Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Perfect 10:

A Friday Harbor Novel
A Perfect 10
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-60588-9 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-4299-3837-2 (eBook)
March 2012
Contemporary Romance

San Juan Island, Washington State

When Lucy Marrin was seven, her younger sister became very sick. Alice recovered, but ever since, their parents have coddled and spoiled her, leaving little time or attention for Lucy. All was not lost for Lucy, however; she discovered a special affinity for glass and a life's ambition. Today she is a practicing artist specializing in stained glass and mosaics. Her personal life is not so successful; she has just suffered another relationship failure when her live-in of two years dumps her…for Alice ! As she walks the beach in an attempt to ease her spirit, she meets an attractive man, but this is definitely NOT the time start a new anything.

Sam Nolan is intrigued by the woman on the beach, but he can't even get her name from her. Sam has a special relationship with the earth and the wine grapes he grows, but his man/woman relationships are never allowed to thrive for long. He and his brothers grew up in a totally dysfunctional household, and Sam will not let himself invest strong emotion in his affairs. He never leads women on, but ends things when he senses the women begin to want more than he is willing to give.

RAINSHADOW ROAD is a wonderful book with marvelous character building, warmth, charm, humor…and a touch of magic. It's easy to fall in love with Lucy and Sam as the author lets us in on their personalities and interactions, but there are others who captivate as well. Sam's niece Holly is a love. She's come a long way from the little orphan introduced in Ms. Kleypas's recent short holiday novel, CHRISTMAS EVE AT FRIDAY HARBOR. And Lucy has two generous friends in Justine and Zoë who run a nearby Bed and Breakfast. I eagerly look forward to their stories and Alex's—the remaining Nolan brother—tale in the future.

I so enjoyed the beautifully written RAINSHADOW ROAD that I'm giving it one of the rare RRT Perfect 10s. Do yourself the huge favor of finding it, then immerse yourself in the doings in Friday Harbor , but block out enough time for it; you won't want to put it down.

Jane Bowers


Kathleen O said...

I am so, so looking forward to reading this next saga in Friday Harbor...

Anonymous said...

I loved Friday Harbor so am looking forward to reading this one.

Pat L.