Saturday, September 10, 2011

LIE FOR ME by Karen Young

LIE FOR ME – Karen Young
Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-45161518-0
August 2011

Houston, Texas - Present Day

Teacher Lauren Holloway is planning her wedding to successful contractor Tucker Kane when her world is blown apart in a twist of fate. Tucker discovers the bloody body of his ex-wife, Margot, in an old house where he was working. He calls 911; the police show up, and he is arrested for her murder. Seems that Tucker and Margot recently had a very loud and very angry discussion when Tucker went to pick up their daughter, Kristy, for his scheduled weekend visit. Couple that with his missing hammer that turns up covered in Margot’s blood, and Tucker is a wanted man.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds that her promotion to principal of the Christian school where she works is in jeopardy, and Tucker asks her to lie and say that she was with him at the time of Margot’s murder. Lauren refuses to lie for Tucker and steels herself against an angry school board while they attempt to take apart her professional life because of Tucker’s problems. Lauren refuses to lie for Tucker, and he disappears, still wanted by the police.

Several months go by. Lauren still wonders if Tucker is innocent or guilty, the fact that he ran points a damaging finger toward his guilt. But when she briefly sees him again, she learns some troubling truths that cause her to doubt her suspicions. Soon Lauren finds her life in danger. Someone is shooting at her, and thankfully they missed, but it isn't long before she has to hide, just like Tucker.

LIE FOR ME has a large cast of characters and is a suspenseful and captivating story. Lauren rightfully refuses to lie for Tucker, but when someone tries to kill her for what she doesn't know, she begins to wonder if he isn't telling the truth. All Tucker wants is the evidence he needs to prove his innocence. And that evidence will uncover a political web of intrigue and a path of guilty people who are covering their tracks with Tucker’s life at stake.

Many secondary characters play their parts very well here. Tucker’s former father-in-law and current boss, Martin Houseman, believes in his innocence. But Martin’s wife, Evelyn, is determined to see Tucker pay for her daughter’s death, guilty or not. Police Detective Sherman wants Tucker put away; he doesn’t need to look at any other suspect; Tucker is guilty in his eyes. Craig Rawls and the school board want Lauren fired just for being engaged to Tucker.

LIE FOR ME is a tangled web that is a suspenseful tale of intrigue and danger. Is Tucker guilty? Read the novel and decide for yourself...

Diana Risso

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