Saturday, September 10, 2011


Pregnancy & Passion, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2107
ISBN: 978-0-373-73120-6
September 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Moon Island, Texas and New York City – Present Day

A plane accident four months ago has left wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca without any memory of his four weeks spent on Moon Island. All he does remember is that he walked away with a signed deal to develop a resort on the island. While at a party, he becomes aware of a piercing gaze directed at him and turns to locate the source. A beautiful, dark-haired woman is glaring at him. He walks up to her and asks her the three words she obviously didn’t want to hear, “Have we met?” A slap in the face is the response, and Rafe has just come face to face with part of the missing puzzle…and even bigger questions. Who is she, and is the fact that she’s pregnant part of his past…and present?

Four months ago, Bryony Morgan met Rafe when he arrived on her Island off the coast of Texas determined to purchase a prime piece of land from her. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with him…or that he’d disappear. She’s now tracked him down, and when he doesn’t remember her, she’s devastated and unsure whether to buy his tale of losing his memory. Rafe is disbelieving of her story of their falling in love, but offers to return to the island to see if he can remember something. For her unborn child’s sake, she agrees, if only in hopes of convincing him to not to develop Moon Island into a resort destination. But will she be inviting the enemy into her life again?

Maya Banks has penned a compelling tale of a man with four weeks of his life a complete blank. Confronted by Bryony, Rafe is intrigued with her, especially since she isn’t normally his type. She talks about his behavior back then, such as his wearing clothes he wouldn’t normally wear and swearing off his Blackberry, leading Rafe to wonder exactly what did happen? Was he brainwashed, or was it part of his plan to win over Bryony and snatch her property? Yet once they return to Moon Island, he finds himself once again acting just as Bryony said he did all those months ago. Of course, being around her has him curious about the woman carrying his child. She’s beautiful, smart, and loyal to the people of the island. Slowly and surely, Rafe becomes comfortable in his new “life” even as the black hole in his memory taunts him. The change in him from a stuffy businessman to a relaxed, casual lifestyle not only shocks him, but also his partners, Cam, Ryan, and Devon. The trio fear Rafe will throw over a deal worth millions for a woman they don’t trust as being honest.

Rafe’s ruthless attitude makes him seem like a jerk at times, yet the more he’s around Bryony, the more he begins to soften in ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER. Bryony’s life on the laidback Moon Island has her wanting to preserve its pristine beauty, and Rafe’s plans threaten that hope. Rafe’s presence has her dropping her guard, and soon she’s under his sensual spell again. Will he once more let her down? Not only does Bryony have to battle Rafe, but also his partners. Can she win them over? Will we get to see Rafe grovel and ask Bryony to forgive him?

ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER is part of Ms. Banks new series, Pregnancy & Passion. I assume that Ryan, Cam, and Devon will all get their own stories, and I must say I cannot wait. They’re arrogant and think money provides the all important power.

It’s an intensely sensual tale of a man rediscovering himself and finding love. Make Rafe and Bryony’s tale a part of your immediate reading future. Pick up ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER today.

Patti Fischer

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Kathleen O said...

Oh Ryan, Cam and Devon better get their own books.. I just finished reading this book and I loved it...