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Women Did It Better! By Carrie Lofty

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Joe from His Very Own Girl is an incredible hero, but I also have an amazing fondness for his lady love, Lulu Davies, a British civilian pilot. The war took an atrocious toll on populations around the world. That much is well documented and horrible. The reverberating change that came about as a result of mobilization, however, were the advancements made by women in many fields.

One such field was aviation. Jackie Cochran was a daredevil celebrity who helped found the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) in the United States. By allowing civilians to move planes between hangars, weapons fitting, and their ultimate destinations across the country, the WASP ideal was to free military men from the task. In truth, the WASPs were greatly for show.

British flyer Amy Johnson, however, achieved far more by helping to found the Air Transit Auxiliary. Its pilots ferried every type of plane, including four-engine bombers and the first jets. The ATA was almost entirely co-ed, and was the first British institution to offer equal pay to men and woman. Although Johnson died in a plane wreck over the Thames early in the war, her innovation meant unparalleled air efficiency in Allied Europe.

Of course, these female innovators weren’t always accepted. In His Very Own Girl, Lulu and Joe go more than a few rounds about her ambition and her place in a peacetime world. Joe is a traditional guy. It’s hard for him to accept that the woman he loves could out in a war-zone, as vulnerable as he is.

Capt. Piper leaned against the wall and crossed one boot over the other. He finished another swig of coffee, downing the foul stuff with the expression of a child being force-fed castor oil. “You got a letter, right? I’m curious where it was posted from. Have you looked?”
Joe took the envelope out of his tunic pocket. “St. Petersburg? Are you kidding me?” “That contact of mine in Aachen—he did a little digging on your girl. Turns out the ATA has authorized women to ferry aircraft in all Allied territories.”
“But Russia?”
“She’s been out of England for at least three weeks. What started out as a flight to Marseilles wound up taking her all over—St. Petersburg, Cyprus, Athens. Pilot logs even have her in Rhodesia. She flew some Commonwealth general down there for his mother’s funeral.”
Joe had to swallow past a lump of panic and an unexpected sense of admiration. “Where is she now?”
“Don’t know. Could be back to London. The hop down to Rhodesia was eight days ago.” The captain set his tin cup aside and produced two four-packs of cigarettes, the kind that came with every K-ration.
Curious and proud and full of dread, Joe tore open the envelope.

Dear Joe,
I can’t explain why I love flying, other than it sets me free. It makes me proud. And you’re right about respect, Joe, because I treasure the respect I’ve earned among my colleagues.
As for the traveling, I’m getting it out of my system. Then you’ll be stuck with me. Stay safe and I will too.
Your Lulu

Although most people recall images of Rosie the Riveter, working factory jobs left empty by men, but few know the true influence of daring, gifted women at the tops of so many varied fields. I love to think that Lulu, daring heroine extraordinaire, embodies that magical spirit. Good thing her guy Joe loves her too!

Summer has been a blast! Available now from Pocket Books are three Christ Family romances. FLAWLESS kicked it off with a tale of an estranged couple's search for love. The 99¢ tie-in novella, "A LITTLE MORE SCANDAL" follows two aspiring lovers to London. And the Scottish-set second novel, STARLIGHT, was an RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick. "Richly nuanced characters and a superbly realized Victorian setting come together brilliantly." ~ The Chicago Tribune

I've also launched a co-written pseudonym, Katie Porter , with my long-time friend and critique partner, Lorelie Brown. Our "Vegas Top Guns" series of contemporary erotic romances launched from Samhain with DOUBLE DOWN and INSIDE BET, both of which were RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Picks: "This racy, raunchy, hella good read…will move Fifty Shades of Grey to the children's section of the bookstore."

Where to find me:

Twitter: @carrielofty

I'd like to give away a digital copy of HIS VERY OWN GIRL in any format. Just answer: What impressions of WWII women do you have? Do you recall stories of the era from women in your family?

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A Perfect 10:

BIG SKY MOUNTAIN - Linda Lael Miller
Big Sky Series , Book 2
A Perfect 10
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77661-0
August 2012
Contemporary Romance

Parable, Montana – Present Day

Hutch Carmody never wanted to get married. Well, maybe he would have married Kendra Shepherd, but she threw him over the minute some titled Englishman came waltzing into town and dangled his English castle in front of her eyes. And now, years later, Brylee Parrish manages to get Hutch here, inside church, of all places. Hutch is standing at the altar, Brylee is walking toward him, all smiles and glowing, and all he wants to do is bolt. Hutch really tried to end this event. He tried to tell her over and over again, but Brylee wouldn't listen, and now he has to stop this fiasco before it's too late. His step-brother, Slade, advises Hutch to run fast after shocking everyone in the building, so they leave the church and head back to the ranch.

