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SWEET JUSTICE by Christy Reece

SWEET JUSTICE – Christy Reece
Last Chance Rescue, Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-345-52407-2
September 2011
Romantic Suspense

Houston, Texas – Five Years Ago; Houston, Wyoming, and Around the U.S. – Present Day

Ex-police officer Seth Cavanaugh was arrested for the murder of Montgomery Jenkins. His girlfriend, FBI Agent Honor Stone, didn’t believe he did it. Hector Clemmons posted Seth’s bail, which was part of the plan. Seth didn’t tell anyone the truth about going undercover to get Clemmons. Seth and Honor have a hot, loving romance, but to protect her, he pretends to not care for her. He is cleared of the false murder charges to become part of the inner circle of Hector Clemmons.

Five years later, Seth is living in the Florida Keys. Hector Clemmons was killed in prison, and Seth is feeling at loose ends, as if he doesn’t belong anywhere these days. When he receives a call from his brother that his twenty year old niece, Kelli, is missing, he goes home to help. There are several other young college students missing around the country. Could there be a connection? After a close call on an FBI job, Honor takes a position with Last Chance Rescue (LCR). She has been mourning the loss of Seth for the last five years. When LCR is asked for help finding the missing women, Honor heads up the investigation. Seth and Honor work together along with several other people from LCR who split into pairs and begin investigating the families that have daughter missing. Will they find a connection? The sizzling attraction still exists between Seth and Honor.

Alden Pike is the leader of a group of over one hundred disciples in Tanquillity, Wyoming. His daughter, Tabitha, also his lover, adores him, as do the other members of the cult. His son is the only one who thwarts him on occasion. Alden Pike kidnaps women to be part of his group so that his men can marry and live in Tranquillity according to his dictates.

SWEET JUSTICE is a very compelling romantic suspense. The romance is sensuous, and the story moves along at an excellent pace with a lot of drama and violence. The characters are distinctly drawn, and the pages are filled with intrigue and emotional intensity. The villain treats the women as if they have no value, and are brain washed to be subservient to the males. Tabitha is just as evil as her father. He doesn’t hesitate to severely punish any infraction of his rules. Readers will be looking for the next two books in the LCR series, SWEET REVENGE (September 2011) and SWEET REWARD (December 2011). You may also want to look for her backlist if they are as riveting as SWEET JUSTICE.

Marilyn Heyman

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