Guest Blogger: Why I Prefer My Romances Hot

By Deborah Court, Author of "Bound to the Prince"

Since human beings tend to like very different things, readers' tastes naturally vary. Nowadays, there are so many romance sub-genres that you can choose from countless story types including Contemporary, Historical or Paranormal Romance - which has gained immense interest since the rise of Harry Potter and Twilight. But when it comes to erotic content, there are also different levels of "hotness" available; starting with "sweet" romances, containing only a kiss or two, or maybe just a decent hint that the love couple shared the night. Other readers crave much more passion, along with a love story that's driven by erotic tension. Of course, there is also Erotica especially for women, but this genre doesn't need a love story as much as well-written, hot erotic scenes.

I happen to write Erotic Romances. The reason is that I'm the kind of reader who wants to know what's happening behind closed doors! I'd love to see what occurs after the mind-blowing, life-changing first kiss, when the hero and heroine have finally declared their love for each other. This is something I always wondered about after finishing one of the classic romances. Didn't you ever want to read something about Mr Darcy's and Elizabeth's first night, or (even better) find out how the dark, brooding Mr Rochester showed his love to Jane Eyre when she finally returned to him? I think that "carnal pleasures" belong to life and love, and I like to explore them in my own stories.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that every book needs erotic scenes. Jane Austen, for instance, managed to write powerful love stories without even including a proper kiss. She managed so well that she still fuels readers' fantasies (and they aren't always chaste!) to the present day. Women don't love to see Colin Firth in a wet shirt without a reason. There's no doubt that we wonder what kind of lover Mr Darcy will be after the wedding. We just know that he'll be a passionate one, that a beast is sleeping behind that cool demeanor, only to be awakened by the right woman.

However, this doesn't need to be a bad thing. I enjoy reading "sweet" or "steamy" romances equally the same, depending on my mood. Both genres succeed in what they are supposed to accomplish - opening a door for the readers' imaginations and allowing them to escape into another world that does or doesn't contain erotic relationships. To me, the most important fact is that nowadays, we have the freedom to choose.


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When Jane Eden inherits an old Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Boston, she has no idea what secrets it harbors. She soon discovers that it's a magic house, fulfilling all the sexual fantasies of its female residents. Losing herself in sensual dreams that take her to exotic places and delightful historical eras, she never considers what will happen if she ever loses her heart.

Luke Thomas is Hollywood's most celebrated action-hero, used to swooning fans falling all over him. One day he meets a beautiful woman in a park who doesn't seem to be interested in him at all. It's a challenge he just can't resist. His desire to see her again transports him to Jane's house, and he gets lost in the arms of a lover who drives him into a frenzy of boundless pleasure. But will he gain her love when the prize is higher than she's willing to pay?


Night fell quickly in the Sultan's realm. One minute the sunlight had warmed the room, bathing it in a golden glow, the next it seemed to grow darker rapidly while the muezzin sang the evening prayer, his beautiful voice creating a magical atmosphere. When he finished, the city seemed to fall into a deep slumber, all the noise and shouting from the streets and the bazaar gone. Only the night birds sang their sweet, seductive songs from a branch near the open windows.

Jane followed Aamir the chief eunuch to the huge bathing pool on the other side of the chamber, secretly admiring his broad back and sculptured muscles while he lit the candles. He had discarded his turban and revealed long, dark hair that reached over his shoulders; she had the inexplicable wish to entwine her fingers in the glossy waves. Jane couldn't believe that he was not a real man anymore. But had he told her the truth?

His deep voice and the unveiled desire in his eyes clearly spoke against it, although this only occurred when he thought she was not looking at him. The slave led her to the marble steps leading into the water and told her to undress. Jane looked around, but there was nothing with which to shield her body from Aamir's eyes. She shrugged, quickly removed her clothing and stood naked before him. Her body was fully exposed to his sight and although he stood behind her, she felt his eyes examining her body, doubtless deciding if she was beautiful enough to please the Sultan.

"I will bathe you now," she heard his deep voice before he took her hand and led her deeper into the warm water. The flowers on its surface made her dizzy with their exotic perfume. Then, his large hands were all over her body, washing her with a soap that was scented like orchids and something earthy, ambra perhaps. It made her skin tingle and left it soft like velvet. He washed her hair, neck and back, moving his hands in circles until he reached her breasts. Jane gasped, but he continued mercilessly, gently kneading her and rubbing her with his warm palms. Aamir laughed, a pleased look on his proud, handsome face. It was the face of a noble prince, not a slave, she thought.

"Oh yes, you will be well-prepared for the Sultan once I am finished with you," he said. "The Sultan likes his concubines ready and willing once he visits them in the harem. He is not a very patient man. When he joins your bed and takes you, he'll expect you to be aroused. So relax, My Lady. I know that although I'm not a whole man, women usually like my touch for I'm not unpleasant to their eyes - at least this is what I have been told. If you let me do my work it will be better for both of us, I promise. Just let it happen."

Jane still thought about a possible answer but cried out with surprise when he sat her down on a low marble column that rose slightly out of the water, then parted her quivering thighs with his strong hands …



ManicScribbler said…
Great post, Deb.
This whole question of romantic sub-genres is generating well-deserved discussions by writers at the moment and it's fascinating to hear all the different viewpoints.
I think as a writer it's important to write the kind of story you would want to read yourself.
Good luck with 'House of Pleasures' - it's a great story and one you clearly enjoyed writing as your enthusiasm and creativity are evident on every page - creating a lovely,exotic and erotic fantasy.

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