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A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10
Colorado Cattle Barons , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2140
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73153-4
February 2012
Series Romance

Lyndon, Colorado – Present Day

Reed Terrell went missing from his family ranch after his father passed, but now he's home safe and sound and fifteen million dollars richer. Still, even with all that money, all Reed wants is to work on his ranch his way. His brother, Caleb, thinks he needs a ranch manager, but Reed isn't willing to play along with Caleb's plans. Pretty soon Caleb and his fiancée, Mandy, will be married and off to Chicago , leaving Reed all alone on the ranch, which is just exactly what he wants!

Instead, he now has to contend with Mandy's sister, Katrina, who left home as a ten year old child to study the ballet in New York . Now she's home again, visiting with family after her father's stroke. Unfortunately for Reed, Mandy has coerced Katrina into staying at the Terrell ranch, giving Mandy and Caleb alone time in the bedroom. Suddenly, Reed's quiet little home is full of people, and all he wants is to be as far away from Katrina Jacobs as he can get.

Flush in her successful career as a New York ballerina, Katrina is at the top of her game until she injures her ankle in a freak accident. Now, with an excuse to visit her family, she's back in Colorado in the dust, sweat and horseflesh. Ugh. She's the one member of her family who hates ranching, and it doesn't matter whether it's the Jacobs ranch or the Terrell ranch, she wants nothing to do with the mess and dirt. Katrina's deathly afraid of chickens and horses, but in Colorado , people gather eggs and would rather ride horses than walk or drive. Tiny and blond, these are not activities Katrina wants to engage in; give her a cold sidewalk any day. For Reed, Katrina is pure eye candy, a city princess who doesn't belong in the country. He wants her gone, and fast.

Reed becomes A COWBOY IN MANAHTTAN when he takes it upon himself to protect Katrina from forces beyond his control. From the first time she practically melted into their kisses, Reed was lost and sinking under Katrina's spell. He doesn't want her to leave, so he follows her to New York . Katrina, however, prefers men who wear tuxes and have portfolios. Reed can't stand the city, and he and Katrina are worlds apart in a universe that will never meet. Can they find a common ground?

A COWBOY IN MANHATTAN is pure romance, a little mystery, and a top notch Perfect 10! The passion is hot, and the emotions are palpable as Reed and Katrina blaze their paths toward each other. There is a definite happy ending to their story, one that is unusual and entertaining!

Second in the Colorado Cattle Barons series, A COWBOY IN MANHATTAN follows A COWBOY COMES HOME (January 2012) but stands alone on its own merits. Sister Abigail's story is up next in a future book in this series.

In the meantime, you have to check out A COWBOY IN MANHATTAN …it's a Perfect 10!

Diana Risso

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