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REAL MEN WILL – Victoria Dahl
Donovan Brothers Brewery , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-373-77609-2
November 2011
Contemporary Romance

Boulder , Colorado – Present Day

Six months ago, Eric Donovan and Beth Cantrell met and had a blazing one night stand. Beth mistook Eric for his wild brother, Jamie, and Eric didn't correct her. After all, staid Eric wouldn't have stood a chance of attracting sex shop manager Beth if she hadn't heard about his brother's randy reputation. But one weekend is all they had, and neither has made any attempt to contact the other. One night, forced to go with friends to the Donovan brothers bar, Beth runs into Eric…and learns he isn't Jamie. To say she's angry is an understatement, and soon Eric's brother and sister discover that their uptight brother, Eric, has been a very naughty man.

Eric assumed the head of the Donovan family brewery after their parents' death and one thing he has instilled into his siblings, Jamie and Tessa, is to be truthful. Well, he threw that out the window when he met Beth. Pretending to be his bad boy brother allowed Eric to do things he wouldn't normally do, such as bedding a woman he barely knows. How long will it take him to realize that it's Beth he's attracted to and that's the reason he has wicked thoughts about her? Heck, he can barely keep his hands off her.

Everyone figures that since Beth manages an adult store she must be sexually secure and utilizes a lot of her store inventory. This could not be further from the truth, as beneath her brave exterior lies a woman still struggling from the pain of a teenage embarrassment. Beth hasn't even told her father where she works, afraid that he'd reject her…again. But when a connection between Beth and Eric comes back to haunt her, her past wounds come roaring to the surface. Can she get past the threat and pain of discovery to find true happiness?

Eric and Beth's story actually began in Just One Taste (a novella found in the anthology THE GUY NEXT DOOR), which ended with Eric leaving Beth after their night of mind blowing sex. They have spent the past six months avoiding each other for fear of exposure. Eric let loose that weekend while inadvertently pretending to be his brother after years of being the good guy. Beth fell for Eric/Jamie, but resisted wanting to be with him because it was just too damn near perfect and she doesn't feel she deserves happiness. In REAL MEN WILL, Beth and Eric come face to face…and red-hot desire rises again. Eric is embarrassed because his good guy rep is ruined. How can he look Jamie and Tessa in the eye and tell them to be good when he was so bad he hooked up with a porn shop manager? Beth has hidden her sexual feelings for so long that when she met Jamie-who-is-really-Eric, she was like a starved person bingeing. Can they reconcile how they think they should act with their raunchy feelings for each other?

Victoria Dahl has completed her Donovan Brothers Brewery trilogy with a bang. In REAL MEN WILL, we come full circle with Eric and Beth's tale, and what a truly enjoyable story it is. There is the “oops” moments that will make you laugh and the scorching sex scenes that will have you reaching for a cool beverage (make it a beer in honor of the series). Eric and Beth have preconceived notions of how they should act, while their hormones have other ideas. Even as they resist the inevitable, they are pulled toward one another again and again. Can Eric see that he can relax and enjoy a few bad boy moments, especially when he's turned on by the chameleon Beth, who isn't as bad as her job suggests? By the end of REAL MEN WILL, Eric comes to terms with his feelings for Beth and his relationship with his siblings.

For a tale filled with pure fun enjoyment and one not to be missed, grab your copy of REAL MEN WILL.

Patti Fischer


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