Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Perfect 10:

TO KISS A KING – Maureen Child
A Perfect 10
Kings of California , Book 11
Harlequin Desire #2137
ISBN: 978-0-373-73150-3
February 2012
Series Romance

Laguna Beach, California – Present Day

An outing to Disneyland with his cousin Jackson's family is the last place Garrett King wants to be until he runs into a beautiful woman who looks as if she could fit in with the magical, make-believe world surrounding them in the Magic Kingdom. While she's mysterious and insistent she can take care of herself, security expert Garrett soon recognizes her as Princess Alexis of Cadria. What the heck is one of the most sought after royal celebs doing out on her own without security? Garrett decides to attach himself to Alexis's side discreetly, and, as they get to know each other, he soon discovers he's attracted to her. But he can't let himself get involved with a woman he's protecting.

Princess Alexis Morgan Wells has felt chafed by the confines of being royalty and forced to always have guards around her. By slipping away from her family, she has achieved her dream of visiting California (her mother's birthplace) and especially Disneyland . Unexpectedly meeting Garrett, she's glad to have someone treat her with the respect and attention of that of a beautiful woman—and not because she's royalty. How will Alexis feel when she discovers that Garrett not only knows who she really is, but that he has already been in contact with her father and has agreed to watch her?

Maureen Child references the movie Roman Holiday in her reader letter in front of TO KISS A KING, and I have to say I absolutely love the story idea. A lonely princess wants to experience freedom and spend a few days unfettered by the demands of royal obligations and paparazzi in her face. Alexis grew up hearing about life in Southern California , especially at Disneyland where her commoner mother met Alexis's father, who is now the king of Cadria. Hooking up with Garrett is like a breath of fresh air as Alexis finally meets a man seemingly unimpressed with her wealth and title. He shows her a good time in California , and they grow closer. Soon, Alexis is falling in love.

Garrett has seen women like Alexis before. They need to be protected, and their biggest threat is when they expose themselves to danger. An experience with one of his charges in the past has left Garrett determined to not fall in love, especially with a woman he's protecting. Alexis is clearly falling for him, and Garrett has to make her understand that there can't be any kind of future between them. But this doesn't stop him from making love to her. After all, how can he resist a woman he desires with all of his heart?

The pages flew as I consumed TO KISS A KING in near record time. I adored the characters of Alexis and Garrett. Their chemistry rocks this tale, and the simmering sensuality between them sizzles. There wasn't any question that I'd give this a Perfect 10 because TO KISS A KING is that perfect book that can't be set down. I highly recommend TO KISS A KING as one of the best reads of February. Run to your nearest bookstore and grab your copy to see why.

Patti Fischer

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