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The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall

THE HARVEST OF GRACE – Cindy Woodsmall
Ada’s House Series – Book 3
Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 978-1-4000-7398-6
August 2011
Inspirational Amish Romance

Dry Lake, Pennsylvania - Present Day

Sylvia Fisher has inherited her grandfather’s house and the family dairy, an unprecedented gift bestowed upon a female in the Old Amish Order. Only men are allowed to conduct business, let alone inherit said business over the other male heirs. And even though the dairy is hers, she collects no pay and does not have a say in the matters of business, only the cows. When she is betrayed by her father, her fiancé, and her sister, Sylvia flees the Fisher farm and moves to Dry Creek to run a dairy belonging to an Amish couple whose only son has disappeared.

Six months ago, Aaron Blank left the family farm and went into rehab at The Better Path, a home for recovering Amish alcoholics. The town of Owl’s Perch is also home to an appliance store for the Amish, a store Aaron has signed a contract to purchase. He wants to persuade his parents to sell the farm and move to Owl’s Perch, then help him run the appliance store.

Sylvia has left her home to seek forgiveness for her sin against her sister. She throws herself into hard work with one single goal in mind: making the Blank farm pay for itself. She has no idea how deeply in debt Michael Blank really is or how close to losing his farm he has come. When Aaron arrives, intent upon selling the farm and taking his parents back to Owl's Perch, all Sylvia sees is what she assumes to be Aaron’s selfishness. She cannot go home again, even though she owns her own right in the Fisher dairy. Her father made it clear that if she walked away from their farm she must leave behind all her assets. Now, her livelihood depends upon the Blank farm and the success she can make of it, but Aaron stands in her way.

Aaron has come home to secure his father’s signature for his loan, but he’s also concerned for his father’s health. His parents, Michael and Dora, are no longer able to expend the physical energy of running such a large dairy, and as their only surviving relative, Aaron wants to help them live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort. He thinks the appliance store in Owl’s Perch is the answer. But first, he has to get Sylvia off the farm and back to her own family.

THE HARVEST OF GRACE is the third and final novel in the Ada’s House series. Characters from the previous books, THE HOPE OF REFUGE (August 2009), and THE BRIDGE OF PEACE (August 2010), make up part of the story in THE HARVEST OF GRACE, wrapping all three novels together in the final story. The secondary characters include Sylvia’s sister Beckie and other members of the Fisher family; Aaron’s parents; and characters from the previous books, Cara, Lena, Ephraim and Grey.

THE HARVEST OF GRACE is an emotional story of one woman’s struggle to stand in her own right in the Old Amish Order, where women are expected to stay home and raise babies. Sylvia is outspoken and knows her way around the dairy farm, but she is innocent in matters of finance and running a business, kept silent by Amish ways. Aaron has struggled with his addiction to alcohol and overcome it, but still, he seeks his father’s forgiveness for the wrongs he believes he’s committed. Both Aaron and Sylvia are hurting from their past mistakes, but they find each other as they work to save the Blanks’ farm from foreclosure. Filled with romance and wisdom, THE HARVEST OF GRACE concludes the Ada’s House series in a neatly wrapped package.

Diana Risso

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