Monday, December 26, 2011

Spotlight Review:

TO WED A WILD LORD - Sabrina Jeffries
Hellions of Halstead Hall Series , Book 4
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4240-7
December 2011
Historical Romance

England - 1806

For seven years, Lord Gabriel Sharpe has felt the heavy guilt of the death of his friend, Roger Waverly, who was racing his carriage against Gabe's when he was killed. Gabe's way of handling it is to continue to race against anyone who challenges him—the more dangerous the better. However, when Roger's sister, Virginia, dares him to race her on the same course where her brother died, Gabriel isn't sure that is how to make him, or Virginia, feel better. He has a totally different way to help Virginia with her grief.

Virginia Waverly is up to any challenge when it comes to horses. She knows she's the equal of any man in that venue, and especially Gabriel Sharpe. Even though she's aware that her brother was drunk when he raced, Virginia feels that Gabe should have stopped it before it started. She is, however, stunned when Gabe proposes to her, hoping to ease the worry of her losing everything because of her brother's death. Gabe knows that because Roger died, a cousin will inherit everything upon the death of Virginia 's grandfather. What Virginia doesn't know is that Gabe's grandmother has issued an ultimatum to her grandchildren that unless they are all married, they will inherit nothing when she dies. So Gabe is killing two birds with one stone! Convincing Virginia will be the difficult part. She is not interested at all.

There is also another issue that Gabe would like cleared up. When his parents died under strange circumstances, he was just a little boy. He remembers a man who came to the stable the day his mother and father died, a man who knew his name, borrowed a horse, and rode off—but no one knows who he was. Was he involved in the double deaths?

The fourth novel in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series, TO WED A WILD LORD is entertaining, exciting, and filled with romance. Virginia and Gabe are like oil and water at first, and it seems at times that Virginia will never allow Gabriel into her heart. There's plenty of action, a mystery to be solved, and a really excellent love story.

Jani Brooks

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