Grand Central’s Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-57610-9
September 2011
Contemporary Romance

Last Chance, South Carolina - The Present

Tulane Rhodes is angry, frightened, and rude with it. Angry that he has been given a babysitter to keep him out of trouble, and it is better to lash out with bad manners rather than fists. Angry that National Brands has painted his NASCAR stock car pink because the car's sponsor is Cottontail Disposable Diapers, angry that as a new driver he has to wear a pink racing suit with a bunny on the back. How masculine is that? Frightened about riding in a plane, well it is a private Lear Jet—but still flying—and all to judge a diaper changing contest! He is also frightened about losing his chance to drive one of Jim Ferguson's cars if he doesn't straighten up. And he is especially frightened his babysitter will discover and blab his secrets—like his fear of flying, or worse his lies about his family. Yes, he lied on his 'official' biography to protect his Dad and Haley, but he can't afford any more mistakes.

Sarah Murray's career depends on how she handles Tulane Rhodes as his public relations liaison. She has a talent for marketing, but one misdeed landed her in this position. Her guilt over Tulane's predicament doesn't help. How was she to know her boss would take seriously the memo about painting a NASCAR pink to sell diapers? It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, just the opposite. She didn't sign her name to the memo, but the name of the manager who stole her ideas for another account. She's an upright Boston Puritan, her ancestors came on the Mayflower, how could she stoop so low?

The only thing these two characters have in common is their current career distress. Tulane sees a 'good' girl and wants to keep her that way, and Sarah recognizes a 'bad' boy she'd love to teach her a thing or two. When they end up in Tulane's hometown of Last Chance, there will be the devil to pay, mostly with the help of Tulane's mother, Ruby Rhodes, and the matchmaking efforts of the church's Ladies Auxiliary.

HOME AT LAST CHANCE is the second book in author Hope Ramsay's series unofficially named the Last Stop on the Road to Love. The Rhodes family has faced tragedy and heartache which still affect some members. They are an odd ball but loving family, Southern to the core, and an important part of their community. They add many interesting side stories to HOME AT LAST CHANCE, as do Tulane's stock car team and Sarah's bosses. Many misunderstandings and, of course, family interference, make this an enjoyable ride that will capture interest and hold it to the very end. WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE, released February 2011, tells Tulane's brother Clay's story. LAST CHANCE BEAUTY QUEEN, which releases February 2012, will tell their sister Caroline's story.

Robin Lee


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