Monday, November 28, 2011

Spotlight Review: Too Wicked to Wed by Cara Elliott

TOO WICKED TO WED - Cara Elliott
Lords of Midnight
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-58457-9
November 2011
Historical Romance

Regency Era England

Lady Alexa Hendrie has left her quiet country home to find out what her brother is up to in London. Used to being her own woman, running the estate and fairly sure that no man will want her, Alexa feels restricted by the ton's attitude towards women. Yet she does venture out to find her brother…and into the arms of a notorious rake.

Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth, secretly owns a brothel and gaming parlor, and has a few other secrets, too. Using his roguish status as a way to steer clear of marriage-minded ladies of the ton, he is, nevertheless, surprised by his reaction to the sister of one of his friends. Alexa is bold, intelligent, and completely unafraid of Connor's reputation. Carrying the nickname of the Irish Wolfhound, he and his fellow Hellhounds served in what became known as the Rakehell Regiment in the war. The night Connor meets Alexa at his establishment, the Wolf's Lair, he is a loser at the gaming table, which is highly unusual, and his safe is broken into and emptied, leaving him in a bit of a financial conundrum. Is the man who he felt was cheating at cards, Captain Sharpe, also known as DeWinter, the one responsible for the theft, too?

Alexa and Connor find themselves attending the same soirees in Town and being drawn inexplicably towards each other. Kisses that Alexa could only dream of, and Connor's growing need to be with her add to the problems that Connor is dealing with. Who wants his business, and ultimately himself, to fail? Who is coming and going as they please through his establishment? And then things really get complicated when Alexa, disguised as a man, wins something at cards that is very important to Connor.

A very entertaining tale, TOO WICKED TO WED is the first in the Lords of Midnight trilogy. Well drawn characters, an interesting plot, and plenty of passion kept the pages turning. Alexa and Connor are worthy opponents, and even more worthy partners as they try to unravel the mystery at the Wolf's Lair. Excellent and well rounded secondary characters, both friend and foe, make for a superb tale.

Jani Brooks

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I love this I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the review on it!