Thursday, September 01, 2011

RAW DESIRE by Kate Pearce

RAW DESIRE – Kate Pearce
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4140-5
September 2011
Erotic Romance

Spring Falls, California – Present Day

After hurriedly leaving town years ago as a teen, former model Ally Kendal is back in town to sell her late mother’s house. The job turns out to be greater than Ally expects, which means she has to contend with all the hateful comments and looks directed toward her, though she can’t blame them. One person she hopes she doesn’t run into is her teen sweetheart, Rob Ward. Alas, it doesn’t take long to come face to face with Rob; he’s now the sheriff of Spring Falls. Old memories come swirling back, but Ally is aware that Rob hates her guts after finding her in bed with his best friend, Jackson Smith, all those years ago. To her surprise, Jackson not only works with Rob, but they are roommates. And Rob is ready to use Ally’s vulnerability to get her right where he wants her…back in his bed.

Meanwhile, mysterious threats are being made against Ally. Are they related to her current presence in town or the past? When she left town, it was also the night Jackson’s girlfriend, Susan, committed suicide. Or, was it a murder? Rob thinks so and hopes that something in Ally’s mother’s house can provide a clue.

Since Ally left town, she achieved success as a model but found her life spiraling out of control with drugs speared by guilt over Rob. She’s clean now, yet finds it hard to forgive herself. For his part, Rob should hate Ally for what she did, nonetheless, when he sees her again, old desires coming rushing back to life. He’s made up with Jackson, and maybe now it’s time to clear the air between him, Jackson and Ally. Rob offers to help Ally out in exchange for sex, and he wants Ally to have sex with both of them. While Ally resists at first, she can’t deny the raw desire still there. Will she just be a whore for Rob and Jackson during the time she’s in Spring Falls and then walk away once she’s completed her business? The ties that inexplicitly bind the three of them provide for some scorching sex.

RAW DESIRE is not for the faint of heart if you’re not into sex every which way, from ménage, anal, and m/m mixed in with BDSM. Add in the fact that there is a lot (lots and lots) of sizzling sex among Ally, Rob and Jackson, and readers are in for a blistering hot tale. While the mystery of Susan’s death and who is behind the threats against Ally help fill the pages, RAW DESIRE is about the three of them coming to grips with what happened between them the night Ally left town. All three have to forgive themselves before they can fully forgive the others. Once Ally has accomplished selling the house, will she walk away and vow never to see Rob or Jackson again? Or is the magnetic attraction between them too hard to deny…and give up?

Kate Pearce knows how to write hot romance with a twist of eroticism, and RAW DESIRE is no exception. She’s one of the best at this, and if you’re looking for a smoking hot read, then I recommend you pick up RAW DESIRE.

Holly Tibbs

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