Saturday, September 10, 2011


Stetsons and CEO’s, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2110
ISBN: 978-0-373-73123-7
September 2011
Series Romance

Texas - Present Day

Gabe Benton is surprised when the woman on the side of the road turns out to be Maddie Halliday. They’d been friends since childhood, and when Maddie was finally old enough, they became lovers. Six years ago, though, Gabe’s job was taking him out of the country, and since he wasn’t looking to settle down anyway, they broke up. With the recent marriages of his brother and friends, Gabe has been thinking of settling down and finding someone to share his life with. Now that he’s seen Maddie again, he knows exactly whom he wants in his life.

In town to sell her grandfather’s ranch, Maddie is torn about seeing Gabe again. While a part of her is glad to see him, another part can’t forget how heart-broken she was when he left. She’s built a life for herself in Florida and is anxious to return to it, yet at the same time she can’t resist the pull of spending time with Gabe. However, when Maddie left six years ago, she left without telling Gabe she was pregnant with his child, sure that this decision was best for both of them. If they continue their relationship, she’ll have to tell him the truth…and risk losing him for good.

Circumstances tore Maddie and Gabe apart six years ago, but fate will bring them back together in WILD WESTERN NIGHTS. When they were together the first time, Gabe was working for his family’s company and traveling a lot, while Maddie was away at college for much of the year. Though she was in love with him, Gabe didn’t want any kind of commitment, not even an exclusive relationship, so when they went their separate ways, Maddie decided not to tell him about her pregnancy. Knowing him as she did, Maddie figured he’d propose out of a sense of duty, and neither of them would be happy with the marriage. Now, she’s a bit more self-confident, with a job and life in Miami that she loves. Gabe is sure that he’ll be able to convince her to spend more time with him in Texas, but as far as Maddie is concerned, that’s not an option. As she slowly comes to realize that Gabe has matured, and is a different person than he was six years ago, the more Maddie understands that she has to tell him about their daughter. Will he understand the reasons behind her choice, or is she about to lose the only man she’s ever loved for a second time? Check out WILD WESTERN NIGHTS to find out.

Jennifer Bishop

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