Saturday, September 10, 2011


Enemy Club Series, Book 2
Grand Central’s Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-56200-3
August 2011
Contemporary Romance

Galton, New York – Present Day

Nina waited two years for Mick Rivers to come collect her brother Walt’s house, but with nary a word from him, and with her own financial worries, Nina gave up on Walt’s wishes and moved into her brother’s house. The house is all Nina has left, and she’s made it a real home despite all the tragedy in her life. But with the engine roar of a fancy car, Mick Rivers slides up her driveway and turns Nina’s life upside down.

Mick never understood why Walt left him the house, but with Mick’s sister in the hospital and the bills piling up, he needs the cash the sale of the house will bring. He didn’t plan on Nina being there, and he certainly didn’t plan on having feelings for her. Mick quickly finds himself torn between the two things he wants most…to get the money his sister needs, and to be with Nina in the beautiful little home she’s made for herself.

In many romance novels, it takes nearly the entire book for the fated pair to admit they love the other person. Nina and Mick don’t have that problem; it only takes about half the story for them to realize they want to spend their lives together. But the audience need not worry; there is still plenty for the love birds to deal with. Mick and Nina have to overcome so many obstacles, it almost hurts to see a couple that could otherwise be so happy have to go through so much just to be together. But the end result is surely worth the wait.

I think author Sophie Gunn did an amazing job with bringing two characters together that otherwise could have truly hated each other. Mick is coming to take away the only thing Nina really owns, and for that reason alone, these two should be enemies. But their love and mutual respect leads to a beautiful relationship against all the odds.

SWEET KISS OF SUMMER works well as a standalone, but be sure to look for book one in the Enemy Club series, HOW SWEET IT IS (JAN 2011).

Amanda Toth

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