Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Perfect 10: Her Tycoon to Tame by Emilie Rose

A Perfect 10
Harlequin Desire
ISBN: 978-0-373-73125-1
September 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

North Carolina - Present Day

Hannah Sutherland is a spoiled rich girl, or at least, that’s what millionaire Wyatt Jacobs thinks. She drives a BMW, has a houseful of antiques, wears diamonds while she’s at work in the barn, and, she’s just too pretty for his own good. Well, this time, Hannah will not get what she wants. Instead, Wyatt plans to be rid of her as fast as he can get her off his property. And it doesn’t matter that she owns her own parcel right smack in the middle of his ranch; one way or another, he will get her and her poor excuse for a charity out of his life for good. His contract says he has to keep her in his employ for a year, but first, he’ll find an excuse to fire her or make her quit. Either way, she’s history.

Hannah Sutherland has just had her future and her livelihood swept out from under her by her father’s betrayal. Thinking he was acting for her well being, the man sold the family ranch right out from under Hannah and left her penniless. Oh, she still has her veterinarian’s salary and her job on what used to be the family ranch, but if Wyatt Jacobs succeeds in finding an excuse to fire her, she won’t even have that. The beautiful horses she works with are more than her job; they’re her heart and her heritage, and Hannah refuses to walk away without a fight. And to make matters worse, Wyatt’s kissed her one too many times. Hannah refuses to give in to the passion his lips ignite; she’s been without a man for too long, and this one is pure trouble. But maybe she can use his attraction to get her ranch back...

HER TYCOON TO TAME is Wyatt Jacobs, who is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. He’s been manipulated by women in the past, and Wyatt learned their lessons very well. Now, he uses what they taught him to get what he wants, and getting Hannah’s little piece of land is his first goal; getting her out of his life and off his ranch is his second. But Hannah also learned some lessons from a conniving ex-fiancé and a low dealing father, and she’s going to use those very tricks to get what she wants out of Wyatt. A few passionate kisses here and there might go a long way...

HER TYCOON TO TAME is full of dynamic and interesting characters; every one of them sparkles and brings the story full circle from beginning to end while each and every page pulsates with life. Emilie Rose has penned one of the newest and most interesting novels I have read this year, earning a Perfect 10! I promise these characters will jump right off the paper and into your heart. Among the secondary characters are the Sutherland Ranch housekeeper, Nellie; Wyatt’s step-father, Sam; and Sam’s nurse, Carol. Sam is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and Hannah wants to prove to Wyatt that she and her therapeutic riding school will help Sam. To Hannah, all Wyatt sees is the bottom line in dollars and cents. And yes, to some degree she is correct in her assumption, but Wyatt rose to the top of his game the hard way, and he just wants to give Sam the best for the years he has left.

Meanwhile, Hannah takes on HER TYCOON TO TAME, no holes barred. There is passion, love, and tenderness sparkling inside these pages. Ms. Rose takes us to a wonderful place with this Perfect 10 novel; it's full of romance as Hannah and Wyatt push their way into each other’s hearts!

Diana Risso

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