years apart. They've become two very different people from what they were as young lovers, and their passion ignites even now when they are in the same room. Zach knows that Summer would never return to Bonne Terre unless he forced her hand, and when her brother Tuck makes a monumental mistake, Zach's got the leverage he needs against Summer.

A SCANDAL SO SWEET is a provocative story full of vibrant characters and uncovered secrets that take us into the hearts of two lovers who never really gave up on each other. It is also a story you will not want to miss!

Diana Risso



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