Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spotlight Review:

MY WICKED LITTLE LIES - Victoria Alexander
Zebra Books
ISBN-13: 978-104201-1706-6
ISBN-10: 1-4201-1706-8
February 2012
Historical Romance

London - 1886

Evelyn Hadley-Attwater, before her marriage to Adrian Hadley-Attwater, the Earl of Waterston, had performed dangerous missions for a secret government agency, the Department of Domestic and International Affairs. While she loved her work, and had a romantic interest in her boss, Sir, whom she had never seen, Evelyn met Adrian and fell in love. It was mutual, and they've had two blissful years of marriage. Now her contact with the agency, Maxwell Osgood, pulls her back in for one more job. Someone stole a file with the list of previous heads of the agency off his desk, putting those men in peril; indeed, one has already died. Sir's name is on that list, so Evelyn reluctantly agrees to a stealthy incursion into the desk of a very high-society man. Luckily, her affluent and titled husband gave her entry into the same society.

Adrian notices Eve's preoccupation. This hasn't happened before. Is she tired of him, of their marriage? He is Sir, quitting his position when he finally arranged a meeting with his future wife. Doubts plague him. His wife thinks him a composed, cautious nobleman, perhaps incapable of dealing with intrigue and danger. Does she love Sir better than him? When Max tells him Eve's mission, Adrian plans a situation that will expose the truth of where Eve's affections truly lie. He knows the cost might be more than he is willing to pay, but he has to know.

MY WICKED LITTLE LIES tells a story of romantic intrigue, and the lies of omission that plague a perfect marriage; perhaps not so perfect? An interesting romance occurs between Max and Evelyn's best friend Celeste DeRochette, who also once worked for the agency. An unseen plot twist evolves from the death of Evelyn's parents many years ago. The fast-paced plot is full of action, romance, and unique encounters, including a mixture of humor and danger fraught situations. Readers will enjoy the captivating and likable main characters as their pasts emerge. Their foibles only add to their charm and make an enjoyable and different take on a historical novel.

Robin Lee

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