When the wedding party returns home early, Kendra Shepherd wants to run as far as she can. No way does she want to be in the same room with Hutch Carmody; that's why she didn't attend his wedding. Hutch is absolutely not supposed to be here; instead, he should be off with Brylee on their honeymoon. But they're all back from church early, gathered at Slade and Joslyn's home, waiting for the luncheon she promised. Kendra's adopted four-year-old daughter, Madison, takes one look at Hutch in his cowboy hat and jeans, and falls in love, little girl style. Hutch has charmed the child in an instant, but all Kendra wants is to be far, far away. She and Hutch were lovers once, before Jeffery Chamberlain swept her off her feet and proposed. Kendra kept waiting for Hutch to jump in and claim her as his, to rescue her, like a knight of old. Instead, she married Jeffery; then divorced him; and later, was at his side while he died. Even after all that, Kendra would melt into a puddle of goo if Hutch just once gave her any indication that he still cared.

BIG SKY MOUNTAIN is the second book in Ms. Miller's Big Sky series and it's a BIG winner! Following BIG SKY COUNTRY (June 2012), BIG SKY MOUNTAIN is the story of star-crossed lovers Hutch Carmody and Kendra Shepherd. After years of separation, time and other people have come between them, but nothing has stopped their feelings, no matter how they each try to deny it. Hutch barely escaped the clutches of Brylee Parish, and now he has to face the scorn of the entire town of Parable, not to mention every man-hater on the internet as well in the wake of the wedding-that-was. Hutch never stopped loving Kendra, and he wonders if she could love him again. So, he makes it his mission to get to know Kendra all over again, and if he has to do that by charming little Madison, then that is exactly where he'll start. Meanwhile, Kendra tries to avoid Hutch and any entanglement with the man. She still cares for him, and that's the problem. If she lets him get into her heart again, he'll break it, sure as he did when he let Jeffery take her away; sure as he did to Brylee. Now, if only avoiding him was as easily done as saying the words!

Returning characters from BIG SKY COUNTRY are all here: Hutch's step-brother Slade and his new wife, Joslyn; feisty Opal Dennison, and Slade's mother, Callie Barlow. Hutch's best friend, Sheriff Boone Taylor, is quickly making an enemy out of his new neighbor, Tara Kendall, who just bought the old chicken ranch next door. Boone is refusing to clean up his yard full of junk, and no way will Tara stand for a bird's eye view of the old toilet that's Boone's lawn ornament! Look for Boone and Tara's story in BIG SKY RIVER, coming in December.

With half the town out to strangle Hutch for leaving Brylee at the altar, and the other half wanting him to finally propose to Kendra, BIG SKY MOUNTAIN is an exiting thrill! One of the best stories I have read all year, BIG SKY MOUNTAIN is a Perfect 10 all the way!

Diana Risso

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Christina Dodd book winner is....

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Chat Wed night with.......Jacqueline Diamond!

Harlequin American author Jacqueline Diamond joins us to discuss her book, THE M.D.'S SECRET DAUGHTER. 
Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of THE M.D.'S SECRET DAUGHTER! Moderated by Sandi.
When? Wed night at 9:00 PM Eastern time
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Hope to see you for a night where NO ONE will need a M.D. LOL

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Top Gun, Fighter Pilots and Adrenaline Junkies By Katie Porter

Our “Vegas Top Guns” series of contemporary erotic romances—I say “our” because Katie is actually the co-writing team of myself, Carrie Lofty, and my long-time friend and critique partner, Lorelie Brown—is based on the concept that fighter pilots are friggin’ hot. I’m gambling that lots and lots of readers are of our mindset, because the series in teeming full of them! There’s a hot major, a hot young prodigy, a kick-ass chick, a Zenned-out badboy, a joker, and an asshole, so basically a gamut of humanity represented in our cast. Beyond friendship and loyalty to their comrades, these diverse individuals have one thing in common: they’re adrenaline junkies.

Think back to the film Top Gun, which I’m hoping even younger readers will have heard of. It’s hard to tell with a movie that is, oh gracious, 26 years old. Basically, it was back when Tom Cruise wasn’t too crazy and Val Kilmer was a sex symbol. (If you had a crush on him at any point in your youth, don’t Google pictures of him now. He’s fully embraced middle age).

