Saturday, September 10, 2011

DEMONIC by Sheri Whitefeather

DEMONIC – Sheri Whitefeather
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-24141-7
August 2011
Erotic Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Jane Brooks has been assigned to write a story for L.A. Underground, a publication that features the spicy and seedy sides of the city. Jane is to find out what goes on in an exclusive sex club, Aeonian, where people dress up as either supernatural beings or their groupies. Researching a sex club isn’t really something you do by yourself, so Jane invites her friends, Emily Torres and Suzanne Quinn, to dress up as groupies and go with her. As the three girls walk in, they meet three guys, also going in, who immediately cast their eyes on the girls who most interests them. Dressed as three demons, Marcus immediately hones in on Jane. Damien checks out Emily, and Jake asks Suzanne if she likes to do dirty things in public. Yikes, there’s a rumor that these three aren’t merely dressed as demons, one of them actually is a demon, and his human friends are devoted to him, but not one can tell which is which.

Is it Marcus, who likes to dominate and needs a sub? Is it Damien, who is an artist and paints S&M scenarios, or is it Jake, who soon has Suzanne on his lap and his hands under her skirt?

As each of the women starts a fast and furious relationship with the men, they compare notes, and after talking to others at the club, they are almost certain one of the men is a demon, but can any of the women give up her man in case he is the one? Is there is any way Suzanne, Emily, and Jane can create lasting relationships with these demons, and not one just based on sex?

Sheri Whitefeather has written a unique story written from each of the girls’ points of view. Marcus is a sensual hypnotist, and Jane feels herself falling under his spell. Jake tells Suzanne the men met as teenagers and were dabbling in the occult. Together they conjured up an evil demon, and when he attacked them, it was only a guardian demon that came to save them, and he remains in their group. Damien looks like an angel but seems the neediest. Emily is a good girl and senses that being around these men who pretend to be demons is attacking her soul, and feels she must get away.

All three couples make up the main characters, and the sex and mystique of the men is what draws the women to them. The men are hunky and yummy, irresistible to almost any mortal woman.

DEMONIC is a quick read that, at first, I thought would be too creepy, but it turned out to be interesting and fun. I don’t usually mention the cover, but it is X-rated (might need a plain brown cover). Give it a try even if you don’t usually try this type of book, and especially if you do.

Cece Johns

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