Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spotlight Review:

The McCabe Trilogy , Book 2
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-51949-8
October 2011
Historical Romance

Scotland – the Middle Ages

Keeley, cousin to Rionna McDonald, the Laird's daughter, has been cast out of the clan. The laird tried to rape her when she was just gaining womanhood, and his wife labeled Keeley a whore. She ekes out survival as a healer in a rough hut dwelling on the outskirts of the McDonald land. One day a horse carries a severely wounded man to her door.

Alaric McCabe, younger brother to the McCabe laird, Ewan, is to serve his clan by marrying the McDonald laird's daughter, Rionna. On the way to the wedding, Alaric's cavalcade is attacked, and all his warriors are killed. He escapes, but severely wounded. He wakes seeing what he believes to be an angel.

Ewan, with a troop of clan members, finds Keeley and Alaric. The laird abducts Keeley to the McCabe keep so she can continue to heal Alaric, and then he insists she stay and help deliver his wife's baby. While Keeley treats Alaric, they fall in love. Both know their future together is doomed because Alaric is promised to another, a duty he cannot shirk because the clan's survival depends upon his sacrifice.

One aspect I loved about this story was the situations' unpredictability, and the many twists and turns will keep readers turning pages. Keeley is in an untenable position; the man she loves is going to marry the much loved cousin who Keeley believes turned her back to Keeley's troubles. Alaric also has a dilemma. How can he love and protect Keeley, when he is sworn to marry Rionna? How can he keep his honor and best serve his clan? The characters, including secondary McCabe clansmen, are delightful. While the setting is typical Scottish historical, the story is not. EDUCATION OF A HIGHLAND LASS is the second book in the McCabe Trilogy. It is preceded by IN BED WITH A HIGHLANDER, Laird Ewan's story, released in August. Youngest brother Caelen's story is to be revealed in NEVER LOVE A HIGHLANDER, an October release. A series for Scottish romance addicts to relish.

Robin Lee

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Miranda Grissom said...

I really love this trilogy and I totally agree that the unpredictability made it great!