SUNRISE OF AVALON by Anna Ellliott

A Novel of Trystan and Isolde
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8991-4
September 2011
Historical Fiction

Britain after Arthur

Isolde, former High Queen of Britain, now cares for battle wounded left at the infirmary in the Abbey of Saint Eucherius. Daughter of Modred and Arthur’s queen Gwynefar, and granddaughter of Modred’s mother, Morgan, Isolde is a well thought of healer, and her skills are in high demand. She spends her days tending to those she can save, and giving comfort to those she cannot. But when not concentrating on her patients, she is worrying about her husband, Trystan, who has gone to rescue his friend Fidach from the clutches of Octa of Kent, who has allied himself with the traitor, Marche of Cornwall, who is, tragically, Trystan’s father. Isolde knows how dangerous this foray will be, and she wonders if she’ll ever see Trystan alive again.

Trystan is known for his supreme loyalty to his men. He will not ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do, nor will he leave anyone behind. And that means getting Fidach away from Octa is a primary necessity. Leaving Isolde is painful, though, as he worries about her safety, too. Trystan spends much of his life worrying about how his actions affect or have affected others. He takes the blame for every death or wound, and he no more thinks he is worthy of Isolde than he respects his sire. He and Isolde are linked, though, and he knows he will do everything within his power to return to her and to protect her.

Working against Trystan and Isolde and those who are loyal to Britain is one person who has been the cause of many deaths and betrayals. No one knows who it could be until he reveals himself to a stunned Isolde, who now finds herself a prisoner at the very abbey where she works.

SUNRISE OF AVALON is the conclusion of the Twilight of Avalon series (TWILIGHT OF AVALON and DARK MOON OF AVALON are the first two novels). It is based on the legendary love story of Trystan and Isolde, with a few twists to the well-known tale. Arthurian folklore is woven beautifully throughout this brilliant novel. I only wish I’d read the first two books! Isolde is, of course, breathtakingly lovely, trying her best to reunite the chaotic world of Britain with her honor and bravery. Trystan, brave to a fault, carries the heavy burden of having to fight a war with his own father, protect the one he loves, and take care of those loyal to him. There are brutal battle scenes, as well as tender moments between Isolde and Trystan. How many of the secondary characters can be trusted? Will Trystan and Isolde ever be together again?

A fascinating book that I didn’t want to end. Beautifully written with in-depth characters, and well researched descriptions of life in medieval Britain. I highly recommend SUNRISE OF AVALON.

Jani Brooks


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