TOO HOT TO TOUCH by Louisa Edwards

TOO HOT TO TOUCH – Louisa Edwards
St Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-35648-4
August 2011
Contemporary Romance

Greenwich Village, New York City - Present Day

Juliet (Jules) Cavanaugh is considered a top chef. Everything she has learned is from the Lunden family who own and operate the legendary Lunden & Sons Tavern. Jules ran to friend, Danny Lunden, when a confrontation with her mother turned violent. Danny wasn’t home but his father Gus was. The family took her in, and she has never left. Jules also had a secret crush on the oldest son, Max, who didn’t know she existed.

Six years have passed since Max left home, and Jules now works at Lunden’s. The popular restaurant is feeling the slow economy, with no sign of the usual pandemonium and bustle of a successful kitchen and an overflowing restaurant. Business is slow with few patrons. Under the love and nurturing by the Lunden family, Jules has bloomed. She has come to love the family and the restaurant. But now Jules is afraid the restaurant might have to close. Gus’s health is not good, and Jules worries about him. That is why the upcoming Rising Chef competition is so important. But when she discovers Max has arrived home to help she is miffed. They don’t need him, or do they? That long ago crush that she had on Max has never gone away.

Max Lunden has traveled around the world as a master chef, and the time has been well spent. Not only has he learned new techniques to make a great dish spectacular, but he’s become a world traveler and quite the ladies man. Out of the blue Max gets a call from his mom, Nina. She asks him to come home to help in the upcoming Rising Star Chef competition. Max is hesitant, because he and his father are estranged, but decides to return home. He wonders why he is there, until he sees Jules. Some changes are definitely good.

TOO HOT TO TOUCH was just too hot to put down. With the first blush of love, Max and Jules are about to enter the rollercoaster ride that is called love. Now will Jules put her fears of a relationship aside and get on board?

Secondary characters are excellent and are a strong part of the story. Each one has the hint of an intriguing story line. Louisa Edwards has penned a scrumptious hot and sexy tale that will grab and entice readers from the first to the very last page. Enjoy folks.

Deborah C Jackson


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