Friday, December 16, 2011

A Perfect 10:

THE GUARDIAN – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark-Hunter #21, Dream-Hunter #5
A Perfect 10 St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-55005-9
November 2011
Paranormal Romance

Asmodea, a Hell Realm – Present Day

Seth has been chained, tortured by the primeval god Noir for…he doesn't even know how long. It could be years, centuries, even millennia. When you're a demigod and immortal, being tortured is an entirely different, and incredibly painful, experience. So when Noir gives him the opportunity to earn his freedom, even if for only a short while, Seth agrees to do anything. He couldn't have known “anything” meant capturing and torturing a Greek demigod to make him give up the Key to Olympus , but what choice does Seth have?

Dream-Hunter Lydia would do anything for Solin, even travel to a hell realm and rescue him from being tortured by the most frightening man she's ever seen. But instead of being the rescuer, Lydia is captured by The Guardian of Asmodea, Solin's torturer, and is being held until Solin returns with the key. Though the more time she spends in Seth's presence, the less she hates him. There's something about him that just gets under her skin and sticks in her head. But will he let her go when Solin returns, and will she actually want to go?

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon certainly knows how to write an amazing tortured hero, and Seth is no exception. With an incredibly tear-jerking past, readers, with tissues in hand, will be desperate for him to receive a happy ending. A master of her craft, Ms. Kenyon's Dark-Hunter, Dream-Hunter, and Were-Hunter series never cease to capture readers' attention and keep them glued to their seats until the very last page.

Seth and Lydia are a wonderful team, one that readers and fans of the series will surely root for. On the other hand, Noir is the perfect villain—frighteningly evil with almost unlimited power, you'll just love to hate him. And with a host of loveable, and those not-so-loveable characters, THE GUARDIAN is sure to be another winner. A book that will most certainly find a home on readers' keeper shelves for years to come, THE GUARDIAN well deserves Romance Reviews Today's prized Perfect 10 rating.

To fully comprehend THE GUARDIAN, readers should look into the previous books in the series, starting with FANTASY LOVER (NOV 2006). But new readers will be able to gather the gist of the story without the prior knowledge. And be sure to pick up Sherrilyn Kenyon's next Dark-Hunter release, TIME UNTIME coming August 2012.

Amanda Toth

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