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TO TOUCH A SHEIKH by Olivia Gates

TO TOUCH A SHEIKH – Olivia Gates
Pride of Zohayd – Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2103
August 2011
Series Romance

The Desert of Zohayd – Present Day

Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan is called the Mad Prince, and perhaps he is. Amjad does not trust anyone, thanks to his own wife who nearly sent him to his death. He shuns the public and rarely sees his own family. Amjad’s single-minded goal before he disappears from view again is to find the lost jewels of Zohoyd. He wants the jewels home in their rightful place, but first he has to lure the thief into his trap. He moves the date for his annual horse race forward, but instead, he gets Princess Maram, not her guilty father.

No matter. A sandstorm is the perfect vehicle to kidnap the Princess, and under the pretense of saving her, Amjad takes her to his desert lair to outwait the storm. He plans to hold Maram hostage for the jewels. But the tables might be turned, as it is Maram who has Amjad exactly where she wants him. She has loved him since she saw him years ago in New York. She’s been plotting a way to get close to him so she can break the shell he keeps around his heart. Amjad is such a perfect specimen of male perfection; Maram wants him at all costs.

And so, Amjad and Maram are forced to wait out the storm in Amjad’s plush desert hide-away, trading insults. For every hurtful barb Amjad flings at her, Maram throws one back as they parry around each other like two fighting tigers out to kill. They learn about betrayal and talk about trust while the passion builds around them and the air sizzles with sparks. Who will capitulate first, Maram or Amjad?

TO TOUCH A SHEIKH is the third and final book in Olivia Gates’s The Pride of Zohayd trilogy. This story gives us a passionate and sexy ending to the mystery surrounding the theft of the Zohayd jewels. The fire in their kisses is explosive as Amjad and Maram learn about each other, fighting their battles with words designed to dig and thrust into their psyches. As they hide from the dangers of the raging sandstorm, they discover about trust and truth.

TO TOUCH A SHEIKH follows TO TAME A SHEIKH (November 2010) and TO TEMPT A SHEIKH (February 2011), all stories of the Aal Shalaan brothers and their Kingdom of Zohayd. Surprises await both Amjad and Maram, but still, they find their way into each other’s hearts.

Diana Risso

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