A Perfect 10:

MOONGLOW – Kristen Callihan
Darkest London Series
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-1-455-50858-7
August 2012
Paranormal Romance

London – 1883

Daisy Ellis Craigmore is glad to be rid of her widow's weeds after suffering through her hellish marriage. Her late husband's constant cruelty, and belittling her for her beauty, has left Daisy with the need to finally kick up her heels and enjoy life. But nothing prepares her for the reality that there is a violent beast on the hunt for her. She barely survives an attack which kills another woman and Daisy's escort. Saved by a man whom she has disliked for his trying to keep Daisy's sister and her new husband apart, she is, nonetheless, in his debt now.

Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, isn't who, or what, most people think he is. Ian is a lycan, a man who can, at will, turn into a wolf. Not quite a werewolf, but a being who can easily turn into one if not under control. He knows about the beast roaming London – who IS a werewolf, and he knows why it is stalking Daisy – or anyone who smells like Daisy's perfume. Ian has no intention of falling for Daisy, he just wants to protect her, find out where the beast came from, and who he is. Because he is immortal, Ian is well aware of how fruitless it is to fall in love. That doesn't mean, however, that he can't.

With other grisly murders attributed to the beast, and the need to protect Daisy, Ian must take on the task of discovering who is hiding the beast. He's pretty sure it is a member of Clan Ranulf, his clan which he left years before despite being the eldest son of the Chief. But when he and Daisy are captured and taken to the clan headquarters, his confrontation with his younger brother sets off something in Daisy that surprises even her.

I didn't think Ms. Callihan could improve on her debut novel, FIRELIGHT, the story of Daisy's sister, but MOONGLOW is simply fantastic. Daisy and Ian's growing infatuation with each other while under the dark cloud of danger is beautifully written. As each learns more and more about each other, and discover secrets that neither wished to share, the love story blossoms. Secondary characters are essential to this story, and each will play a distinct role as Ian struggles to find the beast. The ending will be both shocking and yet fitting.

A Perfect 10 is rare for a debut author, probably more rare for the second novel, but MOONGLOW more than deserves the accolade.

Jani Brooks


PaulaP said…
Thanks for making me aware of this book, it sounds really good! And the cover is beautiful!

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