Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Q&A with Anna Randol!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

A SECRET IN HER KISS is set in Constantinople in 1815. Here’s the blurb: A rare beauty, raised in the exotic heart of the mysterious East, Mari Sinclair knows it's time to end her career as a British spy when she narrowly avoids a brush with death. Unfortunately, there are those who think otherwise--and they are not above using blackmail to keep Mari in the game.

Saddled with a handsome, duty-obsessed "minder" to ensure that she completes--and survives--one last mission, Mari is incensed . . . for her guardian, Major Bennett Prestwood, is simply "too" dedicated, "too" unbending, and "too" disarmingly attractive. But in the face of dark secrets and deadly treacheries, as the true peril to Mari is slowly revealed, loyal soldier Bennett realizes that to save and win this extraordinary woman, he will have to do the unthinkable and break the rules--rules that passion and desire have suddenly, irrevocably changed.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

Fairly late on in the story, as Mari and Bennett are on their final mission, Bennett finds out that Mari found his book of poetry and read it. Having been mocked for his writing he is embarrassed and angry. Yet at the same time he can’t quite stop himself from finding out her opinion! It is a fun glimpse into tough-guy-Bennett’s softer more vulnerable side.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I was eight, I decided my real life was too dull, so I started writing my journal as if I was on a raft on the Amazon River with my dog Cream Puff (A Pomeranian. Poor thing. I’m not sure how I expected it to survive in the heat.). I may not have decided I wanted to be writer as a profession then, but my love of a good fantasy was born.

4. Tell us a little about your daily writing routine. Are you a plotter or pantser?

I have kids so my writing is mainly confined to naptime and after bedtime. It makes for a lot of late nights, but I love it too much to give it up.

As far as plotting and pantsing—a little of both, but mostly a pantser. I have several key scenes I know I am going to include. I just never quite know how I am going to get there.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

If I’m writing and I decide to cut a scene, I don’t delete it entirely. I tack it on to the end of the document until I am completely done with the book. I think I find it too disheartening to lose my hard-earned word count. And I’m always terrified I’ll need it later! On the plus side, it makes it easier to cut things that need to go because I can always change my mind.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

It amazes me how much my subconscious plays a part in my story. For example, when I get to the end of the story and realize small clues I didn’t realize I was leaving earlier flow perfectly into the ending I want.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

My critique partner Elise Rome and I were lucky enough to meet fairly early in our writing careers. She’s strong in areas I’m weak in and vice versa. I also have a fabulous core group of local writer friends. We beta read for each other occasionally, but it is really about supporting each other in the strange career that is writing.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They are incredibly supportive. My mom edits my books and my husband brags about my writing at work. His co-workers have copies of my cover on their desks. We’ll see if that changes once they actually read it…

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I have two small children so I spend a lot of time with them. I’m pretty awesome at hide-and-go-seek if I do say so myself. I love to read everything I can get my hands on. I also love chocolate in all forms.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

In early Summer of 2012, readers will be able to discover happens to the little sister Bennett is worried about in A SECRET IN HER KISS. Sophia is just rediscovering her own strength after an abusive relationship, but it’s a knowledge she must claim quickly as she faces off with a maddeningly handsome magistrate who thinks she might be guilty of murder. It’s an e-novella and should be a fast, sexy read!

Then in late summer 2012, my next novel SINS OF A VIRGIN, will be released. To secure her future, former spy Madeline Valdan announces the auction of the one thing no one suspects she still possesses—her virginity. But Madeline’s no fool. She won’t entrust her precious commodity to just anyone. She hires Gabriel Huntford, a Bow Street Runner, to protect her virginity until it’s properly paid for. Although the passion Huntford inspires is unlike anything she’s ever known, Madeline knows better than to give herself away for free. She also knows the man she hired is hiding an agenda of his own.

11. How can readers connect with you online?

They can email me through my website at Or I am active on twitter at @AnnaRandol


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Laurie G said...

Spies, duty, treachery, passion your book A SECRET IN HER KISS has it all! Congrats on your debut release, Mari and Bennett's story.

I've always admired the courage it must take to be a spy...along with the ability to lie.

Best wishes!

Karen H said...

Hi Anna,

Congratulations on the release of your debut book. I'm busy looking at your website now to learn more about you and your books.

Most Regency era books are set in England but yours is set in Turkey. How different was it to write a book set someplace other than England? Are your other books set in locations other than England as well? Are your books all part of a series?

Anna Randol said...


I definitely was a lot oof research to set a book in Constantinople, but in a lot of ways it was similar to England. Beatiful clothes, rules of society ect. A SECRET IN HER KISS is the part of a small series. (Bennett's younger sister will star in an enovella in June). But many of the secondary characters will show up again through my later books! My next two books return to London, but after that we are off to St. Petersburg.

LSUReader said...

I've read good things about Anna's book and I look forward to reading it. Thanks for an interesting interview.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your new release. Do you have any uncompleted manuscripts from when you first decided to become a writer?

Estella said...

Congrats on your book!
How much research did you have to do while writing it?

Jane said...

Congrats on your debut release, Anna. What other genres do you enjoy reading?

Lexi said...

Isn't it the best when your husband brags you up at work =) Makes me smile to know he is proud of what I do.
Yay, book two sounds like the perfect continuation!

Anna Randol said...

Kim- A Secret in Her Kiss is my third completed manuscripts. My earliers two will probably never see the light of day...

Estella- I definitely had to do a lot of research. I read a lot of accounts from traveler at the time period.

Jane- I also love to read YA, especially if it has a strong romantic element.

Lexi- Thanks! Your husband sounds like a keeper, too!

Mariee said...

Congrats on your book! I absolutely love the cover :)

Mo Boylan said...


This book and the next one in the series sound great! They are both on my TBB list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, love the excerpt and this book cover is totally stunning. I just have one question, what is your most favourite spy novel? Thank you for the chance to read your book ,