Monday, October 17, 2011

A Perfect 10:

ONE SALT SEA - Seanan McGuire
An October Daye Novel , Book 5
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-7564-0683-7
October 2011
Urban Fantasy

San Francisco - The Present

After many trials and tribulations, October Daye is now Countess of Goldengreen, a knowe of her own. (A knowe is a hidden realm with a slight variation in space-time—who knew San Francisco had such depths?) She is also a knight of her liege Sylvester Torquill, Duke of the Shadowed Hills, who has just given her a young man she knows, Quentin, to train as her squire. Her situation has changed from the disreputable changeling, or half-bred human-sidhe (shee) child, and even enjoys a relationship with a Selkie (sell-key), Connor O'Dell. Things aren't perfect but better. Some sidhe still look down their noses at her and think her undeserving of her honors. However, everything is about to go downhill…fast.

One of the first born, a daughter of Maeve and Oberon, the Luidaeg (Lou-sha-k), a very scary fae, comes to October with dire news. War is about to break out between the land fae and the sea fae. It will be devastating. The two sons of the Duchess of Saltmist, the coastal realm running along the northern California coast, have been kidnapped. The Duchess of Lorden, of the aquatic Merrow sidhe, believes the Queen of the Mists of the land realms took them. If the boys aren't returned within three days, she promises war. Since the Luidaeg feels October owes her, she demands October find the boys.

October has a reputation as a sleuth, so this type of investigation is right up her alley. She is also cheeky and finds diplomacy difficult. The Queen of the Mists holds a particular antipathy toward October, so she won't help. Connor can't help as his liege is the Duchess of Lorden. Luckily, the king of the Cait (Kay-th) sidhe, Tybalt, gives his support. His fae shift into cats, and everyone knows about a cat's curiosity and propensity for discovering secrets.

If you love fantasy, and particularly urban fantasy, do not miss this series. The author possesses great depth in her vision. You will find this story more enjoyable if you have read a few of the previous October Daye novels as this world expands with each story. Previous stories will also familiarize you with the large cast of characters and the different sidhe. The mystery and the sleuthing are suspenseful. The action is fast paced, and the characters interesting. Imaginative, first-rate world building adds to this story's allure. Yet it is the dimensions and ties between characters that make it a riveting read. It's a complicated story. It's sometimes difficult to read. It's emotional. It's high drama with a dollop of romance. It's family complications. It's a Perfect 10.


Robin Lee

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