Black Gold Billionaires, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2111
ISBN: 978-0-373-73124-4
September 2011
Series Romance

El Paso, Texas – Present Day

With an ongoing investigation into a refinery explosion at Western Oil, the main suspect right now is Chief Operating Officer Jordan Everette, and Jane Monroe is hired to work undercover as his secretary. Jane hopes Jordan will notice her and, in doing so, give her access to his deepest secrets. However, she didn’t expect the man to be so darn handsome that her toes nearly curl inside her three-inch heels. While she’s covertly digging around the office in search of clues, Jane does indeed attract Jordan’s attention. Is Jane playing with fire?

In fact, Jordan figured out right off the bat why Jane was placed there and decides to play along until he can turn the tables on her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s unaware that she’s beautiful and she can’t understand why he’s paying attention to her. The more Jordan woos her, though, the harder it becomes to resist falling for her. But Jane may be his enemy, and Jordan needs to tread carefully before thinking about sleeping with her. Jordan is in the running for the top job at Western Oil and feels he has the job in his pocket, and now he just needs to figure out why Jane is investigating him.

Is Jordan guilty of sabotage, and will Jane expose his bad deeds? Or will she let the attraction between them come between the truth and not wanting to hurt the man she’s begun to love? Jordan and Jane each come into MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS with deception firmly up their sleeves. Jane is trying to convince Jordan she’s only the temporary replacement secretary, and Jordan’s trying to get close enough to her to learn her secrets. Jane was advised to use any means to conduct her investigation, but nowhere was it implied that she sleep with Jordan! However, she can’t help the desire that flares between them. Their chemistry burns as hot as an oil well fire and neither can resist the other. But with so many untruths between them, are they playing a dangerous game?

Jane comes from a family of lawyers and has always felt like a mouse around them. She left the family business to join an investigative organization and is proud of securing her first assignment—at Western Oil in Jordan’s office. But she may be way in over her head. Jordan’s growing up wasn’t the best, with parents that bitterly fought and destroyed the family. Add in the fact that his older brother, Nathan, is also employed at Western Oil and his rival for the top spot, and Jordan already has his hands full. Will Jordan and Jane work out their family issues and fall in love? Can there be any type of future between them with all the deceit that began their relationship?

MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS is the final book in the Black Gold Billionaires series by Michelle Celmer, and readers are in for a treat. Mousy Jane becomes the beautiful swan who attracts the attention of her roguish boss, Jordan. Will the mystery behind the refinery explosion be resolved, and will we learn who will be the new head of Western Oil? Enjoy Jane and Jordan’s tale as you learn the answers in MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS.

Patti Fischer


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