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ROUGH PLAY by Christina Crooks

ROUGH PLAY - Christina Crooks
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6137-3
September 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Rockport - Present Day

While the matchmaking business Charlotte started after her divorce has been successful, there is one drawback: having successfully matched up her clients, she now has no new business. The only person she’s still working with is Gail, a woman who is difficult to find a match for, and just plain difficult. Part of Charlotte’s success comes from the x-rated movie visions she has when she finds the perfect match for one of her clients, and so far she hasn’t seen a movie with Gail in it. When Gail admits that she’s been looking at an online dating site for people in the fetish scene and asks Charlotte to help her set up a date, Charlotte is appalled. She’s had her own experiences with the BDSM world, and Charlotte knows that being some man’s slave is not what Gail is looking for. However, when she sees the picture of Gail’s intended date, Master Martin, Charlotte has one of her movie visions…except it stars Martin and herself.

In spite of her misgivings, Charlotte sets up the date, and even agrees to be the “safe call” recipient. When Gail calls at the appointed time, though, the call is dropped, and Charlotte can’t reach her after that. Fearing what may have happened to Gail, Charlotte heads to Subspace, where she almost immediately meets Master Martin. He’s not very helpful in finding Gail, and worse, his very presence stirs up the desires that Charlotte has been trying to deny since her divorce.

Charlotte’s decision to experiment with BDSM with her husband turned into a nightmare, and she has no wish to try again. Yet, in ROUGH PLAY she gets a chance to explore some of her darker desires without taking things to an extreme, thanks to Martin. Not just an experienced Dom, Martin owns the club, Subspace, as well as a partnership in a pet toys store, and he designs adult toys also. Unfortunately, his obligations as the manager of the club mean that he doesn’t get to play as often as he’d like, but meeting Charlotte has him determined to enjoy himself. He can see that she’s turned on by what’s happening around her, but she’s afraid, too, and Martin intends to turn her fear into pleasure. As Charlotte continues to search for Gail, she encounters scenes that set her libido into overdrive and finds herself struggling not to throw herself into Martin’s arms.

As the story unfolds between Martin and Charlotte, readers also find out what is happening with Gail. An abrasive, opinionated woman, Gail’s personality has caused her plenty of problems in her search for a husband, but Martin’s dismissal was a new record for her. However, she gets way more than she bargained for when she meets someone else at the club—someone claiming to be a switch (a person willing to play both dominant and submissive roles), but who actually sees women as slaves and has plans to change both the club and the world.

An intriguing and sexy story, check out ROUGH PLAY.

Jennifer Bishop

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