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A Perfect 10: GOOD GIRLS DON'T by Victoria Dahl

GOOD GIRLS DON’T – Victoria Dahl
A Perfect 10
Donovan Brothers Brewery, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-373-77595-8
September 2011
Contemporary Romance

Boulder, Colorado – Present Day

Tessa Donovan and her brothers, Eric and Jamie, are trying to expand the microbrewery they own and are in the midst of important negotiations with an airline. One night, the brewery is broken into, and the cops are called. The hot, hunky detective heading the case, Luke Asher, catches Tessa’s eye (as she does his) but she has bigger problems. She’s already trying to keep the peace between her battling brothers, so when she learns Jamie slept with the airline’s CEO’s daughter the night of the break in (and got caught by her dad doing so) she is bent on making sure Eric doesn’t find out. While she works hard at smoothing over ruffled feathers, Tessa also makes for some time getting to know Luke, despite the rumors swirling around him.

Luke knew Jamie from college and thinks what happened then shouldn’t have any bearing on now, but combined with the whispers about his divorce and his pregnant detective partner, he’s got his hands full just keeping his head on straight. When sexy Tessa makes it clear she’s open to a fling, what can he say? Meanwhile, Luke and his partner, Simone, continue their investigation of the break in and soon learn it’s likely connected to others. The deeper they dig, the more he connects with Tessa. The sex between Luke and Tessa is hot, and they can’t get enough of each other. But then she begins to ask questions about him, like whether he’s the father of Simone’s baby…

A warning for readers of GOOD GIRLS DON’T: do not read in public or you’ll have to explain to those around you why you’re laughing out loud. It’s what happens when you mix two overbearing brothers with one tough detective as they battle over whether Tessa is too good for Luke, and an author who can write with her tongue firmly in her cheek. Of course, she has to explain to her brothers that she’s not as innocent as they think (they don’t want to hear this) and convince Luke that his past means nothing to their present. The question will be whether this holds true for their future…

Luke is a nice guy, but somewhat obsessive. Right now he’s worried about Simone being a single mom and the fact that she won’t open up to him about the pregnancy or the father. He also doesn’t like to discuss what happened in the past with his divorce, and this ends up hanging like a cloud over his relationship with Tessa.

Then there is Tessa…she is the intermediary of the family, and right now she is bent on making sure the deal with the airline goes through because this is what Eric wants. Jamie screwed things up (literally) and once again she has to clean up his mess. But her compulsiveness to hide the truth from Eric has her lying to both Eric and Jamie. Can she salvage the airline deal? Can a girl just have fun with the sexy cop and keep the peace in her family? Tessa has a big job to do, and readers will have to find out if she succeeds.

GOOD GIRLS DON’T is entertainment at its best as Tessa and Luke make a fun couple with oodles of sexual chemistry between them. While the burglary at the brewery connects them and drives the main plot in the story, it’s all the little intrigues brewing which will keep you glued to the book: Eric and Jamie’s battles; Tessa’s maneuvering to save the day; Luke’s emotions when it comes to wanting to help Simone; oh, and Tessa and Luke’s sexy hijinks in and out of the shower. Get ready to laugh and hang onto every word in GOOD GIRLS DON’T. You’re sure to have as much as fun as I did and agree that it deserves the Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today.

Patti Fischer

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