Anyway, there’s a scene in Top Gun where Tom Cruise is curled over his motorcycle, racing down a long stretch of road as he races a plane taking off. He’s yelling. He’s pumping his fist. He’s reveling in the speed. In fact, the most quotable line in the film is: “I feel the need…the need for speed!” Even the memorable two-on-two shirtless volleyball scene demonstrates that these men on competition. (There is an inevitable 1980s-based lack of women other than Kelly McGuiness, the brainy but mostly-just-love-interest.)

Adrenaline. The mental stimulant that triggers the fight-or-flight instinct—with fighter pilots, the “flight” is literal. If there is an average measurable level of adrenaline in the human population, “adrenaline junkie” actually start from a lower baseline. To them, real life is in slow motion and exists without a lack of significant stimulation. They love to take risks, to get to normal or even elevated levels of that adrenaline high.

Hence volunteering for military service. Flying planes. Having sex in a coatroom. Rock-climbing. Having sex in a movie theater. Sitting at the end of the flight line as places leave the ground right over your head. Having sex in a karaoke bar. Nearly crashing planes (poor Goose).

And all fighter pilots have one-night stands that accidentally turn into happily-ever-after romances. That goes without saying, right?

We took cues from these ideas. I don’t know about Lorelie, but I watched Top Gun at least three times. “Danger Zone” was on my playlist. (The lyrics are quoted in one of the “Vegas Top Guns” books, but I can’t remember which.) These people aren’t your ordinary human beings. They have a lack of adrenaline that leads them to need a “fix” on a regular basis, which makes them seem superhuman. Perfect for romance leads! We love to read about men (and women) who manage amazing feats.
And for erotic romances, the chances they take—particularly one-night stands—seem more plausible. In Top Gun, the first time Maverick and Charlie have sex, it’s after the highly competitive, testosterone (another awesome hormone) volleyball match. He asks to take a shower. She says no, because she’s hungry. So they have dirty wicked sweaty sex. Maverick obviously has his sweet bike, but Charlie also rip-roars in a vintage muscle car. That makes me think she needed a little adrenaline in her life too.

Enter Heather Morris, the heroine of Inside Bet []. She’s got a little bit of Charlie in her. Although she an accountant who drives a practical econo-car and obeys all speed limits—so very different from her love interest, the young genius fighter pilot, Jon Carlisle—Heather has a wild streak. Has a wild streak, actually. She put it away after a dangerous mistake at age eighteen that forced her on the straight and narrow.

But it was for the best that she took a chance on Jon. There is such a thing as being a functional adrenaline junkie. He flies fighter jets and gets off on novel, kinky dares, so he’s got that down pat. Inside Bet is about making sure Heather turns out strong enough to embrace her “need for speed” dark side and have a damn good time along the way.

Up next for Katie Porter: 

Now that both RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Picks DOUBLE DOWN [] and INSIDE BET have been released, we're looking forward to the September 25th arrival of HOLD 'EM [], featuring wild child Leah and a surprising reunion with a fellow pilot. The final two installments of the "Vegas Top Guns" [] series will follow in 2013.

November brings the m/m Christmas-themed CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR [], and in January, LEAD AND FOLLOW [] will launch the five-part “Club Devant” series of erotic multi-partner romances set in a hot New York City burlesque club.

Where to find us:

Twitter: @MsKatiePorter
Or individually: @carrielofty and @LorelieBrown

We'd like to give away a copy of DOUBLE DOWN or INSIDE BET (winner's choice) in any format. Just answer the question: What was your favorite moment in Top Gun? Or if you haven’t seen it, do you have an adrenaline junkie in your life?

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Book Giveaway:

BETRAYAL by Christina Dodd!


During one hot summer, they came together in the sweetness of first love…until his past reared its ugly head and Noah walked away from her without a word.
Nine years later, Penelope returns, never imagining she’d see Noah or that one glance would wake their fiery passion. But even as she fights the impulse to love him again, their secrets betray them. As peril builds around them, Penelope has one choice: to survive, she must once again trust the man who betrayed her.
Even with terror stalking through Bella Terra’s streets, love may be the most dangerous choice of all. 

Interesting question for you readers... 

Since BETRAYAL is about getting a second chance with your first love. How about you? Do you think you'd get back together with your first love? Or is the one you're with the one and only love you've ever had?

Post your responses and be entered in a chance to win a copy of BETRAYAL!

US and Canada mailing addresses only. Winner to be drawn later in the week.

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